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PowerA controllers, headsets, and accessories are designed by passionate gamers.

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Enjoy hours of game play with PowerA’s officially licensed controllers for Xbox and Switch, as well as their fantastic headsets for Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox. The controllers fit nicely in your hands, and many have a carbon-fiber design on the back – perfect for better grip after a long session of gaming.

Their enhanced controllers feature two additional buttons on the bottom, that can be mapped to other actions. This gives improved performance, and an advantage in your favorite game.

The Universal Fusion gaming headset delivers deep bass, crisp highs through noise-isolating ear cups for the ultimate sound experience. With on-ear controls you can mute yourself with one touch or change the volume with a twist. The sleek, flexible boom microphone has on-mic monitoring for clearer communication for Xbox one, PS4, Switch, PC, and Mac devices. Do yourself a favor and pick up a headset and controller from our sponsor PowerA today.