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BAWLS Guarana

BAWLS is a crisp, super caffeinated soda, infused with the naturally energizing Guarana berry. Energy drinks are for noobs. BAWLS is fuel for fun.


Forge is a Rocket League coaching service built upon quality, community, and affordability.


APM Music is the world’s leading creative music house and production music library.


Ballchasing is a website where you can upload your RocketLeague®️ replay files and get access to a vast number of resources and tools to improve your game.

Humble Bundle

Pay what you want. Support charity. Get awesome games.

REady to become a sponsor?

Sponsors are important partners for Minor League Esports, and help connect our viewers with high quality products and services. Typically, sponsors work with MLE on a season by season basis. When we find a partner that is a good fit, we’re always happy to work with that partner to develop a sponsorship package that meets everyone’s needs. We have a variety of sponsorship options available, including:

Sponsor bug
Replay sponsors
Lower third
Countdown breakplate
Clip of the day
Social asset

Sponsored trivia
In-stream commercial
Talent call out
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If you represent a company or service interested in sponsoring MLE this season, get in touch. We look forward to working with you!

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