About Minor League Esports

Minor League Esports is an organization committed to providing fun, competitive, and professional gaming experiences for Rocket League players of all skill levels. Originally established in early 2016 as Rocket League’s premier community for lower-ranked players, MLE now supports four leagues for a wide range of skill levels, and has plans to develop and grow the organization even further.

Within Minor League Esports, players compete in leagues based on their highest reached rank: Foundation League (Platinum 3 and below), Academy League (Diamond 1 to Diamond 3), Champion League (Champion 1 to Champion 3) and Premier League (Grand Champion).

There are 32 franchises that participate in Minor League Esports, with each franchise fielding teams across the four competitive leagues*.  Our franchises are an integral part of the community. As players come and go, the franchise identities and histories remain, making for great stories and fierce rivalries.

Sound great?  If you can’t wait to be a part of our community, please fill out an application!

* As the Foundation & Premier leagues are new this season, player numbers for this season may not be enough to fill all 32 teams therefore some franchises may not have Foundation or Premier league teams.