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Many teams are racing towards their goal and as season 15 begins all are wondering if they will get the OPEN NET. Most teams have a plan of how to get the cup, and some are ready to wing it as the underdogs. Many captains are ready to SAVE the championship date. Here is your guide to the best teams (on paper) in each league.

Starting off in the Premier League(PL) the Rhinos have been seen as the team to beat this season. R E D the Franchise Manager of the Rhinos confidently stated, “As a team we are looking to go the distance. The Rhinos PL team got our first taste of the championship last season and we hope to finally bring it home.” The first thing they plan to do is commit to improving as a team. This means setting up scrims throughout the season, going over replays to help pick out any flaws or mistakes that they need to focus on, and continually building team chemistry. R E D says “We want to be as competitive as possible this season and I believe this team is ready to do that.” Ending our interview, the Rhinos concluded with this emphatic statement, “We are very excited for this season to get underway and look forward to all the amazing competition that we will face along the way. Lastly, Stamp and crash, tramp and bash, the Rhinos are here to clash!

The Bulls Master League(ML) team has been a force to be reckoned with. Snipes, a player for the Bulls, has an ambitious goal, “I think I can speak for the team when I say that we mainly want to focus on a championship win. However the Bulls have one of the hardest schedules, so first we need to survive a lot of games against top teams, but our main goal at the moment is to make the playoffs and win every series we can.”  The Bulls ML team is fortunate to have higher salary guys that want to prove they are the top of ML with a blend of lower salary guys who want to prove that they were undervalued in the draft and in free agency. They hope that their body of work this season will reflect how important this goal is not for just the team, but for every player on their roster. Acyke, one of the Bulls Assistant General Managers, provided the franchises final thoughts ahead of the new season, “Our biggest goal every year is just to have a group of guys who like being around each other. We like to play a bunch of games together, and I like to think that we are just a big group of friends who enjoy gaming together.


One team in the Champion League(CL) that has gained a lot of attention in the off season is the Tyrants. Talking to the team ahead of the season they had a clear if somewhat blunt goal, “We’re winning the chip. Both. Cope.” Now while I was not sure what that meant I can only assume they are going for the championship. The Tyrants Franchise Manager, HyperCoder, has a plan to help accomplish their goal, “Our team has been playing together nearly every day so far; scrims, ranked, casual, in-houses, anything, as well as getting coaching and replay reviews from ML players. We plan to keep this going to make sure our team plays as well as we can together.” Hyper concluded our brief interview with a “friendly” warning to their competition, “We wish everyone the absolute best of luck; you’re going to need it… It’s #TyrantsSZN!


From a focus group survey the Flames were voted number one Academy League(AL) team. In a short interview with the Franchise Manager Crazy, he made it clear he wanted to go for the championship, “We’re looking to get over the final hurdle and win a championship. We’ve been to the Playoffs the last three seasons, Conference Finals twice, and came close in Season 12 but fell short in the finals and are looking to win it this season.” Describing his team Crazy said, “Skill wise I feel like we are a very well rounded team and having four of us be on the same franchise for three seasons our chemistry and cohesiveness as a team has a solid foundation. So if we sharpen the edges and fine tune everything I believe we can bring the championship home.” There’s no doubt Crazy is looking forward to the season ahead, “I am very excited for this season to start and see what it will hold for us. The Tropic Division is always a very competitive division and I know that we’re going to have to fight every week. But we are very strong and I’m extremely confident in our entire team and know that we can get the job done!


In the Foundation League(FL) this season, keep an eye out for the Spartans, they have big plans! The Spartans have weekly scrims planned and Captain TorDad is at the helm after leading them to second place in Standard last season. With his leadership skills and a team that’s looking to get comfortable playing with each other, they’re also aiming for the top spot. The Spartans will undoubtedly face tough competition, but their determination and preparation may give them an edge in the Forge Division. TorDad built a team that made it all the way to the championship last season. He was such an amazing captain last season and he will be an even better one this season! Well in the great words of the FL captain TorDad, the goal is “To win it all.” For ThePiggyBuggy, Spartans Franchise Manager, her goal is one not just solely based on success, “For me I would like to see everyone get comfortable playing with each other and become stronger throughout the season.

While all the teams are going for Season 15 championship titles, they all have different plans to reach their goal. Some are planning scrims and practices, others plan to hang with each other playing games. But who will actually taking their respective championships home come the end of the season? That is something only time can tell…

 Season 15 of Minor league Esports starts Thursday 9th March!