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New FM Introductions

New FM Introductions

By BoogerBear


Oceans rise, empires fall, and once again MLE brings in new faces to the top of franchise management. This season, Blizzard, Pandas, Pirates, and Sharks find themselves with a new top dog in town. I took the time to reach out to each of our new FMs. Here’s what they had to say about their promotions.

New FM – cordiaL


Having been a member of Blizzard myself for the past 2 seasons, I had a small snippet of a sneak peak into cordiaL’s approach to the coming season for Blizzard (sorry, no spoilers from me). Nonetheless, cordiaL is quite excited to be stepping into this new role.


Booger: “What made you want to be a Franchise Manager?”

cordiaL: “I have had experience building a community before and I was excited to do it

again here in MLE.”


cordiaL’s interview did not consist of many words, but they appear to have a clear and concise goal for the future of Blizzard. When asked about the type of community cordiaL is looking to build, the response was short, sweet, and to the point: “A really good one (hopefully).”


As always, the people want to know if the new fearless leader will be making an appearance on the pitch for MLE Season 17. cordiaL says there is “a non-zero chance. Stay tuned.”

New FM – Taelo
A true MLE journeyperson finds their way to the top of their THIRD franchise. Taelo was the FM of the Bulls in Seasons 10-11 and the Tyrants for Seasons 12-13. So… What drew them back to the spotlight? They missed it.


In Taelo’s words, “I missed being able to create a community and do the work in picking players for both character and talent to represent a franchise. I took a few seasons off to experience different franchises and players, but am glad to have landed at the Pandas.”


Taelo also has some goals for the Pandas community that will be growing under them. Those goals include building competitive teams, fostering strong bonds among teams, and creating a welcoming environment.

So… Will we see Taelo on the pitch in Season 17? They say, “Most likely, but not certain.”

New FM – Ol Dirty Dirty


Recently spotted as AGM of Eclipse, Ol Dirty Dirty has been promoted to FM of the Pirates. They are excited to be at the helm of the ship and ready to build a franchise to compete and grow as players. Ol Dirty Dirty wanted to be a franchise manager because they “Love coaching and competing.” Becoming a Franchise Manager would allow them to build a community focused on encouraging growth while competing.


The kind of community the Pirates are going to be shifting toward is a community based around fun, engagement, encouragement, and accountability. Ol Dirty Dirty wants the Pirates to be a place people want to go so people can both enjoy their time on the franchise and improve on the pitch.


So… Will we see Ol Dirty Dirty on the pitch? They plan on being out there, but they said, “whether I hit the ball or not while I’m out there is a different story.”

New FM – Kkube

A longtime Shark received news that they would be taking the reins of the franchise for the upcoming season. Kkube is entering their 9th season of MLE. All of the previous eight seasons have been spent in the Shark Tank. What called him to become the next apex predator? Adi. (ping in general)


Kkube jumped on the chance to lead the Sharks upon the news of Adi stepping down. They wanted to fill Adi’s shoes.


They seem to be keen on keeping what the Sharks had going on. Kkube wants folks to enjoy their time in the Shark Tank. The Sharks want to feel like a family, “where you can go to compete, to laugh, and to have fun with your friends.”


So… Will we see Kkube on the pitch in Season 17? “Yes! Hitting crossbars and backflipping my way through CL.”

And there it is! All four of the new FMs for the upcoming MLE season gave us a taste of what’s to come now they each have control of their franchise’s destinies. Stay tuned for the latest as we get ready for the draft coming up on April 27-28!