Community Interview: Maple

Season 14 rolling right along and there is no better time to continue getting to know our great players and staff. Let’s take a light-hearted look at those that make up the great MLE community.

In this interview, it’s time to get to know Maple!

What role do you play in MLE?
I am the director of the Development Team, an advisor to League Operations, a member of the mod team and I help out with Production whenever Leachy let’s me.

Wow! You do a lot of stuff! What does the Development Team do in the grand scheme of MLE?
Thank you! I do love to help. Development is responsible for two core areas. The first is all of our code, so our bots that provide scrims and replay submission and so much more. The second is Data Sciences. That group tracks all stats, helps tune elo, and help league Operations with information needed to help keep competitive integrity. They also do lots more, like babysit Adi. 

What brought you to MLE and how long have you been here?
Ripperr brought me here. I used to run another community, MiddleAgeNoobs (MAN) and was looking for a place to play. I’ve been here for close to 2.5 years.

2.5 years is impressive!
Thanks. I love it here, and can’t wait for the next 2.5 years! 

What team do you play for currently?
I’m non playing this year, but I am the General Manager of the Sabres. Go SAB!!!!!

How long have you been a part of the Sabres?
This is my third season. I started out as a Foundation League Captain, then became GM last season and again this season!

What aspects of MLE do you love?
Almost everything. I love the non-toxic part the most, the people are amazing, Raspberries and Water took me on a BBQ date, the quality of play and the professionalism of our entire staff are exciting. 

What other ways do you think MLE sets itself apart from other leagues?
The fact that we play all 5 games, that we are draft based, and that our staff are the best in league and community management are big. But by far, the biggest thing that sets us apart is our community and our members. MLE’s community is second to none! We also have TyTy and he’s pretty awesome! We also have the active support and participation of Phoebe, a Ubisoft Nadeo Dev who believes in MLEs community and values, so that’s saying something!

The non-toxic part was huge for me as well. My wife basically told me, “If you don’t start having fun… I’m going to break the disk.” Finding MLE was huge for me in that regard. That aspect really sets MLE apart in my opinion. 
I couldn’t agree more Brava. I think that there are tons of communities out there, but MLE rises above for me.

What caused you to have a desire to help out?
I love to help, it’s just in my nature. There was a spot in Admissions open and I applied. I still think that whole admissions team is amazing. Love ya Deejay! 

What has been your favorite or most fulfilling time on staff?
This is a tough one. I’d say joining League Ops and helping bring 3s in, and also working with Shuckle, Adi, Riz and Zach on Emilio and now Sprocket has been extremely rewarding. The scrim system alone has helped mle rekindle its community first focus. 

Silly questions: Does pineapple belong on pizza?
Yes. If it makes you happy, why not? 

What do you consider rule 1 to be?

Have you ever broken it?
Only in the playoffs. Otherwise, you never break rule 1. 

What’s your opinion of demos?
The more the merrier. I’m a huge fan of Rocket Sledge and think demos are an important part of the game. 

Rocket Sledge is definitely a hero of mine! Demos add excitement to the gameplay in my opinion. Have you had a favorite demo play in an MLE series?
I was playing in a 2s series with Goosen, who is a Sabres Captain now, and an incredible friend that I’ve made through MLE. He was out middle waiting for a pass, so I passed and then got a double demo so that he had an open net to score on. That had to be my favorite play!

We’re only a week in but what is your prediction for the Academy League championship? Who’s in it and who takes it?
Sabres take it in 7, against… whomever they play!

I want to thank Maple for all of the amazing work that is done here at MLE and for taking the time to do this interview.

Keep a look out for more community interviews over the course of Season 14 right here on our website!