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Franchise History – Sun Division


Franchise Manager – Zack

Season 13 teams – AL, CL, ML

The Bears are proud members of the original six franchises in MLE. The team was there at the formation of the league, however, in the first two seasons the Bears played under the name of Scarlet Wings before they renamed to the Bears for season three. Much of those original six teams’ history is lost to time but we do know that the first captain on record was D-heimer in season four. In season seven, Zyta took over leadership of the team, becoming the first official manager. Zyta would lead the team for four seasons. Water and Goldentornado17 both had a short period of leadership in season 11 before Zack took over as the current Franchise Manager.

Championship History
Despite being an original six franchise, there was a looming cloud over the Bears playoff history for many seasons. In the first 11 seasons the Bears couldn’t manage to find themselves a title. While not having the lowest playoff appearance percentage, the post season seemed to be a frustrating place for the Bears for many seasons. But all that changed in season 12. The Master League 3s team went on a stellar post season run and took home the first Championship title for the historic franchise. Now, in season 13, Zack and the Bears look to continue this new form for the franchise.

Team Atmosphere
Though only in their second season as the Bears manager, Zack, has a clear and simple vision for what it means to be a Bear. “The atmosphere of the Bears is a fun and family environment. We love playing together and laughing at each other too!” We asked Zack what he is looking for in a player this season and he had this to say: “The ideal Bear is someone who is non-toxic, and is around when we need them. We also love playing various games together, so being a part of inhouses or whatever it may be is a huge plus!”

Bears Discord:


Franchise Manager – RED

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML, PL

The Rhinos joined the league in season 3 as part of a four team expansion that included the Pandas, Foxes, and their division rivals, the Pirates. The early seasons of the Rhinos saw a few different team captains before Kcscrag was named the first manager of the team in season seven. Kcscrag would be manager for four seasons, until season 11 when the franchise was given to longtime member Reverse Fridge. In season 13, Fridge stepped down as manager and gave the proud Rhinos franchise over to fist time FM, RED. RED joins the class of 8 new managers this season.

Championship History
The Rhinos started out slow in their postseason history with no accolades in their first two seasons. They then began to gain ground, winning a few Division titles across seasons five, six, and seven. The Rhinos fully charged through the competition in season nine, when they won the Champion League title and took home their first championship. Following this high mark, the Rhinos would continue winning a few Division titles. They are still searching for a second Championship heading into season 13.

Team Atmosphere

RED, as a new FM, has taken care to make sure their franchise is a great place players will want to play. “I would best describe the atmosphere of the Rhinos Franchise as one that is very welcoming and supportive of each other. We do our best to welcome everyone we can into our team and make sure we can do everything we can to create a fun and friendly team environment throughout the season. I also do my best to have everyone strive to be as non-toxic as possible to equally align with the MLE’s values. Throughout this coming season, we will be including more team events and game nights to allow everyone, team members and community members alike, to be involved!” We asked Red what type of players they’re looking for. “I am looking for players that are striving to not only improve themselves as players in the MLE and Rocket League but their character. I want players that will come in with a positive mentality and will be working with team members on practicing, scrimmaging, and building team chemistry in general! I understand that life can get in the way so I also want people that will communicate as it is such an important factor to a good team. Being able to talk and keep your team in the loop and plan is such a huge key to success. Most of all, I want players that want to have a great time in the MLE and to have fun!”

Rhinos Discord:


Franchise Manager – Tater

Season 13 teams – AL, CL, ML, PL

The Pirates are another team that joined the league in season 3 when the league expanded into 12 teams. The early seasons of the Pirates franchise seemed to be a revolving door of leadership. In season eight Franchise Manager Tater stepped up and turned the Pirates into a stable franchise with a clear identity and team atmosphere. At six seasons, Tater is among a class of some of the longest running managers in the league.

Championship History
Across their nine season history, the Pirates have achieved 10 Division titles and 11 playoff appearances. Despite being tied for second most Division titles in the league, the team is still searching for their first Championship title. The Pirates are also one of 6 teams that have yet to win a Conference title. This adds up to a team with a lot of history but still a lot to prove. Will season 13 be the season that the Pirates can finally break through their conference curse and make history?

Team Atmosphere
The Pirates values seem centered around a team having fun together. Franchise manager Tater told us, “the best way to describe the atmosphere of the franchise is a good group of guys looking to have fun and hangout, while also doing our best to compete, but having a good team atmosphere is important to us.”

As far as what the Pirates are looking for this season, Tater had this to say: “The things we look for the most in players is a willingness to improve and play with their teammates outside of games, and having a positive attitude. The rest we work on to help the players, whether it’s doing replay reviews, in house games or whatever they need.”

Pirates Discord: Private


Franchise Manager – Stovvadz

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML

The Outlaws were the last Sun Division team to join the league. They were part of an eight team expansion to bring the league to its final 32 team form. The Outlaws are also one of two teams to only have had one manager in their franchise history. That Franchise Manager is none other than Council member Stovvadz, who has been a prominent figure in MLE’s history. With Stovvadz’s strong involvement in both the League and the franchise, the Outlaws carry a lot of pride in their team and their record of league success in their short history.

Championship History
The Outlaws had perhaps the best start to a franchise in MLE history. In their inaugural season, the Outlaws took home not one, but two, championship titles. They took home the first ever Foundation League championship and won the Academy League Finals. In the following four seasons, the Outlaws would continue to frustrate their division rivals, winning four more Division titles and two more Conference titles: one in Premier League and the other Master League. Though the Outlaws have the shortest history in the Sun Division, they have become known as a powerhouse franchise, holding the highest percentage of playoff appearances in the league.

Team Atmosphere
Stovvadz’s winning formula seems to be based around balancing fun and fight. “I’d best describe the Outlaws as a pretty relaxed atmosphere, but striving to improve and do our best. We’re always chasing success – but still want to have a good time first and foremost.”

Stozzadz told us the he is looking for players who, “not only can play a mean game of Rocket League, but are also good personalities off the field that we’d want to have around the team. A happy team environment wins games.”

Outlaws Discord: Private