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Premier League Draft Recap

In this document, I have done my absolute best to write about each individual rostered player as of October 29th. This includes free agent pickups done after the initial draft. Each franchise page has information about the franchise, a small paragraph about each player, a longer paragraph about their draft and overall team outlook, expectations for the franchise across Season 13, and finally predictions based on an educated guess from my experience with these players. After this section, I made small pieces about each free agent pickup as well. Please note that these are my predictions, in that I will be ultimately very wrong no matter what. None of these predictions are personal, just a few teams have to be on top and a few teams have to be on the bottom, no matter who they are. Nonetheless, enjoy reading and let me know what you think of it!


Historical Ranking: #1

  • 2x MLE Champions (Season 11, 2’s)
  • 4x Conference Champions (Season 8, 11, 12 (2s), 12 (3’s))
  • 4x Division Champions (Season 8, 11, 12 (2s), 12 (3’s))

Franchise Manager: CHASER
General Manager: N/A

Legacy Player: Deluxe 


BasiliskRL (20.0) 

(Round 1, Pick 9)(S12)(BUL)

After his stellar championship performance on the Bulls in Season 12, the popular streamer returns as a well-deserved  first round pickup rather than a waiver wire steal. His forte is in 3s as seen in both Premier League and 6mans, so the Bulls should have no problem building a solid roster upon his foundation. 

Lazarus (20.5)

(Round 2, Pick 2) (S11) (ECL, OUT)

This player shot his way up the leaderboards after performing well on the Outlaws. In his third season, he is looking to break his way into the top ten conversation, boasting a phenomenal 20.5 salary. His experience in other leagues with the Santa Fe Kings is sure to only help tone his skills and put the Bulls into contention. 

Mythic (18.0)

(Round 3, Pick 9) (S12) (EXP)

Serving as the third on the championship winning Philadelphia Plague in United Rogue, the Bulls aim to utilize him for the same purpose and replicate their success. Though the Express did not have the season they wanted to last season, a change of scenery and additional potential chemistry could make picking him at 29 at steal. If his activity is as good as it was last season, he will be a valuable asset.

KILT (19.5) 

(Round 4, Pick 2) (S7) (HAW, HIVE, BEA, AVI, FOX)

Rounding out this rather wholesome Bulls roster is KILT, one of the longest standing Premier League players. Having more Minor League Esports (MLE) experience than the rest of the roster combined is sure to make his team formidable and provide valuable support not only on the field but off the field for mentality. At the 32nd pick, KILT is an extremely worthwhile pick for CHASER and the rest of the franchise.


The Bulls are placed in a tough position being in the Orange Conference. The overall winning aura of the Premier Bulls, particularly under CHASER, and the pressure of recreating the success of past seasons is definitely apparent. Without an overwhelmingly strong 2’s lineup, the Bulls’ focus will be on 3’s and creating a force out of typically solid support players. Each player on the Bulls this season theoretically played a secondary role last season (Basilisk with Deluxe, Lazarus with Lotty Lettuce, Mythic with Centurion/Jish, KILT with Zack) which is beneficial in that they are more likely to play as a team and be unselfish rather than play as three individuals. Overall, I am excited to see what the Bulls can pull off with these players and a lack of a “dominant” central player. In general, this team will be a pleasure to watch and the incredible amount of positive things I have both experienced and heard about the character of these players is unmatched across the league. Personally, I have not one bad interaction with any of these players and am certain that even while down they will still have an exceptional time. Only the best should be wished for this roster and is an excellent underdog figure for anyone not familiar to the Premier League to attach themselves to. 


Doubles may be a tough prediction for this roster as they currently do not have any high tier players who are geared specifically to the gamemode. However, I have been wrong before and if either BasiliskRL/Lazarus work a bit to adapt their playstyles, they could make a break for a playoff appearance. While the Doubles outlook may be slightly bleak, the Standard playoff goal is highly feasible if chemistry develops between the starting three. Basilisk has been grinding on and off stream, with the potential to pop off with a surging Lazarus and fresh United Rogue champion Mythic. KILT provides a great replacement piece if fatigue arises and yet again an excellent mental presence to keep the team going.



16-34, 2-8 (5th in Orange Conference)


17-33, 2-8 (5th in Orange Conference)


33-67, 4-16 (9th in Premier League)


Historical Ranking: #5

  • 1x Division Champions (Season 9)                 

Franchise Manager: C0P3x
General Manager: Rushy

Legacy Player: Gumbachi


Lotty Lettuce (21.0)

(Round 1, Pick 3) (S9) (OUT, WOL)

At this point it is highly unlikely that anybody who has been around in the last few seasons would not understand why Lotty Lettuce went this high. In addition to being one of the best players in the last few seasons on the Outlaws, his recent success on Escape Velocity has only solidified him as a presence in the RL scene, not to mention his golden reputation as being extremely likeable. 

Zeenics (19.0)

(Round 2, Pick 10)(Rookie)

More commonly known as lxxnk in United Rogue, RLPC, and District, Zeenics could turn out to be this season’s Wovah and go on a tear with little stopping him. Impressive showings elsewhere with little MLE recognition is a recipe for an underrated team and paired with Lotty could make for a ridiculous duo. Ranked MMR means less in MLE, but 2060 in 3’s will make a few teams turn their heads.

Jolly Folly (19.5)

(Round 3, Pick 3) (S9) (ECL, EXP, SPA)

The Canadian is famous for his lengthy goodnight messages but what some may not realize is that he can be the greatest third in the entirety of PL if he meshes well with this roster. Reps with the Montreal Stags and Los Angeles Griffins in UR as well as stints in Nemesis and Frontier have prepared him for an opportunity like this, and he is fully capable of taking advantage.

Antee (18.5) 

(Round 4, Pick 8 )(S11) (SPA, ELI)

The last pickup of the draft for the Express is looking to prove himself this season. An off and on player the last few seasons, the European player is intent on establishing himself as a starting caliber player and grind through the ranks. This season he was a fourth round pick, but he could easily be taken early in the second this time next season.


This team has something special on their hands. Lotty Lettuce serves as the apparent central player on the team, the obvious choice as an all-around workhorse and a practical guarantee to bring his team a deep playoff run as proven in his time on the Outlaws, Wolves, San Antonio Revenge, RLPC Storm, Jacksonville Pirates etc. Jolly Folly is arguably the greatest third man in the entire league and will provide great support as a playmaker for Lotty, having a keen ability in delivering the ball from nearly anywhere on the pitch no matter the situation speaking from first hand experience. Lotty and Folly are guaranteed in this situation: we know what to expect and what they are capable of giving the Express. What turns the Express from a contender to a championship favorite is Zeenics. Many MLE franchise managers and even Premier League players are unaware of his work on both the Los Angeles Orcas and Seattle Swarm, playing a do-it-all role that can take over a game whenever he feels like it. Getting a PC has led to this breakout season from Zeenics, and I believe he can fill in as a dual threat for the Express, diverting the attention from Lotty and opening a flurry of attacking opportunities to pop off and score both quickly and unexpectedly. Antee, with his up and coming determination, will be a great puzzle piece to fit in if something is not working quite as well as they would like, and provides the Express a high level perspective of what can be improved on and how the team can unlock their true potential. 


The expectations will always be high with a team of this caliber. I believe that if Lotty Lettuce finds a Taki-esque partner in Doubles that they can put up a challenge in the Blue conference. However, their Standard capabilities to me exceed the contender level and make me view them as my favorite to represent the Blue Conference. Lotty Lettuce will not be satisfied until he has a championship and this may be the best season for it.



29-21, 6-4 (2nd in Blue Conference)


30-20, 7-3 (1st in Blue Conference)


59-41, 13-7 (Tied 1st in Premier League)


Historical Ranking: #4

  • 1x Conference Champions (Season 9)
  • 1x Division Champions (Season 9)

Franchise Manager: Staas
General Manager: Staas

Legacy Player: TestGravity


Evil (22.0)

(Round 1, Pick 7) (S12) (BUL)

Evil emerged as one of the most prominent rookies of Season 12, appearing in two finals and ultimately winning in Standard over a favored Knights squad. Evil is entering the peak of his Rocket League career, motivated to make the jump to CRL and use MLE to begin to gear up against those types of players. A player with few flaws and newfound motivation, Staas made an excellent choice.

BraidedAxe (19.5)

(Round 2, Pick 4) (S9) (BUL, SHD, BLI)

This is another great pickup for the Hawks in multiple ways. His Rocket League skill is quite obvious, finding regular season success on both the Shadow and Blizzard. In addition, his kind and fun demeanor is beneficial to the team culture, being someone who will interact with other players outside of the game. Pick 14 was about where he was expected to go with a high floor and makes for a safe selection for the Hawks.

Gumbachi (18.0)

(Round 3, Pick 7) (S9) (EXP, BUL, ELI)

Gumbachi joins the team that denied him a golden Season 9 on the Express. However, he now has a more polished cast surrounding him and Standard may be the gamemode where he can make a breakthrough to at least a championship appearance. While he has had a tougher time with the playoffs since his MVP performance, he is still in prime position to take the league by siege once again.

Sizzz (18.0)

(Round 4, Pick 4) (Rookie)

Sizzz is a little newer to the higher tier of RL leagues but has made a great effort to get accustomed to it, captaining for the Detroit Wolfpack last season and finishing it off with valuable Ramen Bowl reps on the Pittsburgh Phantoms. He would be my favorite to become a captain on this team, using his leadership skills to provide some direction and organization for this team.


This will definitely be my favorite team to watch this season, and it is not particularly close. Staas and Evil planned their draft beautifully, scooping up multiple former first round Premier League picks in Gumbachi and BraidedAxe. They have many years of Standard experience together, playing together under Frost Esports together for a good amount of time and gaining valuable tournament experience that will make MLE look like a cakewalk. Three Supersonic Legends together with some previous chemistry will come out hot as soon as the season starts. Evil’s insight from being a coach for GamersRdy could also help give some perspective on the team and unlock their true potential. Sizzz also has a great opportunity to learn under these phenomenal players and while he may not be at starting level just yet, he will learn quickly and will be a great fill-in player when desired. My only qualm with this team may be motivation, but I trust that Staas will keep these guys on track and use the profound success of past Hawks teams to put them on pace for a great season. (If I were a free agent, this would be my team to pick.)


High level Rocket League players are often focused on Standard, so a common thread with all of these teams will be with their Doubles. I think that all three can play well in Doubles if their heart desires, so they definitely are in contention. Their Standard ceiling is quite literally sky high. They can be the top team in Standard if they consistently play together, maintain upbeat communications, and are willing to give way a little bit for the benefit of the team. A championship appearance is within their realistic expectations. Yet again, I am excited to see what this team can do and think that Staas put together an interesting and phenomenal roster.



24-26, 4-6 (4th in Blue Conference)


28-22, 7-3 (2nd in Blue Conference)


52-48, 11-9 (6th in Premier League)


Historical Ranking: #9

  • No Accolades

Franchise Manager: uh steve
General Manager: Paully.

Legacy Player: Squidd


Nico (19.0) 

(Round 1, Pick 8) (Rookie)

Perhaps the most dominant Hoops player of all time, this was also the most easily forecasted pick of all time, being selected by uh steve. Nonetheless, it will be very interesting how Nico performs in leagues for the first time. His mechanics developed through high level extra modes may provide an advantage in Doubles but meshing well with other league members in Standard could be a new, exciting challenge.

Nate. (18.0)

(Round 2, Pick 3) (S11) (SHA, HIVE, BUL, RHI)

Nate has one of the highest growth potentials out of almost any PL player this season. Hidden in the depths of the Bulls roster last season, Nate was taken in hopes that his 1’s ability will immediately shine in Doubles and that he can translate well after adjusting to high tier Standard in the MLE. Though technically unproven in this league, he can quickly and quite easily make a name for himself on the Hive.

toxic (19.5)

(Round 3, Pick 8) (Rookie)

Another newcomer to the MLE, toxic is often seen teaming up with the likes of madmaxrk in RLPC. This league’s environment will be a big, new adjustment for him, teaming up with two solid players in Nico and Nate. If he remains motivated to work with his new teammates and willing to embrace the Hive identity, I believe he can be a star on this team and make them a triple swarm threat in Standard.

Martzy (18.5)

(Round 4, Pick 3) (Rookie)

The New Haven player makes his MLE debut as a fourth round pick, always a plus getting picked under such short notice. One of the best parts of being a rookie is having no expectations, so Martzy is sure to experience a season where he has the opportunity to prove himself and shoot up the draft boards for future seasons. That being said, Martzy is a very solid fourth option for this roster and I believe with some extra practice can make a great rotational player in Standard for this Hive roster.


This season’s version of the Premier League Hive easily presents the most questions out of any of the ten teams. While they are all certainly highly qualified and all have the ability to compete with other rosters, three rookies and one player with little tangible MLE PL experience makes them hard, if not impossible to predict accurately long term. Each player possesses hard skills to give the ingredients for success but it is up to the motivated individuals and franchise manager, uh steve, to put it all together to make it into a great team product that the franchise will be proud to stand behind. They are one of the more mechanical teams in the league, so using the unpredictability that comes with it can create a deadly offensive attack that could be hard to defend against if not planned for.  While the team’s ability to compete against more solidified teams is a fair question to ask, the players on the team each have the ability to have breakout seasons and establish themselves as dangerous presences in the MLE, and that makes their series a must-watch event each week. 


In all honesty, the expectations are lower for this team this season in my eyes. This is exactly the position the Hive wants to be in. With little league footage to go off of or first hand experiences against these players, game planning against the Hive will be rather difficult and could catch some teams off guard. A playoff appearance in either gamemode would be a fantastic result for them, although a true, well-informed prediction of the Hive is not in my reparateur at the moment. Doubles could be their route to the playoffs using the mechanical angle as justification. Only time will tell what we can easily expect out of the Hive. Nonetheless, they will be a fun team to watch and experience in Season 13.



15-35, 2-8 (5th in Blue Conference)


15-35, 2-8 (5th in Blue Conference)


30-70, 4-16 (10th in Premier League)


Historical Ranking: #7

  • 2x Division Champions (Season 11, 12 (2’s))

Franchise Manager: goldentornado17
General Manager: Squanchy

Legacy Player: TestGravity


daffy (18.5)

(Round 1, Pick 6) (18.5) (Rookie)

It can be argued that daffy is the highest profile rookie to enter the MLE scene in Season 13. His multiple CRL appearances for UNCC and outstanding gameplay for the Baltimore Kraken and Kansas City Carnage make him an obvious choice at pick 6. If he can stay committed to MLE and make himself the next generational player of the Hurricanes, he can make deep playoff runs for seasons to come.

Kruncho (20.0)

(Round 2, Pick 5) (S12) (PIR)

After dominating in UR and RSC for so long, Kruncho made himself a staple of high tier PL gameplay after playing for the Pirates last season. His recent qualification for CRL under Brock University is just proof of his grind and willingness to improve himself season after season. Kruncho is only getting better, and I don’t see him stopping his reign anytime soon.

Anziety Killa (19.0)

(Round 3, Pick 5) (S12) (HUR)

Banx, now rebranded as Anziety Killa, returns to the Hurricanes after filling in early on a depleted roster last season. No matter the circumstances, he still found great success in both gamemodes, putting up a very respectable MVPR in both Doubles and Standard. If he can get along well with daffy and Kruncho, he will likely have high expectations for this team and hope to make it a more fulfilling season.

Devin (18.0)

(Round 4, Pick 5) (Rookie)

After bouncing around UR and RLPC teams for a bit of time, Devin makes his first appearance in the MLE. He will make a solid alternative to Anziety Killa, being malleable to whichever role he needs to fill at any time and many seasons of high level experience ensures that his arrival into MLE will be smooth. As the 35th pick, Devin is a solid choice to round out the Hurricanes.


To me at least, this feels like a typical Hurricanes Premier League team: extremely high ceiling with a small chance of falling through the cracks. Daffy and Kruncho make two excellent core Standard players on the Hurricanes, with plenty of relevant experience to back them up (being able to compete in front of large audiences such as that in CollegeCarball and Rocket League’s main stream is massive for overall confidence). Anziety Killa is the obvious third, and if he can complete and complement the front two’s playstyles like he did last season with ChimpanJay, they have a solid chance of competing in the Blue Conference. Devin would also no doubt  be a great fit in a supporter role having played with similar players in a similar position in other leagues.  Mentioned with previous teams, long term motivation may come into question with this team. Maintaining focus for three months in a semi-pro league such as MLE can be a tough task for high tier players as they usually have more demanding needs to be met in their RL careers. However, if goldentornado17 can keep his team active and persistent, they can be hopeful for a playoff appearance at a minimum.


The Hurricanes, along with many other teams in this analysis, are difficult to predict in Doubles. There are a lot of variables with individual skill relating to Doubles that makes it hard to see where they stand until a few series are under their belts. Daffy and Kruncho could be a devastating pair, but perhaps lack a perfectly adapted playstyle to truly excel in it. Standard is where the potential lies for this squad. I am certain none of these players would be happy with anything less than a playoff finals appearance, though tough competition may prevent that if they don’t have a perfect storm of chemistry among the starting three. Scrims are this team’s best friend in order to make their goals a reality.



24-26, 5-5 (3rd in Blue Conference)


26-24, 5-5 (4th in Blue Conference)


50-50, 10-10 (6th in Premier League)


Historical Ranking: #2

  • 1x MLE Champions (Season 12 (2’s))
  • 2x Conference Champions (Season 12 (2’s), 12 (3’s))
  • 2x Division Champions (Season 10, 12 (2’s)) 

Franchise Manager: Galaxy
General Manager: KyleCornDog

Legacy Player: Comp


Perma (21.5)

(Round 1, Pick 4) (S10) (PUF, KNI)

Until recently, I did not believe that Perma played the game with much consistency. Galaxy then showed me his ninety-one hours in the last two weeks. Perma was no doubt a world class key player for the championship-winning Knights last season but with newfound interest, he could turn it up a notch and be the best player in the league. An excellent, and forecasted, pick at number four.

Windle (19.5)

(Round 2, Pick 1) (S11) (JETS)

The first combination between a Jet and Knight last season is found here, and is quite the pairing to say the least. Windle was dominant in both Doubles and Standard last season, leaving his BigTwig69 shell to reveal himself as a dual threat force to be reckoned with. He is for certain ready to get redemption after falling short in the conference finals, and refuses to be denied this time around. Galaxy did not have to think very long or hard to select Windle here.

Galaxy (17.5)

(Round 4, Pick 7) (S8) (SHA, BUL, KNI)

While Galaxy did not see much action on the star-studded lineup consisting of Comp, Perma, and ryker last season, he is finally ready to step into the spotlight and provide his services as a honorable rotational player in support of his two juggernaut teammates. Being one the lowest salaries in the league, I applaud him for putting himself out there and gaining the necessary experience needed to make the jump from a backup to a fully fledged starter. In terms of franchise management, Galaxy went all out on the first two players, trading his second and third round pick to move up and select Windle. He was the only FM to make a move like this, and it may just be a genius move if himself or another third of his choosing is able to fill in the gaps.


Once again, Galaxy has put together a fantastic roster that he can be proud of. Perma’s ability to take over a series and lift up the players around him is exactly why he was brought back, and in combination with Windle, could have his best season yet (though is it even possible to beat his gameplay from last season?) Though Perma is separated from longtime Rocket League partner ryker for the first time in forever, he should have no problem meshing well with Windle, who is active in scrims and shows zero signs of slowing down his phenomenal track starting from S11 Master League to S12 Premier League SSL and conference finalist. Galaxy, as mentioned before, can make a great glue for this team and be a dedicated third while both Perma and Windle take care of the attacking. If he can be a menace on defense, it could be a great Standard team. What the main concern for this team could be is a final hangover, in which all of their members had great success last season and may be off their guard for the beginning of the new season. However, for now, all three players on this roster and recent free agent pickup mario seem motivated to grind throughout the season and stay active on this franchise, putting the team in prime position to have another great season. 


The expectations for this season are obviously extremely high coming off two finals appearances and a Standard MLE trophy. I think that this team has an excellent chance of winning the Doubles championship, the fourth and eleventh pick making them the highest combined two picks of the draft. Anything less than a championship for them in this gamemode would be disappointing. In Standard, it relies on how well Galaxy and mario are able to fit into their roster. Mario played with other high tier players in other leagues recently, so he may be exactly what they need to pull off at least a conference final appearance in Standard. 



31-19, 7-3 (1st in Blue Conference)


27-23, 6-4 (3rd in Blue Conference)


58-42, 13-7 (Tied 3rd in Premier League)


Historical Ranking: #3

  • 3x Division Champions (Season 10, 12 (2’s), 12 (3’s))

Franchise Manager: Tater
General Manager: Virt

Legacy Player: Tater


Tater (21.5)

(Round 1, Pick 5) (S7) (PIR)

After over two and a half years of knowing Tater, I could probably write an entire essay on his journey throughout the league. The top 100 player is obviously one of the best players in the league, and is probably the most determined to break through and make it to the finals. He has the skills, he has the plan, and he’s been improving his mentality each season. Now it’s time for him to finish the job.

madmaxrk (18.5)

(Round 2, Pick 6)(Rookie)

The former #1 pick in RSC and RLPC champion makes his first appearance in MLE, and I am not sure if the rest of the league is ready for him. His strong performance on the Jersey Jackals last season and overall incredible mechanical ability proves that he has what it takes to succeed in the MLE and be a frontrunner for Rookie of the Season.

rickie. (18.0)

(Round 3, Pick 5)(S12) (RHI)

rickie is an incredibly solid pickup. After grinding from the beginning of last season into the Season 13 preseason, he is definitely ready to make a statement as an underrated starter on the Pirates. His mechanical ability is definitely his strongest suite, being extremely unpredictable in almost every attacking scenario.

Prosperity2K (18.0) 

(Round 4, Pick 6) (S6) (KNI, HIVE, SAB, LIT)

The legend himself is here, and after a good season on a dimmer Lightning roster, he is here to light it up on the Pirates as a very solid substitute and even potential starter in Standard. Outside of his gameplay, Prosperity2K is an incredible asset to the Pirates close-knit franchise and will make an impact on every person he meets there. No matter the season he personally has, he will make the Pirates season a lot more fun.


This Pirates roster will be extremely exciting to watch unfold, no matter the direction it may go. Potentially the highest ceiling in the league, with also a low floor if the playstyles and personalities do not mesh in the way Tater hopes they would. Each one of these players have a loud, mechanical playstyle that can provide with them an impossibly difficult to predict offense if the trio handles responsibility properly. With really no limit to their potential, there are only two potential downfalls for this roster: attitude and defense. Mentality is a great portion of success, and this team needs to ensure they remain upbeat and execute communications well in order to right the ship in tense situations instead of forcing one another to walk the plank. In terms of defense, they definitely can pull off their three playstyles together if they are able to establish a rigid rotation. Prosperity provides a plug and chug solution if they get in the way of each other, but Tater no doubt has a game plan for everything.. I am perhaps being a bit more critical of this roster than most, but that is because I believe they can be the best if they properly acclimate to each other in due time. 


This team has the initial look of a championship winning Doubles roster. Tater, madmaxrk, and rickie. all have skillsets geared toward the gamemode. Anything less than representing the Orange Conference in Doubles this season would create a “what if” situation to reflect on for the Pirates. In Standard, there are a lot of definite pros that are turned into questionable variables. Mechanics are important, but rotation and comms are triumphant in the big picture. I think a playoff appearance is definitely in the cards, but to guarantee anything more replay reviews are the key for the Pirates. 



32-18, 8-2 (1st in Orange Conference)


27-23, 6-4 (3rd in Orange Conference)


59-41, 13-7 (Tied 1st in Premier League)


Historical Ranking: #10

  • No Accolades

Franchise Manager: R E D
General Manager: Mayhem

Legacy Player: HersheyRL


Deluxe (22.0)

(Round 1, Pick 1) (S9) (FOX, BUL)

Truthfully, I have run out of things to say about Deluxe. UR Champion on the San Diego Armada, RLPC Champion on the Panthers, 2x MLE Champion on the Bulls, Odin Champion on the Maine Moose, probably some more I forgot about. He is simply a phenomenal player on the field and an obvious choice for the first overall pick. He has nothing left to prove in leagues, though he continues his reign of terror.

insanityRL (19.0)

(Round 2, Pick 9) (S12) (RHI)

Insanity has launched his way up the draft boards in the last few seasons, proving to be an excellent and probably one of, if not, best support players in the league. His success in other leagues such as with the Phoenix Thunder this season as the best performing $185 definitely caught some player’s eyes, so it’s about time he gets the respect he deserves this season and is solidified as a top 15 player in the league.

snoop (19.0)

(Round 3, Pick 1) (S11) (ELI, HUR, TYR)

At pick 21, snoop is a solid pickup for the Rhinos, rounding out the top three for this roster. A key part of the Maui Ancients, he hopes to use those skills to provide a supportive but offensively underrated role on this roster. Snoop may have not clicked as well as he wanted to with the Hurricanes and Tyrants of Season 12, but there is no doubt that he will be terrifying to play if he feels comfortable with his teammates.

R E D (18.0)

(Round 4, Pick 10) (S7) (KNI, PIR, HIVE, JETS)

R E D has had quite the interesting MLE career, bouncing around teams and finding an honestly impressive amount of success wherever he goes. However, this may be his greatest opportunity yet to find a championship as a player. He is a very solid player in Standard but perhaps needs a little bit more experience and will greatly benefit from learning from this squad of players he has assembled.


The league screwed up. Badly. Like very badly. Letting Deluxe pick the team that he wanted to, in the fashion he wanted was a perfect plan devised by R E D, and probably the first idea that popped into head when the draft lottery gifted him with the first overall pick in the Premier League. This team has the obvious setup for a great Standard team, as previous runs with both Deluxe and insanity proved to be very fruitful. If snoop was handpicked, there is also little chance that snoop does not at least provide a great third for this squad. In terms of Doubles, it is a little conflicting. I messaged insanity the other day and asked “Do you hate 2’s?”. He responded to “Yes”. With that, let’s hope that snoop, R E D, or a free agent pickup is up to the task and can accompany the Doubles demon in Deluxe. Truthfully, I believe this will be one of the smoothest teams in the league and am struggling to come up with reasons as to why they wouldn’t be a top performing roster. Some questions in Doubles, but only confidence in their Standard capabilities in Season 13. 


This team in Doubles always has a great chance with Deluxe, but with questions surrounding his partner puts Deluxe’s third Doubles championship appearance in a row in jeopardy. I think a championship appearance for the Rhinos in this mode would be a great goal for them, and I am sure R E D would agree. As for Standard, not just an appearance, but a championship is what this team has in sight for themselves. They put together this squad for a reason, and they will be determined to not only meet but exceed the high expectations given to them by the rest of the community.



28-22, 6-4 (2nd in Orange Conference)


30-20, 7-3 (1st in Orange Conference)


58-42, 13-7 (Tied 3rd in Premier League)


Historical Ranking: #6

  • 1x Division Champions (Season 10)

Franchise Manager: Taelo
General Manager: Tuba

Legacy Player: Zack


vitali. (21.5)

(Round 1, Pick 2) (S7) (SPA, SPE, AVI, ECL, JETS)

Season 12’s first overall pick does not fall far here, getting scooped up at #2. Vitali is a very safe option, having a long history at the league’s top level while continuing to be one of the very best. His ability to mesh with almost every teammate he is paired up with is huge and is sure to have high expectations for this roster, hoping to break through to the finals for the first time this season.

Ls (19.0)

(Round 2, Pick 8) (S9) (SPE, LIT, TYR)

This player has experience in almost every single top community league, proving himself to be a great player wherever he goes. However, he is looking to have his first real success in the MLE this season, hoping to go farther in the playoffs this time around. One of my favorite players to play with in the league, he should have a great time on the Tyrants the third time around.

Atokad (18.0)

(Round 3, Pick 2) (S6) (HUR, BEA, FOX, SPA PIR, SHA, ECL, OUT)

Atokad is one of two players in PL who have played since Season 6, being the most seasoned veteran any team could ask for. His continual success each season is fantastic, making the playoffs consistently year after year. He also provides a massive community boost in PL, being one of the foundational pillars of this league dating back to his championship win with the Foxes in Season 8.

ryker (18.0)

(Round 4, Pick 9) (S10) (PUF, KNI)

If his internet gets working again, relative to draft position he is for sure the steal of this season’s draft. An MLE champion with the three-headed monster of a Knights roster, ryker is set up for success again with this squad. Although his season with Utah did not go as planned, the Forge Coaching founder is ready to go and prove why the other franchise managers made a mistake letting him slip to the last pick in the draft.


Full disclosure, this is my own team. I will be viewing them favorably to let them know that I don’t hate them (ask Ls about my United Rogue power rankings last season). This team should be a terrifying team to go up against in both Doubles and Standard. Examining the prior chemistry, vitali and Atokad have been waiting season after season to link up once again and show the league what they can do. Ryker is also very familiar with vitali and Atokad , so there should be no off-the-field issues between these three personality wise. The real question here comes with Ls, seeing how he can fit into this roster as he technically has little to no experience with any of these players. However, Ls has been on so many teams with so many players across the years that with some practice, there should not be any problems. His reformed attitude also is a huge plus, so the process should be quite clean and smooth if all goes according to plan. This squad really has four potential starters, the other team having zero idea what is being thrown at them and solving a large issue that arises with Premier League teams: availability. If these four can figure it all out, they will be a force to be reckoned with. 


The Doubles outlook for this team actually looks quite good, with vitali and Ls being great players for the gamemode. The potential is 100% there, but the execution through developed chemistry remains in question. If they get along in communications, they will be expecting a conference finals appearance or will be left heartbroken. In terms of Standard, if they can avoid the mistakes of last season and form a coherent roster that gets along, they can do anything and will for sure be expecting at least a conference finals appearance. Overall, a very fun and scary roster that should make meteoric waves across the league.



27-23, 6-4 (3rd in Orange Conference)


29-21, 6-4 (2nd in Orange Conference)


56-44, 12-8 (5th in Premier League)


Historical Ranking: #8

  • 1x Division Champions (Season 9)

Franchise Manager: Jamesy
General Manager: Jamesey

Legacy Player: Smrf.


Wovah (21.5)

(Round 1, Pick 10) (S11) (JETS)

Arguably the most skilled player in the league, the Wizards made a great selection at pick #10, picking up a huge part of the Jets’ success last season with vitali and Windle. There may be reasons for why he fell this far, but I think with a newly reformed attitude and dedication Wovah will experience an excellent arc this season and become a surefire top three pick for the next season. He has the plan in place, and I have full faith that he can succeed anywhere with the right mentality.

JustTuck (19.0)

 (Round 2, Pick 7) (S8) (PAN, DOD, WIZ)

The wild-card Canadian was taken quite high after a long trip to the Yukon over the past year, but he is determined to pick up where he left off on the Wizards. Tuck was a very high level player in previous seasons and if he can regain his skills from previous seasons after an extended break, the former UR champion can be a great accompanying player for Wovah and his other teammates.

Distant (18.0)

(Round 3, Pick 4) (S10) (SPA, ELI)

Distant at this pick is a steal. He had a bit of a difficult time in Season 12 with the Elite but can rebound with a new environment and a fresh slate of teammates that could provide him with newfound motivation and a place to reinvent himself. The reason I believe he falls to the third round is a lack of name recognition, so great job by Jamesy for recognizing the talent. 

Kent (18.0)

(Round 3, Pick 10)(Rookie)

The Washington Rebellion captain jumps over to MLE for the first time, and is taken at pick #30 to be on the Wizards. While he is usually on the lower end of salaries, he can learn from some of the best here and get some valuable playing time. His leadership experience puts him in a great position to right the team at any time.

Delta (19.0)

(Round 4, Pick 1) (S10) (DOD)

Sorry Delta, you are too large to fit on one page with the rest of the team. Better luck next time. All jokes aside, Delta has one of the best attitudes and personalities in the league, making him a pleasure to whatever franchise manager drafts him. He is also a grinder, setting an example for worth ethic on his new franchise and will motivate his teammates to get into shape and hopefully have a great season.


In my opinion, this team made a lot of interesting picks in the draft, having the most selections in the draft at five in varying positions (10, 17, 24, 30, 31). While I do think this team has capability, the core of the team’s success may have to come from one player: Wovah. If he can boost his teammates’ gameplay and provide himself as a beacon to lift up his team’s mentality, they can succeed at this level. JustTuck, Distant Kent, and Delta are also solid teammates capable of rising to a high level, they just need some motivation and drive to get there and mesh correctly. I think the one possible pitfall of this team would be mentality. There are few players on this team who need some boost in confidence and motivation when it comes down to tough moments. I would rely on Delta and Kent specifically to bring this team up and change their attitude to positive and upbeat in these certain times. The number one thing that matters in the Premier League is chemistry. It does not matter the skill or the players you have at the beginning of the season, it’s the developments they make throughout the season to be a team (see Season 9 Elite).


The story is really the same for both gamemodes for the Wizards. They need to bond and connect well in order to get anywhere. Without it, it may be a tough and brutal season with this level of competition. Wovah has the ability to take over any game he wants, but truthfully he is only one player. It is up to the other players to step up and shine to really make this team deadly. I think their initial goal would be to make the playoffs in either mode, and then go from there.



24-26, 4-6 (4th in Blue Conference)


21-29, 3-7 (4th in Blue Conference)


45-55, 7-13 (8th in Premier League)

Free Agent Pickups


Lightning (17.5)

(S8) (BUL, SHD, SHA)

This player was on my draft board, having a long history in the league and a high level of mechanical skill that makes him a great backup pickup. He will love being on the Hawks, providing a great support in either Doubles or Standard when the time comes. I think that Lightning has the opportunity to make the jump to starter on a roster this season if the time arises.

Jrdn. (18.0)

(S11) (LIT)

The new Master League rankup had a great time on the Lightning last season, enjoying a deep playoff run with AKAIceborg. His time in ML was thankfully short lived however, as he has the potential to compete at the Premier League level. If he remains active in scrims and maybe expands his experience to other leagues, he can expect to keep seeing meaningful growth each season. Again, I am very jealous of any free agent who gets to join this squad.


Krax (18.0)


As soon as I saw his Hoops experience, I stereotypically predicted that he would be drafted by the Hive. While he was not drafted, I was still spot-on with his landing spot, going to uh steve’s team with fellow Hoops player Nico. Not much is known about Krax at least in community leagues, so it will be interesting to see how he does at this level and how his skills translate to tense series such as those in MLE.


peach (18.5)

Peach was actually quite high up in my list of players to draft, but as the draft does, my plans changed. His 1800+ peak and Penn State background (a notable school for CRL) piqued many teams interest and of course he was scooped up quickly by the Knights, Galaxy having a great talent for picking up unrecognized players. His interest in being a captain may also be valuable, and I think he will have a great first season.


Mj (18.0)

(S12) (LIT)

After getting some experience on the Lightning roster last season, Mj is now opting to offer his services to the Pirates. While he may not get a ton of playing time on this roster, I still think joining this squad is an excellent idea if he is serious about developing as a player and getting real team experience. His mechanics should also become amazing if he’s watching their scrims and games.


SADik_CAT (18.0)

(S11) (BEA, FLA)

Activity is a huge get for any Premier League team, and SAD_ik will be a good booster for team morale as he is always willing to get involved. This is a very stacked roster so yet again participating in actual matches may be a tough get, but I have no doubt that SADik_CAT will enjoy being on this franchise under new franchise manager R E D.

Siphrry (18.0)


The FDL top league finalist makes his appearance in the MLE, taking a snug spot on the Rhino’s roster. Although not a ton of players may know who he is, he may be a great fit to accompany Deluxe as a substitute and may sneak out a few series wins if given the chance. Siphrry is another great underrated pickup and the Rhinos will be glad that they picked him up.


Almost Magic Mike (18.5)


The Major RLPC regular is a part of a long list of players transferring their way over to the MLE, hoping to find something just like it when they are having their down time. While I did sign him last season and he almost played, he is a rookie as he has not had the chance to show what he made of to the league. He will be a great fill-in for a stacked Tyrants’ Standard roster.

Text that reads Draft recap with forge

Foundation League to Master League Draft Recap

If you were not able to catch the Rocket League Draft for Season 13, we have you covered with some highlights! We’ll go through the first four leagues of the draft: Foundation, Academy, Champion and Master. A separate article will be recapping the Premier League exclusively. The first four leagues were three-round standard drafts inversely based on when teams were eliminated during the Season 12 playoffs with a lottery for non-playoff teams. Our Premier League has a new look this season with ten teams participating in a four-round snake draft, all based on a lottery. Before we get into the breakdown, let’s take a look at how you can aim to be a first round pick next season!

Forge Coaching

Looking to up your future draft stock? Worried more about a championship? No matter where you are on your road to Rocket League improvement, Forge Coaching has you covered! With a plethora of very experienced coaches to choose from, it is very easy to find what you are looking for. With a friendly staff and an easy to use discord server, it has never been easier to get tips from high level players with hundreds of hours of coaching. Even outside of a session, you can find easy and free help by just hanging around the server. As someone who has purchased multiple sessions, I have been very satisfied with my coaching and am always looking forward to going back. They make things really easy to understand whether you are a newer player or you have been hard stuck in your rank for a very long time. Currently there is a 20% discount when using code “MLE” at checkout, so what are you waiting for? Elevate your game and become the next MLE champion!

Foundation League

Foundation League (FL) is home to some of the biggest scrim grinders in all of Minor League Esports (MLE), and it is not particularly close. Since the scrim bot debuted back in February, there are only three people that have eclipsed 1,000 scrim games played, and Foundation League is home to all three of them. As MLE’s lowest level league, FL is usually a revolving door of up and coming talent who burst onto the scene and quickly rank up to the higher league. Like most drafts, FL is usually full of new surprises with some familiar faces sprinkled throughout.

Who’s new?

Sometimes all that’s needed are a couple of months to show us what you have. Sloppi, Nimrod623, Pakkteeya, Curlzz, and Dimensions have been active since joining the league over the summer and are being repaid by being taken in the first half of the draft. They had very high draft stock and will be looking to prove that they are here to stay and make an impact.

Who’s been here?

MLE is a community equally focused on friendships and improvement. For some, there is much to prove talent-wise, and for others, they have found a home at MLE and are looking to contribute in any way possible. With a combined more than 11.5 years here, Bachem, Ryzor, OneHandMedic, GreenGoFantastic, and Inebriated Yooper look to be foundational pieces for their team as they usher in a new generation of Rocket Leaguers looking to make an impact on the league. 

Who to look out for?

Scrimming has been a great way to get on the radar of franchise staff, but is it possible within your first month here? Well, Alvin15k, Krabb_Lad, Prestondew00, BCFluffy, and Cujo have the answer for you. They were all drafted within just 30 days of joining the server, and they’ll be out to show that their franchises were smart in picking them up en route to a championship.

FL player to watch:

Sloppi joined the server just over three months ago with the message “Ready to grind for a championship” and the Wolves took that very seriously by using their #1 overall pick on him. He’s been on an absolute tear on the scrim bot since joining, with over 650 individual games played. Despite being more of a 3s player, Sloppi has put up big numbers in both game modes. Looking across his stats, there is a lot of dark green; the darker the green, the higher they are on the leaderboard in that specific stat. While still a 9 salary, Sloppi will be looking to make a big splash in Foundation League this season. 

Academy League

If you haven’t seen much of the Academy League (AL) since Season 12, the draft might have surprised you. However, if you have paid attention to the copious amounts of scrimming that has been done over the past couple months, you might not be surprised by the majority of names on the draft board. Along with Foundation League, the Academy League is one of the top two most scrimmed leagues, and it appears that peoples’ hard work has paid off in the draft!

Who’s new? 

We have some new talent appearing in the first ten picks of the draft. Kaliber spent some time as a Free Agent last season, and this will be their first full season in MLE on a team. Joining them as top ten picks are Lucy, Poisson, Kwalk, and FlyFyre, all who have just joined the league here in the last couple months. They will be looking to make big impacts during the regular season to prove they were worth their pick.

Who’s been here?

Many other first rounders were faces we have been happy to see for years now. TeaBoneJones, cozyboy, shnozz, AptFox, and Tomez have a combined 15+ years of service in MLE, and are looking to be backbones for their teams as they look to make playoff runs. A common storyline is the rugged veteran who can stay calm and lead the newer faces to successful seasons, and all of these picks will be looking to build upon their careers.

Who to look out for?

Do you remember your first month in MLE? The adjustment time always varies, but for these particular players, they’re looking to make an immediate splash. Snowfish, swooper, iMACandCHEEZ, Crumbsss, SaltyOliveOil, SendPie, and Twilight were all drafted over the weekend within a month of joining the server. They’ll be looking to bring the new blood and make a name for themselves as they race towards that top spot in the league. 

AL player to watch:

You may have heard of him, but you have never actually heard him. The man without a mic, Purpleb0x started in FL last season with gaudy numbers before ranking out to AL, where he was not able to play much due to his limited availability. Since then, he has given up his 2015 Macbook Air and moved to a laptop much more suitable to run Rocket League. With that, he has shot up the scrim leaderboards from the last two months as he sits at #1 overall in 2s MVPR for those with more than 20 games played. I am sure the Hawks were thrilled to see him still available in the middle of the second round. At just an 11.5 salary, he will be looking to make a deep playoff run, and not saying a word about it.

Champion League

With the Champion League (CL) draft split over two days, there was much built up anticipation in the twenty something hours between. The draft was filled with many familiar names and new faces. As always, no matter your tenure in MLE, everyone is out to prove that they have what it takes to be drafted and help bring their team MLE glory!

Who’s new?

There were several names who did not have to wait for day two for their name to be called. Cranked, KauffBro, Zdog2017, JKFrost, Crossy4, and Dewbert all went in the first round in their first full season here MLE. Whether they killed it in tryouts, in scrims, or smashed their way through AL to be a first round CL pick, they are ready to show MLE what they have and take their teams to new heights with their new blood.

Who’s been here?

As always, we have some familiar faces, but now in new places. Wray, having served as the head of the Wolves Franchise for many seasons now, is jumping back into the player pool and was selected by the Flames. Deli is making a comeback to play, and longtime members WolfAlone and pav look to make a splash on their new teams. These players have combined over 13 years in the server and know what it takes to have success. 

Who to look out for? 

As we have already pointed out, there are lots of new faces around here, ready to make an impact. And when we say new, we mean it. Look out for these players who had been in the server less than a month before getting snagged very quickly in the draft! Frehgrunce, Peachy, TramplingCows, RobbyBobby, and Virtual Jesus are looking to capitalize on their quick impressions and bring trophies home. 

CL player to watch:

No one has played more CL scrims than Cranked. In the last two months, he has put up extremely consistent numbers as he sits close to the top of every tracked stats in 2s. His 3s stats are also above average, and he boasts one of the best winning percentages in 3s, with over 100 games played. This is a big reason that he landed at #7 overall to the Elite. As an all-around player, he excels on offense and defense. With a 14 salary he should be making a lot of noise on the CL scene for a majority of the season.

Master League

Many have anticipated the Master League (ML) draft since the end of last season. ML saw a lot of ups and downs as many players ranked out to the top league (PL) and up-and-coming CL rank outs wanted to show what they had to offer. With the smallest player pool out of the three leagues with 32 franchises, we are excited to see many new names with some of chiseled veterans sprinkled in as well. 

Who’s new?

Looking to inject new life are many first rounders who found just enough of a footing before the draft. As they move into their first full season as rostered players in MLE, be on the lookout for Akina, Uno Uno Seis, Algix, Renku, Pops Ryan, albinomuffin, and Jake as all of their teams found them worthy of their first round draft pick.

Who’s been here?

Whether they have been in the GC MMR range for years or they have worked their way up through the leagues throughout the seasons, ML is home to many of MLE’s longest standing members. Just a few to look out for, who make up over a combined twenty-one years in the server, are W., Haimgame,  Jdubbz, Crey2k, and Manatee. They were just a few of many who were drafted for their skill on the pitch and potential leadership on the team.

Who to look out for?

As previously mentioned, franchise staff were eager to see more ML players join the league over the offseason. These players made a very quick impact as they were all drafted within just thirty days of being in the server. Deadzie, Arju, Taiyo, Beast, Viper., and remi, have clearly already made their marks with their teams and look to make their mark on all of MLE here in season 13.

ML player to watch:

Akina is looking to prove the Hive right by using their #1 overall pick on them. They had an extremely short stint last season with the Wizards, drafted and then subsequently ranked out to PL the following Monday and remained an FA for the rest of the season. After a little bit of league distribution, they are back in ML and showing they are a top dog. Sitting at #2 and #3, in 2s and 3s respectively, on the leaderboards for MVPR over the last two months, they are ready to be the pillar of the Hive’s roster. Sitting at a 16 salary, there should be plenty of time this season for the Hive to win a lot of games.

gray header image with white text that says "Franchise" and smaller blue text under that says "history"

Franchise History – Arctic Division


Franchise Manager – BigMacDan

Season 13 Teams – FL, AL, CL, ML

Debuting in season 3 of MLD (Minor League Doubles, MLE’s former name), the foxes were introduced with team captain MacGyver. MacGyver looked to put his team on the map. While a competitive Wolves team stopped the Foxes from taking the Division, they were still able to make it into the playoffs as a wildcard team.

Championship History
The Foxes have not been the most successful team in MLE, but they have certainly had their moments. Their crowning achievement, of course, was the season 8 PL championship. Under the leadership of GM Apollo, and stellar play of Bacon, the Foxes brought home a championship at the highest level of MLE play at the time. The Foxes have also racked up a total of 6 Divisional titles over their 9 seasons.

Team Atmosphere
Speaking with BigMacDan (formerly Fallen) about the atmosphere within the Foxes team, he said, “The atmosphere is positive right now. We’re all hyped and looking forward to Season 13 with a lot of hope and belief that we can continue where we left off last season and push on for more success.”
As BigMacDan takes over in his second full season as the Foxes FM, he has had time to develop a culture he can be happy with. When asked what type of players they’re looking for, he stated, “We’re looking for players with a lot of potential to grow, both as players on the field and people off the field. We’re also looking at players that want to become a permanent fixture on a franchise, either as a captain or an AGM, as people who can show their skills across all aspects of their person will always be wanted by franchises like ours.”
As the foxes look to build on recent success, the Foxes look to rapidly improve this season, and aim for it all. In his closing statements, BigMacDan added, “We do not have a public discord link as our server is closed to those not already a Fox or a close friend. However, for those that read this: We at the Foxes are small to medium-sized, omnivorous mammals belonging to several genera of the family Canidae. They have a flattened skull, upright triangular ears, a pointed, slightly upturned snout, and a long bushy tail.”


Franchise Manager – CloudFuel

Current Teams – FL, AL, CL, ML

Coming into MLD in season 5, the Puffins did not make much of an impact. Captain CloudFuel’s team failed to reach the playoffs or bring any accolades to the team. The Puffins have been much more successful recently after a lackluster start.

Championship History
Since season 7, the Puffins have sent at least 2 teams to the playoffs every season. Of these playoff appearances, 7 of them came from Divisional wins. The crown jewel of their success, however, has to be the season 11 AL championship. Led by AubreyE and CloudFuel, the Puffins dominated the playoffs, ending the run of a strong underdog Tyrants team. One more title that was imperative to the Puffins has to be the three-peat “Best Team Twitter” from seasons 9 through 11, no team came close to taking the title away.

Team Atmosphere

Speaking with CloudFuel, the Puffins FM, had this to say about the attitude of the Puffins regime: “We’ve all been on a bit of a break during the off-season, but things are starting to pick up as deadlines approach. With 20 retention requests, AubreyE and I have our hands full trying to figure out who we can keep and who we, unfortunately, have to either say goodbye to or try to pick back up through the draft / free agency.” It’s clear that the Puffins are a very tight-knit group. For FMs like CloudFuel who clearly have bonded with their team, it is sad to see some guys have to leave.
CloudFuel has had a long history with the Puffins, where he’s gotten to interact with a lot of players. When asked about the culture of the team and player’s he’s looking for, CloudFuel stated, “The Puffinry definitely emits strong family vibes. We’re all about finding folks who fit in with our group, both from a personality standpoint and a desire to build a strong team through chemistry. Winning is definitely much better than losing, but having a great group of friends that enjoy spending time together on a common goal is where it’s at.”
With the sheer amount of success the Puffins have had over the past few seasons, it’s hard to imagine we will see any less from this group. To close out my interview with CloudFuel, he was generous enough to leave me a link to the team’s discord, if you would like to get to see the puffins in their natural habitat.


Franchise Manager – Mople

Season 13 Teams – FL, AL, CL, ML

The Sabres came into MLE during the most recent expansion of season 8. For the first two seasons as a franchise, K3v took the reins as the team’s GM and looked to make a splash. In their inaugural season, the Sabres sent both their FL and AL teams to the playoffs as wildcards.

Championship History
In their short span as a team, the Sabres have gathered a total of 10 playoff appearances, including 4 Division wins. Unfortunately, however, the Sabres have yet to win a Championship in MLE. Hopefully, under the leadership of Mople, the Sabres can put themselves on the map.

Team Atmosphere
Sitting down with Mople about the vibe of the Sabres, he said, “Current activity in the Sabres ‘cord is a little light as the dust is settling from the FM transition, but we have a core group of guys still hanging with the music bot and playing every night.” Unfortunately, the music bot Mople mentioned has since been disconnected. In his experience, Mople has found music as a great way to chill out with his team and get to know his guys a bit better.
Mople, no stranger to MLE management, has had a few seasons to learn the ropes of community building. When I asked him what type of players he was looking for, Mople stated, “With the draft I plan on signing a group of roughly 30 strangers, and by a couple months’ time having a close group of friends who maintain among the strongest and most active, tight-knit communities in the league. I’m building a franchise that has a sense of unity across all leagues, and quality match results derive from that. With that said; win or lose, we’ll have a good time.”
As Mople said, he values community over everything. If you’d like to be a part of this community, the man has given me a discord link for anyone to join:


Franchise Manager – Shraxl

Season 13 Teams – FL, AL, CL, ML


The Wolves were introduced to the league during the second season of MLD. Unfortunately, we could not find their original franchise leader, however the oldest record we have is HunterDaGinger as team captain during season 3. In their inaugural season, the Wolves were able to make the playoffs as a wildcard team.

Championship History

The Wolves have not been the most successful team in MLE by most measures. While they do have an impressive 13 playoff appearances with 6 Division wins, the franchise has never won a Championship. After the long control of previous FM Wray, perhaps new FM Shraxl will be able to change the franchise’s fortunes.

Team Atmosphere

Getting to speak with Shraxl about the atmosphere in the Wolves camp this season, he said, “After being announced as the new FM the community was very welcoming. The Wolves community that was built before me was built with passion. All of the Wolves franchise staff that are going to FA or FP have offered their help to me. Also all the players that are wanting to return or were a former Wolves member have shown their support for my new vision and want to see success within this pack. This truly shows what I want to carry forward inside the Wolves franchise. Wolves is not just a franchise inside MLE, it’s a pack that cares about one another no matter the situation.”
This experience has shaped Shraxl, who is relatively new to MLE management. When asked what type of players he is looking for in the upcoming draft, Shraxl said, “ I plan to continue this way of thinking by bringing more players from the MLE community to the Wolves and making them feel like they are no longer a lone wolf. As an FM I will always be community first and results based second. My passion in life is to help people and by creating a caring environment I feel will lead to strong results. I also have a strong desire to win any game I get into. I will never expect a team to win a championship. I expect them to have fun and have the desire to win a championship. That desire keeps people wanting more and is a common ground of all those lone wolves out there to find their pack. #RunwiththePACK!”
It is clear to me Shraxl is someone who cares deeply for his community. In his short time with the Wolves, he has already begun to grow a bond with the team. If you would like to get to know Shraxl and the Wolves more personally, he has generously left a link to the team’s discord:

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Franchise History – Volcanic Division


Franchise Manager – InanimateJ

Season 13 teams – FL, AL, CL, ML


The Dodgers are one of the six founding teams in the MLE. Their first season, they were captained by the former President of MLE, Gamingbear. The team would go on to be captained by several prominent MLE members such as longtime Wolves GM Wray, and longtime Demolition GM Dejay, before InanimateJ took over as General Manager in Season 9. The Dodgers are also one of only two teams of the original six to not go through a name change. This add up to the Dodgers having great pride in their roots and history to the league.

Championship History

Along with being founding members, the Dodgers Franchise boasts winning the second ever MLE Championship. After their starting success however, a second Championship would elude the Dodgers for 10 seasons. They took home Division titles in season 5 and 6, but it wasn’t until season 12 that their Champion League team made a heroic run and secured them a second title in the standard mode.

Team Atmosphere

Dodgers Franchise Manager InanimateJ describes his team as a, “laid-back, choose-your-own pace type of franchise, made up of closely-knit players across all the teams in the franchise. No matter how invested you want your MLE experience to be, the Dodgers will have room for you to be a part of a historic franchise dating back to the founding of the organization.” When asked what kind of players the Dodgers are looking for in season 13, J said: “In our players, we look for people who can look inward first, to find what they want to achieve and what they need to help achieve those goals. Players who put in what they want to get out of their time in MLE are ideal candidates for joining the Dodgers.”

Dodgers Discord:


Franchise Manager – Ray Finkle

Season 13 teams – FL, AL, CL, ML


The Elite are another founding team in MLE and one of the most historic teams in the league. Along with the Dodgers, the Elite are the only other team from the original six to have kept their team name from the beginning. And with early success in the league, the Elite established themselves as a winning team from the very beginning. With 12 team leaders, the franchise has been captained or managed by more MLE members than maybe any other. But the tradition of success has continued season after season through each manager.

Championship History

The Elite have a lot to celebrate when it comes to their history. The inaugural season of MLE saw the Elite winning the first ever Championship. After only one season of missing, out the Elite returned to win a second Championship in season three. A lot of this early success for the Elite can be contributed to HalfShelledHero, the founder of Minor League Doubles (now MLE), and the Captain for the Elite from seasons 1-3. After season three, the Elite would experience a drought from even a Conference final until season 9 where the Elite became Premier League champions. Then again, in season 11, the Champion League 2s team won another championship. For those keeping count, that is a total of four championships, making the Elite the holders of the most titles in MLE history.

Team Atmosphere

The Elite try to tie their competitive spirit hand in hand with their emphasis on a friendly community. As Ray Finkle describes it, “The Elite franchise is an environment filled with non toxic players who have fun and cut up with each other. Above all, at the end of the day, we have a chemistry, trust each other, and want to win. I guess you would classify that as a fun/competitive atmosphere.” Here is what Ray had to say about the type of players they would like to draft this season: “I’d say what we are looking for in a player is one that have a sense of humor, non-toxic, dependable, and just wants to have a good time and enjoy the experience of MLE. I like to say that you can always coach skill, but it’s nearly impossible to coach attitude. We want all our players to see MLE as a place to come to unwind after a stressful day and just have some fun with friends from all over the world.”

Elite Discord:


Franchise Manager – Chaser

Season 13 teams – FL, AL, CL, ML, PL


The Bulls are one of four teams who are technically a founding franchise. The League, then known as Minor League Doubles, had four teams under different franchise names. Among those teams was the Bulls, then known as Aerial Attack. The Bulls have had a few leaders over the years with a GM or captain managing for 2 or 3 years and then handing off the torch.

Championship History

Though the Bulls went to a final in seasons 4, 7, and 8, it wasn’t until season 11 that this historic franchise won a Championship. Their first Championship was in Premiere League 2s. In season 12, the Bulls won a second championship in PL 3s. The team also had several teams knocking on the door in season 12 with Academy League winning both Division titles and Master League taking home a Conference title in 3s. Though the Bulls have had a quiet history, their recent success makes them a franchise to watch going forward.

Team Atmosphere

Those looking to join the Bulls will be glad to know the team treats their players like a big gaming family. Or as FM Chaser puts it, “The Bulls are a fun filled franchise with all the makings of a family feel to it. We like to joke around with each other a lot and enjoy the successes of all of our teams.” And what are the Bulls looking for in a player this season? Here is what Chaser had to say on that topic: “We’re looking for a player that wants to compete to win the division and have fun with it. We consistently find ourselves battling for the division title and want to continue the winning ways of the Bulls this season.”

Bulls Discord:


Franchise Manager – Taelo

Season 13 teams – FL, AL, CL, ML, PL


The Tyrants joined the League in season 8 as part of an 8 team expansion to bring the league to its current number of 32 teams. The Tyrants started in the Topaz division before the conference realignment in season 9 set them in the historic Volcanic Division. The Tyrants have been led by only two previous GMs before Tealo took over the franchise in season 12.

Championship History

Though the Tyrants are a young franchise, they have a history of winning. In their inaugural season, the Academy League team won their division and the Champion League team took home the league title. In their second season, the Foundation League became season 9 champions. The FL team would go on to win back to back titles in season 10. This give the Tyrants 3 Championships and leaves them tied for second most titles heading into season 13.

Team Atmosphere

The Tyrants have already established a culture in their short history and FM Taelo has been helping to shape it. On the topic of their team culture they said, “The atmosphere of our franchise is very loose socially with people looking to have fun in a niche community but also organizationally rigid as we seek to maintain a professional presence for those outside looking in.” The Tyrants continue to look for players with that signature Tyrants presence this season. Taelo said he is, “looking for go-getter members , those seeking an experience that is entertaining but also are searching for a community that feels more like an coherent franchise rather than a random assortment of teams. Essentially, dedication and passion are the two traits we value the most.”

Tyrants Discord:

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Franchise History – Sun Division


Franchise Manager – Zack

Season 13 teams – AL, CL, ML

The Bears are proud members of the original six franchises in MLE. The team was there at the formation of the league, however, in the first two seasons the Bears played under the name of Scarlet Wings before they renamed to the Bears for season three. Much of those original six teams’ history is lost to time but we do know that the first captain on record was D-heimer in season four. In season seven, Zyta took over leadership of the team, becoming the first official manager. Zyta would lead the team for four seasons. Water and Goldentornado17 both had a short period of leadership in season 11 before Zack took over as the current Franchise Manager.

Championship History
Despite being an original six franchise, there was a looming cloud over the Bears playoff history for many seasons. In the first 11 seasons the Bears couldn’t manage to find themselves a title. While not having the lowest playoff appearance percentage, the post season seemed to be a frustrating place for the Bears for many seasons. But all that changed in season 12. The Master League 3s team went on a stellar post season run and took home the first Championship title for the historic franchise. Now, in season 13, Zack and the Bears look to continue this new form for the franchise.

Team Atmosphere
Though only in their second season as the Bears manager, Zack, has a clear and simple vision for what it means to be a Bear. “The atmosphere of the Bears is a fun and family environment. We love playing together and laughing at each other too!” We asked Zack what he is looking for in a player this season and he had this to say: “The ideal Bear is someone who is non-toxic, and is around when we need them. We also love playing various games together, so being a part of inhouses or whatever it may be is a huge plus!”

Bears Discord:


Franchise Manager – RED

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML, PL

The Rhinos joined the league in season 3 as part of a four team expansion that included the Pandas, Foxes, and their division rivals, the Pirates. The early seasons of the Rhinos saw a few different team captains before Kcscrag was named the first manager of the team in season seven. Kcscrag would be manager for four seasons, until season 11 when the franchise was given to longtime member Reverse Fridge. In season 13, Fridge stepped down as manager and gave the proud Rhinos franchise over to fist time FM, RED. RED joins the class of 8 new managers this season.

Championship History
The Rhinos started out slow in their postseason history with no accolades in their first two seasons. They then began to gain ground, winning a few Division titles across seasons five, six, and seven. The Rhinos fully charged through the competition in season nine, when they won the Champion League title and took home their first championship. Following this high mark, the Rhinos would continue winning a few Division titles. They are still searching for a second Championship heading into season 13.

Team Atmosphere

RED, as a new FM, has taken care to make sure their franchise is a great place players will want to play. “I would best describe the atmosphere of the Rhinos Franchise as one that is very welcoming and supportive of each other. We do our best to welcome everyone we can into our team and make sure we can do everything we can to create a fun and friendly team environment throughout the season. I also do my best to have everyone strive to be as non-toxic as possible to equally align with the MLE’s values. Throughout this coming season, we will be including more team events and game nights to allow everyone, team members and community members alike, to be involved!” We asked Red what type of players they’re looking for. “I am looking for players that are striving to not only improve themselves as players in the MLE and Rocket League but their character. I want players that will come in with a positive mentality and will be working with team members on practicing, scrimmaging, and building team chemistry in general! I understand that life can get in the way so I also want people that will communicate as it is such an important factor to a good team. Being able to talk and keep your team in the loop and plan is such a huge key to success. Most of all, I want players that want to have a great time in the MLE and to have fun!”

Rhinos Discord:


Franchise Manager – Tater

Season 13 teams – AL, CL, ML, PL

The Pirates are another team that joined the league in season 3 when the league expanded into 12 teams. The early seasons of the Pirates franchise seemed to be a revolving door of leadership. In season eight Franchise Manager Tater stepped up and turned the Pirates into a stable franchise with a clear identity and team atmosphere. At six seasons, Tater is among a class of some of the longest running managers in the league.

Championship History
Across their nine season history, the Pirates have achieved 10 Division titles and 11 playoff appearances. Despite being tied for second most Division titles in the league, the team is still searching for their first Championship title. The Pirates are also one of 6 teams that have yet to win a Conference title. This adds up to a team with a lot of history but still a lot to prove. Will season 13 be the season that the Pirates can finally break through their conference curse and make history?

Team Atmosphere
The Pirates values seem centered around a team having fun together. Franchise manager Tater told us, “the best way to describe the atmosphere of the franchise is a good group of guys looking to have fun and hangout, while also doing our best to compete, but having a good team atmosphere is important to us.”

As far as what the Pirates are looking for this season, Tater had this to say: “The things we look for the most in players is a willingness to improve and play with their teammates outside of games, and having a positive attitude. The rest we work on to help the players, whether it’s doing replay reviews, in house games or whatever they need.”

Pirates Discord: Private


Franchise Manager – Stovvadz

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML

The Outlaws were the last Sun Division team to join the league. They were part of an eight team expansion to bring the league to its final 32 team form. The Outlaws are also one of two teams to only have had one manager in their franchise history. That Franchise Manager is none other than Council member Stovvadz, who has been a prominent figure in MLE’s history. With Stovvadz’s strong involvement in both the League and the franchise, the Outlaws carry a lot of pride in their team and their record of league success in their short history.

Championship History
The Outlaws had perhaps the best start to a franchise in MLE history. In their inaugural season, the Outlaws took home not one, but two, championship titles. They took home the first ever Foundation League championship and won the Academy League Finals. In the following four seasons, the Outlaws would continue to frustrate their division rivals, winning four more Division titles and two more Conference titles: one in Premier League and the other Master League. Though the Outlaws have the shortest history in the Sun Division, they have become known as a powerhouse franchise, holding the highest percentage of playoff appearances in the league.

Team Atmosphere
Stovvadz’s winning formula seems to be based around balancing fun and fight. “I’d best describe the Outlaws as a pretty relaxed atmosphere, but striving to improve and do our best. We’re always chasing success – but still want to have a good time first and foremost.”

Stozzadz told us the he is looking for players who, “not only can play a mean game of Rocket League, but are also good personalities off the field that we’d want to have around the team. A happy team environment wins games.”

Outlaws Discord: Private

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Franchise History – Mystic Division


Franchise Manager – Deejay

Season 13 teams – AL, CL, ML


The Demolition joined the league in season four to bring the league to 16 teams. The first captain of the Demo was Djano. Four more team leaders would come through the franchise before Deejay took over in season 8. Deejay has since become the rock in the Franchise after leading the team for five seasons and going into their sixth this season. He has helped form the Demo’s identity, as well as build up strong teams that have begun to achieve success.

Championship History

For the first five seasons of the Demo’s existence they languished on the outside of the postseason. After Deejay took over in season eight and the league expanded, the team slowly began to find success. A Foundation League Conference title in season 11 and four division titles has given the Demolition something to build on. They remain one of the 10 teams still searching for their first championship in season 13. Whoever joins the Demolition this season may have an opportunity to make Demo history and help them take their first title.

Team Atmosphere

Franchise Manager Deejay was clear and thoughtful about the type of players and atmosphere that makes up the Demolition franchise. “From day 1, I have always strived to create an atmosphere that is all about turning an individual to the best version of themselves, not just in Rocket league but as an actual person. The Demolition has always been about focusing on growing, maturing, and cultivating individuals to unlock the person they are, both in personality, identity, and play style.”

Deejay also had a clear vision for who they Demo are looking for this upcoming season. “Since season 8, I have always emphasized players who are active, positive, excited to learn and be part of a community, as well as open-minded and generally non toxic individuals. Being good at Rocket league is important, however, the potential bonds you can create with fellow teammates is just as important if not more important than an individual’s skill.”

Demolition Discord:


Franchise Manager – Thunderbug

Season 13 teams – AL, CL, ML


The Comets were part of the four team expansion in season four along with the Demolition. They, like their rivals, had a few team leaders come and go before they found regular leadership in recent seasons. Rolo took over the team in season seven and led the Comets for three seasons. Thunderbug took up the post of Manager in season 10, continuing the teams traditions and culture.

Championship History

Also like their Demolition rivals, the Comets have been slow to make their mark on the league. After only two Division titles in their first six seasons, the Comets began to gain traction in season 10 with an AL and CL Division title. The Championship League added two more titles in seasons 11 and 12, while the Foundation League found their first Division title in season 12. While the team is one of six to still be looking for their first Conference title, they seem to be a franchise on the upswing. You’d be a fool to keep them out of consideration for taking home a Championship this season.

Team Atmosphere

Thunderbug has shown over his time that his passion for the game and his passion for the  Comets runs deep within him. And this is what he wants to reflect in his team. We asked him what his franchises atmosphere is like and he said simply: “We’re a Family and we support one another on and off the pitch.”

When we asked what type of player The Comets are searching for this season, Thunderbug told us, “We’ve always prioritized personality over mechanical ability. So, we’re looking for players with great personalities with the drive to improve.”

Comets Discord:


Franchise Manager – Kunics

Season 13 team – AL, CL, ML


The Spectre were part of the final league expansion of eight teams that took the league to its full 32 franchise league. After a quick shuffling of GMs Mapplesurrup, MonsterJamers, and Legend over the first two seasons, The Spectre found the franchise leader in Kunics. This will be Kunics 4th season as Manager in the Spectre’s short history. Though the Spectre are a young franchise, they have found their own culture quickly in the Mystic division and among the larger MLE franchise landscape as a team that wants to win without taking itself too seriously.

Championship History

While some season eight entrants to the league like the Tyrants and Outlaws made a big splash, The Spectre are among those few teams who still have not reached their peak in terms of results. In their five season history, they have managed to claim five Division titles, but have yet to take the Conference title or see a Finals match. With the expansion to 3s comes new opportunities for success and the Spectre’s Master League team are returning this season as Division champions of 2s last season.

Team Atmosphere

The Spectre is clearly a team that prioritizes a fun atmosphere. This comes out when you talk to Franchise Manager Kunics. “Our Franchise is built on having fun with each other in and out of games.” He said, “We want to enjoy playing and spending time with each other no matter the results of the matches. Well, and scoring great own goals.”

We asked Kunics what he was looking for in a player this season and this is what he had to say: “I don’t know if there is one specific thing we are looking for, well besides own goaling. We just want to find people that we enjoy spending time with that will make the season more enjoyable no matter if we win or lose.”

Spectre Discord:


Franchise Manager – Jamesy

Season 13 teams – AL, CL, ML, PL


The Wizards joined the league in season five as part of the eight team expansion to bring the league to 24 teams. Interestingly, the team joined the league as the Tigers in season five. After one season, however, the franchise would rebrand itself to become the Wizards. The Wizards are the only team outside of the original six to go through this change. In their eight seasons in the league, the Wizards have seen quite a few different team leaders. A few notable names have come through the Wizards managerial staff through the seasons. Pineapple was Champion League captain for three seasons. Iso stepped down during season 11 after being GM through seasons 9 and 10. And finally, Jamesy took over in season 12, and is currently in their second season as Franchise Manager.

Championship History

The Wizards came out of the gate early in their franchise history. In just their second season the won the Academy League Championship. They then turned around and won a consecutive Championship. Since then, the franchise has put five Division titles and one Conference Championship in their record books. Only nine teams have more than one Championship to their name. But the Wizards will certainly be searching for another to add to their collection in this new 3s era.

Team Atmosphere

Franchise Manager Jamesy summed up what it’s like to be a Wizard and what their goals are for future Wizard players. “The atmosphere of my franchise is definitely laid back. I am keen on having players that have fun and want to stay a Wizard for many seasons.”

When we asked what the Wizards are looking for in season 13, they said, “I am looking for players who are positive through wins and losses. I want them to work as a team to improve throughout the season.”

Wizards Discord:

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Franchise History – Tropic Division


Franchise Manager – Euronate

Season 13 teams – FL, AL, CL, ML


The Shadow joined the league as part of the last team expansion in season 8. In their short five season tenure in the league, they have been led by one GM in Euronate. This make this franchise special because the consistency of leadership has formed a solid team atmosphere.

Championship History

The Shadow are one of 10 teams that have yet to win a Championship. In their first season they won an Academy League and Champions League Division title. After that, the team had a playoff drought for three seasons. In Season 12, the franchise excelled in FL and AL, with their Foundation League 3s team winning a Conference Final. In season 13, the team is looking to further shape their history and take home their first league title.

Team Atmosphere

Franchise Manager Euronate had this to say about his team, “We’re all about having fun & improving together as a team. We tend to goof off doing in-house scrims & playing other games together. We do our best to make it a community regardless of skill level. As a team, we’re all committed to helping each other improve throughout the season.”

When asked what types of players he is looking for, he said, “MLE is a very competitive league with an incredible amount of talent (on & off the pitch). I make it very clear to my players that they’re going to play in many MLE series that just don’t go their way. A lot of what we look for in a player is how they handle taking tough losses. We’re looking for the players that are able to reflect on why things went the way they did. A lot of players don’t realize how important your mentality is during a 5-game series. If you can keep your head cool, you can very easily steal a few wins away from a team that has been outperforming you.”

Euronate finished by saying, “Of course we’re looking for talented players, but to us, character takes priority over raw skill. There are absolutely players that exhibit both of those traits, but they won’t last long in the draft once they’ve been discovered.”

Shadow Discord:


Franchise Manager – Adi

Season 13 teams – FL, AL, CL, ML


The Sharks are the only team in the Tropic Division that are members of the original 6 MLD teams. But they didn’t start out as the Sharks. The franchise now known as the Sharks began as the Flames. They played under that name before renaming themselves to the Sharks. The team is also known for its consistent leadership throughout the season. Through 12 seasons, the Sharks have been led by only three managers. Adi has now taken up the post for his third season, leading a franchise with a lot of MLE History.

Championship History

Despite being among the original six teams, the Sharks remain one of the few teams to not have a championship title. They started their history with a long title drought not winning a Division until season eight. Since then, the Sharks have gained some traction, winning a total of eight division titles. The Sharks are still searching for that last win of the season and have been circling the waters of the playoffs in recent seasons. Only time will tell when they finally take a bite out of the Championship.

Team Atmosphere

When asked about the team, Franchise Manager Adi responded by sending me a video that he believes encapsulates what it means to be a shark:

I then asked what Adi is looking for in a player this season. He said, “The Sharks pride themselves on an atmosphere centered around good times. We want you if you’re someone who’s here to find some friends and play some games sometimes. All Fish are Friends, not Food.”

Sharks Discord:


Franchise Manager – Riz

Season 13 Teams – FL, AL, CL, ML


The Pandas were one of the early adopters to the league in season three. They joined as part of a four team expansion to take the league to 12 teams. The team was led by three captains before Riz took over in season eight and has remained the Franchise Manager for five seasons.

Championship History

The Pandas are another team that continue to look for their first Championship title. In their first three seasons, they won two Division titles but couldn’t clinch the final game of the season. They wouldn’t return to the playoffs in season nine. In season 10 the Pandas achieved their best season finish with a Conference title in Champions League 2s. The Pandas did not take a team to the playoffs in season 12, which means that this team will be looking to prove themselves in season 13.

Team Atmosphere

The Pandas are a team built on balancing fun and work. When asked about their atmosphere, Riz told us they’re aiming for a team that is, “Chill in all non-RL areas, pretty intense while scrimming.”

We also asked Riz what the Pandas are looking for in a player this season. He responded simply with, “We want players who want to have fun improving their game.”

Pandas Discord:


Franchise Manager – FLAMEZ

Season 13 teams – FL, AL, CL, ML


The Flames joined the league in season 5 as part of the second to last expansion to bring the league to 24 teams. Their first season was that last that MLE(then MLD) contained only one league. Longtime MLE Member Wray captained the team in season 5 before handing the franchise over to Fittz and Reverse Fridge to captain the following 2 seasons. Fittz would go on to manage the franchise until season 11. In season 12, FlaMEz would become the new and Current Franchise manager.

Championship History

The Flames came out strong in their inaugural season, winning the Orange Conference and making a statement to the rest of the league. Four seasons later, the Flames took their first Championship title in the Academy League. The Flames continue to be a strong presence in the post-season in their short history. Last season they took six teams to the playoffs across three leagues, and won their Conference in Academy league 2s and 3s as well as Foundation League 2s. Their winning record, especially in the Academy League, is quickly building them a reputation as a team to look out for each season.

Team Atmosphere

When we asked Franchsie Manager FlaMEz about his team, he had this to say: “The Flames franchise focuses on creating a supportive and positive environment while maintaining our competitiveness. Having 6 teams in the playoffs and 3 in the Grand Finals, while building lasting relationships between players of all skill levels on all of our teams, shows that we’re committed to this goal and are excited to achieve it again this season!”

FlaMEz had this to say about what type of players they are scouting this season: “We’re looking for players who are excited to grow alongside positive teammates, continue to build our incredibly supportive community, and most importantly – get rowdy during our weekly match watch parties. We love to have fun with our community and can’t wait to get started in season 13!”

Flames Discord:

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Franchise History – Storm Division


Franchise Manager – Grantcfo

Season 13 Teams – FL, AL, CL, ML


Debuting for MLE in Season 8, under the management of the all-time great Kiimmmiiii, the Eclipse got off to a rather shaky start. After struggling to find a rhythm, they failed to achieve even a wildcard position. Despite this slow start, they still showed a lot of potential and promise for the future.

Championship History

Following their debut season, Kiimmmiiii would help lead the Eclipse to their most successful season to date, as they took 2 Divisional titles, one for CL and one for PL. This success wouldn’t be replicated for the next few seasons, until C^2 took the helm as Franchise Manager, and guided them to their 3rd Divisional title, before falling before they could capture their first Conference win.

Franchise Atmosphere

After having a tumultuous and rather shaky leadership team in previous seasons, the Eclipse look to find solid ground under their new FM, Grantcfo. Speaking with Grant on the atmosphere within the franchise, he had this to say: “The atmosphere is a safe space to interact with many other amazing people and make some new friends along the way. Everyone is welcome and we’re really only here to have a good time.”

Now, of course, when coming into a new franchise, most staff members like to leave their mark on them, whether it’s by changing the culture, or by bringing in some new faces. I asked Grant what sort of players he’d like on the Eclipse, to which he replied, “We are looking to bring in players that are searching for a place to have fun and laugh if they lose. We want people to find friendships that last a lifetime here.”

With a solid foundation beginning to be built under them for Season 13, the Eclipse are a team to look out for across the upcoming regular season, as well as a team to tryout for. If you’d like to join their server, their discord is linked below, and as Grant said at the end of our interview, “Consider this the key to your new home.”


Franchise Manager – Jahex

Season 13 Teams – FL, AL, CL, ML


Debuting for MLE in Season 5, the Blizzard were unable to find much success in their first season as a franchise. Due to the nature of the Season 5 format (the 1 league system), the ability for a team to make playoffs was greatly diminished compared to the current league format, and the franchise led by KyleTheMurphy failed to achieve a playoff appearance.

Championship History

Despite struggling to find any gold to put in their trophy cabinet, the Blizzard blew into Season 7 with higher expectations for themselves, and achieved their first Divisional title under the leadership of Porkchop. From Season 8 onwards, the Blizzard always felt like a threat in the Storm Division, taking 5 Divisional titles, 1 Conference win, and an MLE Championship whilst under the management of Helly. and Jahex.

Franchise Atmosphere

Recently, I had a chance to sit down and talk with Jahex about the atmosphere of the Blizzard. He was very forthcoming, revealing that, “We are an open book when talking to players, so they can better understand us and vice versa. We encourage our players to make sure they practice with teammates even when they don’t play in the week’s matchup.”

Now coming into his third season as the franchise leader for the Blizzard, Jahex has had to partake in the drafting of many players over the seasons. When asked what sort of players he was looking for in Season 13’s draft, he stated: “We have a sort of formula that we are going to use again this season.” When I asked about this formula, he explained that, “During tryouts, we make sure to talk to each player. Those conversations lead us to earn their ambitions for the upcoming season. From that, we can make notes of which players are striving for the same things. Once I have a group I believe complements each other we use that for the draft.”

With a steady base under them, brought about by the leadership of Jahex, the Blizzard are looking forward to Season 13 with a fresh batch of optimism. If you’d like to be a part of the Blizzard for Season 13, feel free to tryout for them in the tryout server when they host one, and join their discord server with the link below. As Jahex and the Blizzard would say, “Stay Frosty”.


Franchise Manager – goldentornado17

Season 13 Teams – FL, AL, CL, ML, PL


Debuting in Season 5 as a part of the expansion to 24 teams, the Hurricanes struggled to find any success in their opening season, similar to the other new franchises. This first season, the ‘Canes would be led by BigQ, who would achieve an award himself, as the 2s Savior of the Season.

Championship History

The Hurricanes have had a lot of silverware in their past, with their first trophies coming in season 6, with a Divisional title and Conference win. However, it was the period of seasons 9 through to 11 that they really showed their dominance, picking up 4 Divisional titles, 3 Conference wins and 2 MLE Championships. They would add another Divisional title in Season 12, bringing their total to 6 Divisional titles, 4 Conference titles and 2 MLE Championships.

Franchise Atmosphere

Speaking with goldentornado17 (GT) about the atmosphere in the Hurricanes camp for Season 13, he stated that, “the atmosphere on the canes is very relaxed and welcoming,” and that they are, “a smaller community so we like to joke around a lot and not take things too seriously while also encouraging each other along the way in order to foster a positive environment.”

Of course, with the Season 13 draft arguably being the most important and with a team in every league, the ‘Canes already have their specific type of player they’d love to bring in. As GT told me, “we value people who fit our culture and are excited to play together and build up the entire team. Maturity, honesty, and loyalty are some things we value highly as well as the ambition to get better both individually and as a team.”

With a history of success in the not too distant past, and with a steady leadership team behind them, the Hurricanes look set to continue their winning ways. In a closing statement, GT added, “I guess I’d just like to say that if you want to join a winning culture that doesn’t take life too seriously the canes are for you.” If you would like to join the Hurricanes, you can attend their tryouts in the tryout server, as their discord is private for current ‘Canes.


Franchise Manager – DudTheBomb

Season 13 Teams – FL, AL, CL, ML


Debuting in Season 5 of MLE, the Lightning found their first season rather tumultuous. After starting the season with Deadshot as their franchise leader, he stepped down mid-season, leading to the promotion of MajestikMoose as the new leader of the Lightning. Despite a change to a more stable leader, the Lightning failed to reach playoffs that season, with no awards to their name.

Championship History

The Lightning haven’t always been a championship winning franchise, but that’s not for a lack of trying. As of Season 11, the Lightning had racked up a total of 3 Divisional titles, all under different franchise leaders in Gus, Cakekyst and jgabbert13. However, when Jesus and DudTheBomb took over in Season 12, their fortunes shifted drastically, as they found themselves winning 3 Divisional titles, as well as their first Conference and, most importantly, their first MLE Championship in AL 3s.

Franchise Atmosphere

Speaking with the Lightning’s current FM DudTheBomb about the Lightning’s atmosphere heading into Season 13, he had this to say: “It’s very relaxed… I tend to let everyone go at their own pace in terms of communication, because I know that people have friends and all outside of MLE, but I encourage us to talk with each other.”

With this being his first season as the top dog for the Lightning, Dud has a chance to craft the team he helped lay the foundations for in Season 12. To do that, he needs to pick up specific types of players, as he went on to mention, “Finding people in the draft that have a mix of both, (community presence and the push to get us to a championship,) while prioritizing more towards championship pushes, will be very helpful.”

Looking to build on their most fruitful season to date, the Lightning are looking to shock some life into the Storm Division, and they could use you to help achieve that goal. If you’d like to be a part of the Lightning for Season 13, attend their tryouts in the tryout server and join their Discord linked below. When I asked Dud for any closing comments, he told me the following, “The Lightning will be everywhere you go, on and off the field, and we hope to see you all around!”

gray header image with white text that says "Franchise" and smaller blue text under that says "history"

Franchise History – Forge Division


Franchise Manager – C0P3X

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML, PL


Debuting in MLE as a part of the Season 8 Franchise Expansion that, ironically, brought 8 more teams to the league, the Express had a strong opening season. Under the leadership of General Manager C^2, they enjoyed a fruitful first season, with their FL and CL teams both making the playoffs in the wildcard spots, and the CL team shocking most by winning the Blue Conference. Despite all this, they were unable to capture the MLE Championship in their final match of their season.

Championship History

Following their first season’s success, the Express would enjoy further success through Seasons 9 and 10, racking up 3 divisional titles. However, they would enjoy their greatest success in the most recent season, Season 12. With a strong regular season capped off by a ML 3s Divisional title, it was instead their ML 2s team that would take the Blue Conference and then the MLE Championship, bringing the Express their first Championship title.

Franchise Atmosphere

Now going into their 5th season under C0P3x’s management, the Express look to continue their success in Season 12 into Season 13. I spoke to him about the atmosphere within the franchise and he had this to say, “On the Express, we are all hyped up to get Season 13 under way. It can get a little quiet once retentions are processed and players are returned back to FA, so we are super excited to get the discord filled back up with players and restart the grind to bring home another Express championship.”

With their first MLE championship in the back, the Express are looking to add to their already illustrious roster with new players from the draft. When asked what sort of players he wants, C0P3x responded, “We are looking for players who are going to be active in the discord, and willing to play with their teammates a lot throughout the season.”

If you would like to be a part of the Express for Season 13, make sure to turn up to any tryouts they hold in the tryout server, and you can join their discord using the link below. When asked for a closing statement, C0P3x had this to say: “If you’re looking to become a part of a family, the Express is the place for you. As always, #ChooChoo.”


Franchise Manager – Rexton

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML


Debuting back in Season 5, the Jets found muted success in the original 1 league system that MLE offered. At their outset, the Jets were led by Springy, who would help guide them to the playoffs as a wildcard team. However, they would be stopped before they could take a conference title in their first season.

Championship History

The Jets struggled at first to progress past the wildcard spots in their championship hunts, but that would change in Season 7, as their General Manager Blackwatch would take them to their first Divisional and Conference title win. Despite this, the Jets would struggle to find success for a while, until Ripperr took over the team in Season 11. Under his management, the Jets found 7 Divisional titles, 2 Conference wins and 1 Championship title across all divisions of play. Ripperr left a large hole to be filled when he stepped down at the end of last season.

Franchise Atmosphere

Now under their 7th franchise leader in 8 seasons in Rexton, the Jets are looking to rebuild for Season 13. As Rexton said in my interview with him, “The Jets are a very chill group. We value intermingling between all members as well as good healthy banter within the group.”

Of course, with a rebuild comes a need to fill out the roster with new faces, and the Jets are perfectly expecting this. In terms of what or who they’re looking for, though, it’s rather simple, as Rexton explained. “We are looking for active players who prioritize enjoying themselves over the grind of winning. Of course, I do care about results, but the player experience is more valuable in my opinion.”

With a positive mindset and an eye for chemistry, the Jets look towards another season of glory and glamour with another head at the end of the table. When asked for some parting words, Rexton told me, “The Jets have always found their success through the chemistry their teams have built by being a community.” If you’re looking to be a part of the Jets community this season, feel free to join their discord server linked below, and tryout for them in the tryout server.


Franchise Manager – Galaxy

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML, PL


Debuting in Season 4, the Knights struggled to find any early forms of success, mainly due to the constantly shifting management situation in the earliest form of MLE. Despite starting the season with Cathexis as their franchise leader, they would end the season with dpants as their interim leader, and he too would not be leading them for their second season in MLE.

Championship History

The Knights struggled to find their feet at first, but after their Divisional win thanks to the leadership of MikeIsMyIke in Season 7, their fortunes began to turn upward. By the start of Season 12, they would have 4 Divisional titles under their belts, as well as a singular Blue Conference, but their greatest success was still ahead of them. Under the management of Galaxy, the Knights found 4 Divisional titles, 2 Conference wins and an MLE Championship, all in the latest season of MLE’s long history.

Franchise Atmosphere

With Galaxy leading them for the 3rd season in a row, the atmosphere in the Knights franchise is at an all-time high. As Galaxy told me, “We are starting to get in the groove of tryout season and have been working with our scouts to start to get an understanding of who we would like to draft. We understand what it takes to win and how to create a fun environment and a community while doing so.”

On the topic of scouting, I asked Galaxy about the Knights’ plans for the draft, whether they were focused on players that go for gold, or those that are here for community. Galaxy responded by saying, “We don’t see that as mutually exclusive. You can be a player who can bring a championship to a franchise and also stay engaged and active.”

With a plan and a shake up to the Knights management team planned for Season 13, you can expect them to look for talent across the board to help them keep up their performances. In a closing statement, Galaxy wrote, “Please feel free to come to a Knights tryout if you haven’t already or just drop by the server and say hi. We really do want to build a community within the server that is not exclusive to our franchise players.” You can join their server by clicking the discord link down below.


Franchise Manager – B++

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML


Debuting in Season 5 of MLE, the Spartans got off to one of the strongest starts of any franchise, immediately conquering their division under the management of MLE Alumni Phi Sig. They would be unable to convert their Divisional title into a Conference win, a theme they’d soon come to hate.

Championship History

The Spartans would take 5 Divisional titles before they achieved their first Conference win, in Season 9. A period of transition would take place after their then General Manager, Blagden, stepped down. After two seasons without a playoff appearance, the Spartans would take their second ever Conference win, as well as their first MLE Championship in the AL 2s Finals for Season 12, under their Franchise Manager B++.

Franchise Atmosphere

Having finally achieved their first MLE Championship last season, B++ is in high spirits for the upcoming Season 13, as well as the Spartans franchise as a whole. Speaking about the topic, he said, “We are very excited after coming off our first MLE championship” and that they are, “setup and ready to win more!”

With such an intensely positive attitude towards this current season, you’d be right in thinking that the Spartans are going into Season 13 with high expectations. This also translates to the types of players that they like, as B++ explained to me. One of the types of players they’re looking for are, “Players who are not only active and nice but also always looking to improve”, as well as, “challenge for starting spots in the league above.”

The Spartans have a very specific direction that they’re attempting to head in for this coming season. If you’d like to be a part of that, you can join their discord server with the link below, or turn up to any tryouts you see in the tryout server that they hold. With any luck, you could find yourself on the defending AL 2s Champions for Season 13.

gray header image with white text that says "Franchise" and smaller blue text under that says "history"

Franchise History – Sky Division


Franchise Manager – TheTerminiator

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML


Debuting in Season 4, the Aviators were headed up by SquatingTurtle. The team found modest success in the early format of the MLE season, reaching the wildcard stages before being eliminated from the playoff hunt. They did so whilst their captain in SquatingTurtle achieved the 2s Savior award and had the most saves overall for 2s as well.

Championship History

The Aviators haven’t been the most successful franchise across the board. Their first championship came in Season 6, thanks to an incredible run from Fry’s CL team, which also took home the CL 2s Blue Conference. With no playoff appearances for the next 3 seasons, the Aviators have struggled to recapture that incredible run, their only success coming in the form of 3 divisional titles that they picked up in Season 12.

Franchise Atmosphere

New FM TheTerminiator had this to say about the Aviators’ atmosphere: “The Aviators franchise is one that bases itself in the community aspect, and we have an incredible community over there. Each season is different, but the goal is to keep that positive atmosphere going forward.” 

This sort of positive atmosphere has carried over into their aspirations for players as well, with Terminiator stating, “I’m someone who believes a positive atmosphere creates chemistry, and ultimately leads to better performance. Continuing that momentum I think will only bring positive play for us.”

The Aviators are one of the more character-filled franchises with a lot of history and a lot of growth in their future. If you’re interested in being in the Aviators server, you can join it by using the following link:


Franchise Manager – Knitt

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML


Debuting in Season 2, when the league was known as MLD, the Ducks first captain and franchise leader has been lost to time. Whilst we may not know who led them during this first season, we do know that they started their history in MLE right. They secured a Conference win in their first attempt, before falling just short in the Grand Finals against the Dodgers.

Championship History

The Ducks are a rather illustrious team from the earliest periods of MLE’s existence, racking up three championship wins across seasons 4, 5 and 7. This makes them the franchise with the second most championship wins of all time. And, with a total of 4 conference titles and 9 divisional titles, the most recent of which came in AL 3s for Season 12, the team could be looking to break out from their lack of conference and championship wins in their third season under Knitt’s management.

Franchise Atmosphere

I got the pleasure of speaking with Knitt about the Ducks franchise, and when asked about the atmosphere in the Ducks camp, he stated, “In one word: electric. We had players from every level in our franchise supporting everyone else, and there pretty much wasn’t a night where there weren’t people in our team VC hanging out and playing games together.”

In terms of looking towards Season 13, the Ducks are looking for a continuation of that chemistry and community vibe. Knitt commented,  “The way I look at it, these are the people you’re going to be spending the entire season with. The community off the pitch translates into performance on the pitch.”

With such a detailed history as the Ducks, it’s hard not to see them having a good season in Season 13 in at least one of their leagues. If you’re looking to be a part of the Ducks Franchise for Season 13, you can join their Discord server using the link below, and attend their tryouts throughout the build up to the draft. As Knitt told me at the end of our interview, “I would say to any FA that comes to one of our tryouts, just be yourself. We take both performance and personality into consideration when deciding who we want to draft/sign.” The Ducks Discord link, for those interested:


Franchise Manager – uhsteve

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML, PL


Debuted as a part of the 8 team Franchise Expansion in Season 8, when MLE moved to a 4 league format. Under the leadership of Vino, a former member of MLE’s League Operations (LO), the Hive found some success, getting two of their four teams to the playoffs in the Wildcard positions. Both were eliminated before winning the Conference, however.

Championship History

With only 5 seasons under their belt as a Franchise, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they might be a little unsuccessful. But throughout Seasons 10, 11, and 12, the Hive soared, pun intended. They attained 5 divisional titles, 1 conference and, most importantly, their first and only Championship title, thanks to their FL 2s team. Whilst a little more subdued in season 12, there’s a good chance they’ll bounce back.

Franchise Atmosphere

With such a unique franchise, usually a unique atmosphere follows, and the Hive are no exception. I asked the new FM of the Hive, uhsteve, about this and he told me, “The Hive atmosphere is all about having fun and joking around with each other. When it comes to competing, we encourage a positive and driven atmosphere.”

With the atmosphere being so positive, so is Steve’s outlook towards Season 13 – specifically with bringing in more positive individuals. He added, “I want people who will be positive and help keep the team atmosphere up that wants people coming back to play the next season.” He also stated that, “I don’t care if everybody ranks out because at the end of the day, improving at the game itself is more important.”

The Hive may not be the most illustrious or longest standing franchise in MLE history, but what they lack in seasons played they more than make up for in character. In a parting statement, Steve told me, “I just want to say that whether or not they get drafted by us, anybody is free to join the discord, hang out, get help, and participate in any tournaments/events that we host throughout the season!” If you’d like to join their server, here’s their discord:


Franchise Manager – Staas

Season 13 Teams – AL, CL, ML, PL


Debuting as one of the first teams in MLE back in Season 1, when MLE was known as MLD, the Hawks found success almost immediately. Their franchise leader (whose name has been lost to time) guided them to becoming the first ever Blue Conference champions, before their loss to the Elite in the Championship Final.

Championship History

In terms of trophies, the Hawks were, up to Season 12, one of the most unlucky franchises. As of the end of Season 11, the Hawks had won 3 divisional titles and 4 conference titles, but had failed in all four attempts at winning the championship. This changed in Season 12, where the Hawks had one of the most dominant seasons in MLE history, winning an additional 3 divisional titles, a further 4 conference titles and, most importantly, 3 separate MLE championships. This has propelled them to one of the most decorated franchises in MLE’s 12 season history.

Franchise Atmosphere

I had the honor of sitting down and interviewing the FM of the Hawks franchise, and he was very willing to discuss the atmosphere of the franchise. He told me, “Everyone is typically pretty chill, but from my experience, it varies quite a bit season to season. I do however expect players to practice and grow within their teams, because our ultimate goal is to make playoffs and win championships.”

Seeing as the Hawks had an incredibly championship-oriented side across the board in Season 12, I asked Staas about his plans for bringing in players for Season 13, to which he responded, “We’re definitely looking for players that want to strive to win. We’ve had every team make playoffs in the past two seasons, and I look forward to keeping that streak going.”

With the Hawks looking to continue their reign of dominance through to Season 13, now may be the best time to tryout for them, as Staas explained. “I’m looking forward to seeing some new names at tryouts, and putting together new teams that will hopefully continue our streak of success.” If you’d like to join the Hawks Discord server, you can do so here:

Season 10 Playoffs: Conference Finals Preview

After two weeks of postseason teams are beginning to see the finish line. But as we arrive at the Conference Finals, every match will be a tough challenge, and players will have to be at their absolute best if they hope to have a chance at the title. We’ve seen our share of upsets and we’ve seen the top players show why they’re the best. Now we will see who can continue to win and who will prove that they want it more than their opponents. Let’s breakdown each of the matchups you’ll see this weekend and talk about who has what it takes to bring home a victory for their franchise.

Foundation League
Season 10 Foundation League Playoff Bracket

Orange Conference: Tyrants(2) vs Bears(4)

The Orange Conference finals are a tale of two stories. On one hand you have the Season 9 champions in the Tyrants. They managed to hold onto one player from last season and now find themselves on the road to a second championship. The other side of the matchup is the Bears team everyone has been talking about. The father and daughter duo made a splash in their first matchup with definitive 3-0 followed by a very wholesome post-match interview. In that interview, Cardinal made it clear he intends to see this story to a victorious finale, “I don’t see why we’re any worse than any of (the playoff) teams, and I think that we can go all the way with this team.” The Bears showed last week that they had the play to back up that statement. They dominated a 1st seeded Bulls team with tight rotations and impressive aerial plays by HyperFangHyena. But to win it all they first have to get through a Tyrants team that will be up to the task of battling the Bears. The duo of TheLouzer and Detto took on a very streaky Outlaws squad and won a crucial game five to take the series. The Tyrants seemed to absorb any pressure the Outlaws put on them and threw it right back on the counter-attack, often scoring multiple breakaway goals off of key saves. The Tyrants defense will be tough to break and so will the Bears determination. 

Blue Conference: Knights(1) vs Hurricanes(2)

At the end of game two it looked as if the Hurricanes’ Achilles heel had been struck. The 2nd seeded team that looked so promising had begun to fall apart, losing 0-6 to a Blizzard team that had beaten them twice during the season in close 3-2 matches. And with Blizzard star Face scoring five unanswered goals, the Hurricanes seemed to be unraveling. Commentator and caster BigMacDan even stating in the post-game, “There is absolutely no way I see the Hurricanes taking this series anymore if the Blizzard keep this pace up.” And how did the Hurricanes respond? They turned the tables on the Blizzard in game three and for the next five minutes, FROGDOG and Bombin kept almost all of the possession with a single-minded drive towards the back wall of the Blizzard and didn’t allow a single shot on their net for the entirety of the game. The Blizzard would come back in form but the Hurricanes now knew they could weather their opponents and take the series. The Hurricanes will now move on to face the Knights who didn’t have to endure the same battle but won a comfortable 3-0 sweep. Kingkris32 peppered the express backboard for three straight games as Gabronies watched and waited for the Express to misplay the clear before collecting and scoring. It was a formula the Knights executed quite well. Now we will get to see the 1st and 2nd seed Blue conference teams battle it out to prove who it the best.

Academy League
Season 10 Academy League Playoff Bracket

Orange Conference: Flames(1) vs Outlaws (5)

By the second round of the playoffs teams are either falling apart under pressure or rising to the challenge. The Outlaws and Flames have both showed they are getting into their peak form when it matters most. Both teams showed trust in their partner on the backline. Both teams were patient and limited offensive double commits. Both teams took down tough opponents in 3-1 victories. For the Outlaws it was solid rational play and capitalizing on the mistakes of the Elite that won them the series. ITSLAPPY and PAV3K are beginning to show flashes of brilliant team plays. Perhaps none better than ITSLAPPY hunting for demos while PAV3K flicked the ball in to close out the series. On the Flames side it was a confident midfield defense that appeared to be the difference-maker. As the Flames pressure built, Bippers and DV2890 took turns holding the midfield line and simply waiting to collect the clear from the Wizards before mounting another offensive onslaught. They managed to pin the Wizards back more and more throughout the series until the pressure was too much for them. The team that wins the AL Orange conference will likely be the one that can maintain the trust and team play that these two pairs have built.

Blue Conference: Hurricanes(1) vs Hive(2)

The Hurricanes matching up against the Hive for the Conference Finals may have been picked by quite a few people but who will win this matchup is sure to be hotly debated. The Hurricanes proved in their sweep of the Puffins that despite being put in high-pressure situations, they’re most comfortable playing in the eye of the storm. They came back from two-goal deficits in the first two games and never looked panicked. Soop Feared showed patience and poise, taking the time to dribble players in late-game comebacks. The final game they fell behind late but scored with 19 seconds to take the game to overtime, where they won with another dribble play from Soop Feared. The Hive had a tougher time in their match against the Foxes as they traded high scoring games before winning in a definitive game 5. Black and DLEW19 continue to adapt to pressure from their opponents. After dropping games three and four, the Hive knew they needed to pick up their pace to return to form. DLEW said in the postmatch, “we’d rather overcommit and play fast than play too passive again.” That adjustment proved to be the answer as they took the last game and the series. Can this Hive squad continue to adapt and find an answer to the Hurricanes or will the Hurricanes roll through another team on their way to a final?

Champion League
Season 10 Champion League Playoff Bracket

Orange Conference: Pandas(1) vs Shadow(5)

The CL Orange Conference final is a matchup of two styles. Do you go with the team that has a clear role for each player, executing the same plays and solid rotation game after game? Or do you favor the team that follows whatever player has the hot hand (or hot car in this case)? The Pandas players Zach and Unforgiven seemed to have the right game plan for taking on an offensively aggressive Outlaws squad. Zach put up a solid defensive performance while finding his teammate, Unforgiven, in the backfield who then struck with fast counterattacks that shocked their opponents. Unforgiven managed to execute this game plan so well that they put up 14 goals in four games. The Shadow didn’t appear to have the defined roles that the Pandas had, but what they did have was a pair of players that pulled off highlight-worthy 1v1 plays time and time again. After a close game one, it was Euronate who stepped up and pulled off a hat trick in game two to pull ahead of the Dodgers. In game three, Lightning took the torch and showed off his dribble plays with a hat trick of his own to close the series out in a sweep. These two teams will both have an arsenal of weapons at their disposal but will the streaky play of the Shadow surpass their foes or will the game-plan of the Pandas successfully shut down the offense of their opponents?

Blue Conference: Wolves(1) vs Hurricanes (5)

In a matchup between two teams coming off 3-1 wins, we’ve seen that the Wolves and Hurricanes have come up against tough tests and both have proven their talents. For the Hurricanes they had to outpace a scrappy Aviators squad and establish corner pressure to force mistakes from their opponents. Goldentornado17 put in another solid offensive performance with nine goals on four games. The Wolves also came up against an opponent that had the ability to throw off top teams. The confidence from Clvn and Ripperr never faltered, however. It was the synergy from the Wolves that seemed to be too much for their Arctic division rivals as both players assisted on 10 of their 14 series goals. Ripperr, of course, also aided in the win with a few key highlight level plays including a stellar redirect off a long pass from Clvn. As these two teams fight for the Blue conference title it may come down to who can assert their dominance in the series and get to play their style of game.

Premier League
Season 10 Premier League Playoff Bracket

Orange Conference: Pirates (1) vs Outlaws (5)

The Outlaws have continued the strategy that made them successful in the regular season, put the ball toward the net at every opportunity. They swept the Spectre with their signature offensive pressure, putting 34 total shots on net compared to the Spectre’s 17. The Outlaws crashed the net time after time with a devastating one-two punch. Lotty Lettuce put in an MVP performance, taking difficult highlight level shots and placing them brilliantly. But the Outlaws offense will now have to face their white whale, the division rival that bested them twice this season. The undefeated Pirates looked as confident as ever in their first postseason game. The Wizards came in with attack after attack but were never able to set up camp offensively against the Pirates. It was the consistent hard clears from defense and quick transition speed of Tater and Taki that never allowed both Wizards to be on offense at once. The Pirates defense only allowed three goals in as many games. Will they continue to stifle the offense of the Outlaws, or will the Outlaws finally break the Pirates defense along with their winning streak?

Blue Conference: Blizzard (1) vs Knights (4)

When the season ends and the postseason begins the dynamics of strong teams can change. During the regular season, one strong player can’t guarantee you a run at the finals. In the Playoffs, however, a star player can make all the difference in a tough matchup. The Blizzard and Knights had just the right players last week to dominate their opponents. Comp scored 14 goals to take the Blizzard to a 3-1 victory over the Puffins. His speed to the ball and deft air dribbling quite literally lifted him over the competition. In a series that often went punch for punch and goal for goal, it was Comp who always seemed to have the last big play in the game. Jay proved once again to be the star player the Knights needed him to be. After getting shut down early in the series by the Aviators, Jay woke up in game three and put in four goals to win 5-1. From then on, it was the Jay show as he put on an incredible performance offensively and defensively with 11 goals and 13 saves on the series. In order to win the championship Prosperity2K and MapleSurrup will also need to continue their run of great play, but when the two teams meet this weekend you can expect to see a battle of star players looking to run up scores and pull off “play of the week” worthy goals.

Each team only has to win two more matches to take the title for their franchise. It’s going to be two more weekends full of action-packed excitement. Don’t miss a minute of it as the Conference Finals kick off on the MLE Network

Conference Finals Broadcast Schedule

Season 10 Playoffs: Conference Semi-Final Previews

Only half of the original 42 teams survived opening weekend but more importantly, my playoff bracket didn’t survive. Upsets and close matches shattered my bracket rather than busted it. As we all collectively mourn the loss of my post-season picks, let’s look forward to all the exciting matchups that are scheduled for the second week of playoff action, including the first week of Foundation League playoffs. 

Premier League Orange Conference

Pirates(1) vs. Wizards (6)

The number one seeded Pirates take the field against the wild card winning Wizards. If you still think the Pirates have an easy road to the final, you weren’t watching the stream this weekend as the Wizards went punch for punch with the Tyrants in the opening round. Smurf and JustTuck combined for a flurry of offensive pressure which ultimately won them a close game five upset. But can Wizards play the same high scoring offensive style against the number 1 seeded Pirates? This Pirates team has met and won against every challenge so far but the toughest challenge is to win the last game of the season.

Outlaws (5) vs Spectre (2)

The Outlaws vs Spectre is sure to be a knockdown drag-out fight in the premier league. The Outlaws players MattRochie and Lotty Lettuce took the sharks in four games after a five and a half minute overtime in game two. Ultimately the Outlaws took the series by putting on shot after shot while not giving the Sharks any time to possess the ball. The Spectre also took their series against the Bulls in four games. They won the first game 5-2 but lost the second 4-8. In games three and four they were finally able to settle down with WeTakeLs and Snip playing ball control to close out two low scoring games. Look for dribble plays to be on display in this battle two teams who prioritize ball possession to secure their wins.

Premier League Blue conference

Knights(4) vs. Aviators(6)

The Aviators have made it to the second round of playoffs untested due to an unfortunate NCP but make no mistake the players are ready for the next challenger. That next opponent will be the Knights who are looking to build off their win over the Eclipse. The Knights were slow to get going in the first round, dropping their first game before wing three close games(including two overtimes) to take the series. Both teams bring in players with highlight potential so look for Jay or Kilt to pull off the show-stopping plays and give their teams the edge late in the series. 

Blizzard(1) vs. Puffins (7)

Maybe someone should inform the PL puffins that they’re the underdogs this postseason because the way they swept the Ducks last weekend you would think they were on cruise control. Opening the series with a smooth double touch from Cali and finishing with a play, the Puffins never once trailed in three games. Their next test will be the first seeded Blizzard who are eager to get in on the playoff action and show why they’re the team to beat. Lead scorer Mapplesurrup and his squad may should things more difficult for the Puffins.

CHAMPION LEAGUE Orange Conference

Pandas (1) vs. Outlaws (7)

A lot of upsets took fans by surprise this weekend. Maybe none more than the Outlaws win over the 2nd seeded Pirates. Not only did the Outlaws sweep their division rivals, but they managed to hold them to just three goals and zero assists. If they Outlaws can continue their streak of shutting down top offenses they have a good shot to build on their win. If the Pandas have anything to say about it, however, that playoff run will be short-lived. The first seeded Pandas are a balanced team with a stalwart defense that may be the perfect counter to the hot hand of the Outlaws. 

Dodgers (6) vs. Shadow (5)

The upsets continue in the Orange conference with two teams that won close five-game series to move on in the postseason. Smalls and Furphy proved to be a defensive force for the Dodgers, absorbing 51 shots on the series and outscoring the Bulls 23 to 16. If the duo can come close to their impressive 62% shooting in the next series, they could be the giant killers of the CL. The Shadow had their hands full with a Comets team that was passing brilliantly but in the battle of the playing GMs, it was Euronate who proved to be the more clutch, with two epic game five saves to keep their title dreams alive. Both pairs look like their team chemistry is improving with every game. Look for this series to be a battle for momentum as each will be hoping to come out and dominate the series. 

CHAMPION LEAGUE Blue conference

Puffins(7) vs Wolves (1)

The Puffins found a winning strategy last weekend by discovering that if you simply don’t let a team score, they can’t win. In a 3-1 series, the Blizzard put up a total of 6 goals, and 1 assist on 27 shots. Bazed and ArcaneLizard never gave the Blizzard a chance to get going offensively and they got an upset victory for their efforts. Now they face off against their division rivals and the number one seeded Wolves. Of course, the Wolves are the 1st seed for a reason. Their high scoring offense will be a whole other challenge for the Puffins. Can they repeat their strategy or will the Wolves get to play their game? 

Aviators (6) vs Hurricanes (5)

The Aviators played a series that was closer than it’s 3-1 series record shows. The Ducks put up a fight in a tough division match but Artemis and RapidChampion managed to get into a solid rotational rhythm that kept them composed in the face KingDuff’s 19 shots on net. Once the Aviators pulled ahead in games 3 and 4 they were able to hold onto late leads and close out the series. The Hurricanes took their round one win in a definite fashion. It wasn’t just the sweep that made a statement but also the Game one goal where Goldentornado17 popped the ball toward the goal and proceeded to tackle C0P3X out of the way. That is the style with which the Hurricanes took the rest of the series. Now we will see if the Hurricanes can bully the Aviators or if the Aviators will continue to keep their cool on the way to a conference final. 

ACADEMY LEAGUE Orange conference 

Flames (1) vs Wizards (7)

The Flames come in as the number one seed. Something that would be more comforting if it weren’t for how many upsets there have been already in this playoffs. They will need to bring their best game against a Wizards squad that looks in very good form. Legit and TourneyEarnie seem to have found chemistry late in the season. That chemistry helped them to a 3-2 win over the Tyrants. But this Flames team appears up to the challenge as they enter the playoffs on a nine series win streak. 

Outlaws(5) vs. Elite (6)

The Outlaws and Elite both put up 3-0 sweeps in the first round against higher-seeded opponents. Outlaws’ player ITSLAPPY pulled off a dominating offensive performance with 10 goals on 20 shots. For the Elite, it was Rebel who did all the scoring but notably, Fraud assisted in 5 of Rebel’s 9 goals while putting in none of their own. Will the teamwork of Elite give them another win or will the offensive duo out PAV3K and ITSLAPPY be too much for them. 

ACADEMY LEAGUE Blue Conference

Hurricanes(1) vs. Puffins (6)

The AL Puffins not only shocked the league with their upset over the Express but seemed to shock the Express themselves during the match. They held the express team to just 17 shots in 4 games to take the series. This Academy League team seems to have continued the Puffins trend of cool confident wins in the postseason. But just like the rest of their franchise brethren they now have to face a number one seed for their efforts. That number one seed comes in the form of a lethal Hurricanes squad. This test may prove to snap the Puffins out of that confidence. 

Hive(2) vs. Foxes (4)

Being the 2nd seed has proven dangerous in this year’s playoffs. Only two 2nd seeded teams have managed to dodge an upset. But the Hive survived a close five-game series with an impressive defensive effort and solid team play. Black and DLEW19 combined for 23 saves and 10 of their 18 goals were assisted. On the other side of the matchup, the Foxes denied the upset by swiftly sweeping their opponents. The Foxes seemed to never let the Jets get going offensively, allowing only ten shots in three games. Look for the Foxes to try to keep their possession offense going against the Hive. But the Hive may have the perfect defensive backline to counter that pressure. 

FOUNDATION LEAGUE Orange conference

Bulls(1) vs. Bears (4)

The Bulls have the highest goal differential in the league and come in with the exciting emerging star player of Wonderwulf. As the number one seed, this Bulls team is expected to be the favorite in the playoffs. On the other side of this matchup, the hopes of the entire Bears franchise have landed on the Foundation League this season. And the story of the father-daughter duo in FL has spread throughout the league. Will the Bears story have a storybook ending or will the Bulls prove too daunting a foe?

Tyrants(2) vs Outlaws (3)

The firepower of Foundation League will be on full display in this match up. Both teams have players with excellent goals per game averages. Both teams finished their season by winning out their last three division games. But only one of these teams will get to continue their winning streak into the conference finals. One way or another this will be a tough match that we will likely see go the distance in a best of five series.


Knights(1) vs. Express(4)

In a playoff season already riddled with upsets, the Express are looking to keep that train rolling (I’m trying to quit the habit, I promise). They find themselves staring across at the Knights who are heavy favorites in the matchup. The Express will be relying on early pressure to take the momentum away from their opponents. But Whyuacow may not be thrown off their game so easily as so far they look like a contender for league MVP. During this wild postseason, anything can happen and this matchup has the potential to be yet another shocking series.

Hurricanes(2) vs. Blizzard(3)

The Hurricanes edged out the Blizzard to take the division title and the second seed in the playoffs. During the season the Blizzard won both matchups against the Hurricanes in close 3-2 series. At the end of the season, this rivalry can only be settled with a best of five, winner goes home match. This is sure to be the game you can’t miss this weekend. Will Face put up another star performance for the Blizzard or will the team play and fast rotation of the Hurricanes dominate the pitch?

You can catch every Conference Semi-Final series on the MLE Network this Saturday and Sunday from 6pm ET.

Season 10 Playoffs: Foundation League Preview

The Foundation League is in its third season and even though the level of gameplay isn’t Grand Champ, the desire for a Championship is just as strong. Which teams will fall short and who will rise to the challenge? Who will make the glorious run and win themselves an MLE Championship? Where will I decide to include the single pun that I am allowed to use per my very detailed contract with MLE? To help you get geared up for another thrilling weekend of playoffs I’m back to break down the teams and tell you which players to watch out for as eighth Foundation League teams make their run for the title.  

The Underdogs 

Express (Blue Conference 4th seed)
With a 5-5 series record and a -14 goal differential, this Express team enters the postseason as the clear underdogs. But the nature of the Foundation League means that player turnover is likely and the introduction of new starter JoKEN could give the team new life in the playoffs. After the rank out of leading scorer Kenbennedy, The Terminator, who is averaging 1.3 saves a game, is likely the new star who will have to lead the team. Look for this defensive player to hold the backline as the Express aim to surprise a few FL front runners. 

Bears (Orange Conference 4th seed)
Putting aside the stats, the thing the Bears really have going for them is a great storyline. In the FL draft, it was revealed that the Bears successfully drafted the first father-daughter duo in MLE. Cardinal and HyperFangHyena have since been building up both fans and wins with the help of their solid third in KaptainKillazz. HyperFangHyena does lead the team in scoring with 1.4 goals per game and has an impressive 51.04% shooting percentage over 35 games. But if you’re looking for an x-factor, the answer is in the family synergy being the reason this team could clutch out playoff wins. 

In The Hunt

Blizzard (Blue Conference 3rd seed)
Some FL teams are the product of a season-long campaign of stalwart play. For teams like the Blizzard, it’s always about the next man up, as rank outs result in turnovers and new starters taking up the mantle. Face and ItsGoguts joined in the middle of the team’s campaign and have gelled nicely with Audacity to create a well-rounded team. But as this team continues to battle into the playoffs, look for Face to be the emerging star. They’ve already managed to rack up 39 goals over 20 games, proving to be an offensive cannon that can be the difference-maker in the postseason. 

Outlaws (Orange Conference 3rd seed)
The first of the returning champion teams in the playoff hunt, the FL Outlaws boast the first-ever FL champions title. Like true Outlaws, this team is attempting to steal back the title and bragging rights for the best Foundation team in the league. The team is led by the well-rounded captain OuttaBoost who averages 1.7 goals a game and 1.8 saves per game. At 1.7 goals a game, Hoosier_Daddy23 will likely be the other half of the duo. Not only are the two players 2nd and 3rd in the league for scoring, but they both also have at least 50% shooting on the season. We don’t know if the title will return to the Outlaws this season, but we do know they have the weapons to challenge any FL team. 

Hurricanes (Blue Conference 2nd seed)
When it comes time for playoffs, most MLE teams can be assessed by the star players that will show up to carry their team to a championship. But the Hurricanes have built their season around the three-headed hydra that is Stanless, Bomnin, and FROGDOG. With a 3.97, 4.46, and 4.25 MVPR respectively the Hurricanes roster has turned out to be one of the best teams top to bottom in FL. While this has served them well throughout the season, will their lack of a high scoring star be a hindrance to them come playoff time? Other teams will be leaning heavily on their best player to come in clutch. But the Foundation League title may very well fall to the team that remains the most consistent on offense and defense and for that, I would look to the Hurricanes. 

The Favorites

Tyrants (Orange Conference 2nd seed)
The Tyrants have remained a front runner for this season’s championship while never being a frontrunner in their own division. That’s a tough hill for any team to climb but this season’s FL Tyrants have a little extra motivation to keep them going. They could be the first-ever Foundation League back to back champions. The Tyrants General Manager, Majik, is no doubt eager to see his team cement themselves as the best once again and has done a stellar job developing a new group of players to be just as lethal as last season’s champions. The only returning roster player, TheLouzer, has been far from a loser while putting up over 1.6 goals per game, making him 2nd in the league in total goals scored. That doesn’t mean that their defense will be lacking though, as the first overall saves leader in FL is none other than Detto

Knights (Blue Conference 1st seed)
Score more goals seems to be the mantra of the FL Knights this season. While they’re 10th in the league for least goals allowed, they have scored a whopping 157 goals, which is the 2nd most in the league. This is owed to the high-powered duo of team captain Gabronies and Whyuacow. Whyuacow is currently the league leader in scoring followed closely by Gabronies in 4th. The team may lean on the more well-rounded assist leader, Kingkris32, to facilitate plays from the backfield in the playoffs, but if the strategy of all offense all the time got them the division title, don’t expect them to step off the gas in the playoffs. 

Bulls (Orange Conference 1st seed)
If I hadn’t already used my one pun, I might write something here about the rest of the league chasing the Bulls instead of the Bulls chasing anyone. This Bulls team has been the frontrunner all season long but the playoffs are a different story and the Bulls of the early season look slightly different from the Bulls going into the playoffs. The team is led by Omnikron and DarthRedRaider who have both been key to all 9 of the series wins for the Bulls. Those looking at the roster may notice a missing piece as their star scorer, VuMa, has recently ranked out. But he has quickly been replaced by someone who may be a new breakout star in WonderWulf. WonderWulf has come on to the team and scored 25 goals in just 10 games. Whatever their roster, the Bulls have combined for a +74 goal differential this season. The next highest differential is +56. The ability to maintain a stalwart defense while putting on a flurry of offensive pressure is what makes the FL Bulls a strong favorite for the championship title. 

The Foundation League playoffs are one round shorter than the rest of MLE so when all eight teams kick off this weekend they will only be three wins away from a championship title. Which of these up and coming players has what it takes to win three straight series and prove they are the best team of the Foundation League this season? You can find out by catching all the action this weekend of the MLE Network!

Season 10 Playoffs: Premier League Preview

It’s playoff time and in MLE that means the best of the best will be facing off in a do or die bracket to determine the Premier League champions. It’s like Clash of The Titans if the Titans all drove rocket-powered cars and knew how to do double taps. To break down the madness and get you hyped for the start of the postseason I’m going to brief you on each of the playoff teams and star players that you’ll get to watch this weekend.

Season 10 Premier League playoff bracket
Season 10 Premier League playoff bracket
The Underdogs

Bulls (Orange conference 7th seed)
In any sport, people know that it’s not about how you start the season, it’s about how you end it. This PL Bulls team was determined not to end it before the playoffs. With three division games left, they sat at 28-27 game record. Still in the playoff race, but looking on track to just miss out. They won all three remaining division games with a 10-5 game record to clinch the last wild card spot. This is a team that is getting hot right when they need to. They’re led by star player, Gumbachi, who not only put up the 2nd highest league save total with 104 but also ended 5th in goals scored with 89. This team may be the 7th seed, but they’re hungry for an upset in these playoffs and they have the talent to do it.

Puffins (Blue conference 7th seed)
A great writer once said, “A win fades away, but memes, memes are forever.” Okay, maybe that was me who said it. And okay, I didn’t so much say it as I put it in a Parks and Rec meme and gave it to the Puffins GM. But as a former Puffin, I stand by my statement. The Puffins have learned not only to dominate the MLE meme culture but also to feed off that hype and use it to win games. And that’s exactly how this Puffins team have found themselves in the last wild card spot. Sure, Grizz1y is 3rd overall in assists. Sure, Dog and Grizz1y are defensive stars with 2.1 and 2 saves per game respectively. Sure, team captain, Cali has averaged 2 goals per game. But I think the Puffins care less about stats and more about what meme they’re going to use to brag about their playoff wins. When your priorities are straight it’s easier to do what you need to do and get the win.

Wizards (Orange conference 6th seed)
There are four teams in this year’s PL playoffs with 7-7 series records. But only 1 of those teams comes in with a surprising +63 goal differential. The Wizards may have only figured out how to win series in the latter part of the season but they always know how to score goals. The Wizards enter the postseason 4th highest in total goals. Led by JustTuck who finished with an even 100 goals on the season. Their other likely starter, Smurf, also averages 2 goals per game as well as 2.45 saves per game. With a duo like that this team has the potential to shed the image that their series record shows and make a deep run in the playoffs.

Aviators (Blue conference 6th seed)
The Aviators are another team that needed some last week heroics to clinch their playoff spot. They seem to be counting on their star player, Kilt, on both ends of the pitch, averaging 2 goals per game, and 2.1 saves. Newcomer, Justify, has played in only four series but has put up an impressive 6.89 MVPR. They’ll have to prove in playoffs if that stat was earned against tough opponents. Aviators finish the season 9 and 5 but with a marginally positive goal differential of +1(yes 1 goal). They haven’t been dominant but they’ve done enough to earn a chance at the title. Now we just have to wait to see if they take that chance and run with it.

Sharks (Orange conference 4th seed)
Say what you will about the PL Sharks, but this squad is here to entertain. Sure they could have run away with the Tropic division but instead, they dropped 4 series in a row and came within a game of losing their top spot, all so they could clinch the division in the final week. I say that’s calculated. The team has had its struggles but that shouldn’t take away from the stellar season Mattybananas is having. With 81 goals over 35 games, he finishes 10th in goals scored this season. The Sharks come into the playoffs with a 7-7 series record and a -7 goal differential but as they’re the only playoff team coming from the Tropic division it’s up to them to prove how tough the division was by upsetting teams and making a run for the final.

In The Hunt

Eclipse (Blue conference 5th seed)
There’s a lot of Motion on this PL Eclipse team. (I get one pun per article as dictated by my contract.) I’m not talking about the fast rotations or the speed of the cars. I’m talking about Motion, the captain of the PL team who averaged 2.1 saves a game and 1.6 goals. The team is a defensive roster that seems primed for the kind of swift counterattacking that can surprise any team in the league. The other half of this defensive duo is Toby, who averaged 1.8 saves per game. The pair helped the full roster to place the team in 6th for the lowest number of goals allowed. In a league with so many high scoring stars, the Eclipse will try to make a run at the playoffs by not letting offenses get going. It may not be the most flashy strategy but it got them a 43-27 record in a tough storm division, so I’d count on it being effective in the postseason.

Outlaws (Orange conference 5th seed)
At the beginning of the season, Outlaws General Manager Stovvads called his team into a conference room and had a quote up on the whiteboard that read, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take -Wayne Gratzky -Stovvads” Okay, maybe I stole that story from The Office TV show but it seems possible considering the number of shots this team puts on net. Scoring leaders, Lotty Lettuce and MattRochie, have a combined 440 shots on the season, the most for any PL team duo. Placing third overall in scoring means that their strategy seems to be working. But is it enough to take down the other offensive heavy hitters come playoffs? I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that this Outlaws offense will be thrilling to watch in the playoffs.

Knights (Blue conference 4th seed)
So, with four weeks left, your team is 25-25 with a 4-6 series record. How do you make playoffs? Just win four straight and go 15-5 to finish the season, obviously. The Knight’s season-saving run is due, in no small part, to Jay who came in late and put up 62 goals in those four series and finished with the 2nd best MVPR in the league. The Knights now appear to have the star player to continue that run into the postseason. The rest of the team is stacked with solid talent but look for team captain MikeIsMyIke to be the other half of the duo. MikeIsMyIke leads the league in assists with 51, making him the perfect complement to the offensive canon of Jay.

Tyrants (Orange conference 3rd seed)
The Tyrants do not have anyone on the league leaderboard top 10 for goals, assists, or saves. There’s no runaway star and they don’t have the flash of a player like Taki or Deluxe. What the Tyrants do have is the ability to play any starter in their line up and win a series. The four starters in Snoopy, Majik, Moog, and Kaito have an average MVPR of 4.91. Their lowest scoring player still averages 1.5 goals per game. There’s not a weak link to be found on the Tyrants. How do you prepare for a team that could play anyone in the playoffs? A division winner without a known league star has all the makings of a dark-horse run for the Tyrants in these playoffs.

Foxes (Blue conference 3rd seed)
With two weeks to go in the Arctic Division it seemed like no one had a lock. The Foxes might have been favorites, then they dropped a series 1-4 to the Wolves in week 9. With one week left the Foxes found themselves in a three-way race. So what did they do? They called up Deluxe, their star scorer who put up 18 goals and 15 saves in one series to give them a 4-1 series win and clinch the division. Deluxe averages the 3rd highest MVPR (7.05) and the highest of anyone with a full season of series played. He’s dominant offensively and consistent defensively. He’s the kind of player that could put in an MVP performance and take the title away from some of the other heavy favorites. If you’re watching the Foxes in the playoffs look for Deluxe to be the difference maker and showstopper for the series.

The Favorites

Spectre (Orange conference 2nd seed)
The Spectre franchise currently has a Premier League player from Cuba, A Champion League player from Puerto Rico, and an Academy League player named AmericasF1nest. I’m sure there’s a joke in there but sadly I wasn’t able to find it in time for this article. The point is WeTakeLs is a Cuban MLE player and lead scorer on a stellar Spectre squad. No starting player has below a 4.8 MVPR and the team is captained by Assistant GM Blackwatch, who has put up an average of 1.9 goals per game. Yet, that still might not make him a starting pick, as that puts him in third for totals goals within his own team. From top to bottom the Spectre are putting up consistent numbers in goals saves and assists. They look like a team that plays well on both sides of the field and can start plays from anywhere.

Ducks (Blue conference 2nd seed)
Did you know the D in Ducks stands for Defense? That’s right, Ducks is an acronym. I’ll tell you what all the other letters stand for some other time. But this Ducks team has built a winning formula on solid defensive play. The team Averages 1.9 saves per game with their star defender Wockit Kah himself putting up 72 saves on the season. Also, in classic Ducks fashion, Wockit Kah wins the title of the best name in MLE, hands down. Because have you heard the casters call a series with Wockit Kah? It’s hilarious. Knitt rounds out the likely starting duo, leading the team with an impressive 71 goals on the season.

Blizzard (Blue conference 1st seed) 
The right pick up can make or break a season. And if there can be a “best signing of the season” accolade we’d have to give it to the Blizzard who picked up Comp late in the season only for them to break an MLE record. Comp broke a record for the highest MVPR in a single series with 9.68. With that kind of dominant play in one series teams will have to be wary of the kind of run this Blizzard team can make in the playoffs. The team doesn’t just have one star player. Mage and Vandy have both proven to be top tier players but its leading scorer Maplesurrup, with over 2.4 goals per game, that will likely complete this dangerous duo.

Pirates (Orange conference 1st seed)
I must confess that I started sections of this article before the last week of the season. But when I got to the preview for the Pirates I paused. I’m not generally a superstitious person but when I saw that 13-0 series record I didn’t dare type the phrase “perfect regular season” before it happened. You just don’t jinx a team like that. But this Pirates roster came through with a truly remarkable feat this season. They made it close in the last series only winning 3-2 over the Bears. The rest of the season, however, was not as close. With a +145 goal differential, they finished 1st in both goals scored and least goals against. To not talk about Taki when talking about the Pirates would be an oversight. Taki put up 111 goals on the season, averaging 2.77 goals per game. They also finished in the top ten for assists and saves. Taki leads the race for MVP this season but what Taki and this Pirates team really want is a championship title. And with them having yet to lose a series, they seem to be the clear favorites.

There’s a lot on the line for every team in this bracket. We’ll see star players pulling off amazing shots. We’ll see an undefeated team trying to cement themselves as the best. We may even see a cinderella story emerge from a wild card team. But you can’t see any of these amazing stories play out unless you tune in this weekend to watch the start of the playoffs. The action begins from 6pm ET on mlesportsgg2 and from 7:30pm on mlesportsgg Saturday & Sunday!

Season 10 Playoffs: Champion League Preview

The Champions League playoffs are here and the playoff teams have been decided. They’ve battled it out for 10 weeks and 14 matches to determine the 14 teams worthy of competing for the title. But before you jump into the playoff matches and start spamming your favorite team name in the twitch chat I’m going to give you all the info you need to know on each playoff contender.

Season 10 Champion League Playoff Bracket
The Underdogs

Outlaws (Orange conference 7th seed)
The Champion League wild card was a nail biter this season. The Outlaws will no doubt be ecstatic that they snuck in on a close win. This 7-7 series team has had an up and down season but having a shot at a playoff run is not something they’re looking to throw away. Austinsanity could be key to an underdog run, with an average MVPR of 4.71. Theevilisback could be the other half of their playoff team as he’s proven to be well rounded, clocking 1.6 goals and 1.45 saves per game. We know that their playoff games will be close, but we don’t know yet if these players have enough to eke out ahead at the end of the series.

Puffins (Blue conference 7th seed)
Maybe the Puffins franchise likes to be the underdogs. Maybe they enjoy the sweat and nerves that their fans get watching them sneak in at the last moment. All three Puffins teams won their series in the final week to clinch a wild card spot. None of them had a more nailbiting season than this CL team. The team finished the season with an 8-6 series record, despite having a total goal differential of -1. The lack of positive goal record may be due to the teams’ lack of a defensive player. If the Puffins can get their leading scorer, Bazed, on a roll, they may not need a defensive stalwart. But having Bazed at 10th in scoring for the league means the team may need something more for a deep playoff run. The Puffins have managed to come in clutch in week 10 with every team. But will that trend continue into the postseason?

Dodgers (Orange conference 6th seed)
Yet another team that was able to clinch a last-minute spot in the playoffs, the Dodgers snapped a three-game losing streak to win 3-2 over the Tyrants and clinch the 6th seed. They locked in that spot with the offensive firepower of Jaytee and defensive clutch play of Furphy. With Jaytee ranking out right before the playoffs, who will Furphy take on their playoff run? They need a shooter to step up on the team and it could come from any of them. But with 82 saves on the season, expect the Dodgers to build their playoff run on Furphy holding the backline.

Aviators (Blue conference 6th seed)
When a franchise has a Champion League title in their history, as the Aviators do, you’re constantly expecting them to make a run back to the finals. When a team’s Captain is named RapidChampion it’s expected that they’ll put their money where their Gamertag is. RapidChampion has certainly put his team in contention with 1.97 goals per game. Finding a championship-winning formula requires two players, however, and the Aviators are looking at the other starters to help their star. The rest of the team all average under a 4.0 MVPR so they may need a surprise turnaround from one of the remaining three. Look for Rapid to be the star of the Aviators show as they try to get their first league title since season six.

Shadow (Orange conference 5th seed)
The last of the 7-7 teams to sneak into the playoffs, the Shadow takes the 5th wildcard seed with 38 game wins. Unlike the other wild card teams, this team is limping across the finish line with a two-series losing streak. This Shadow does have the tools to make a run despite their recent downturn. GM Euronate finished the season with a 4.85 MVPR and placed 3rd in the league for saves with 90. The other probable starter is Lightning who put up an impressive 4.59 MVPR with 58 goals and 53 saves on the season. On paper, this duo can make a run in the postseason, if they could just shake off their current form and turn their momentum around.

In The Hunt

Hurricanes (Blue conference 5th seed)
There’s a lot of chaos in the Champion League. The team 2nd in the league in scoring won’t be making playoffs. Another team will be making playoffs without a winning record. The Hurricanes are 10-4 with a +88 goal differential and that isn’t enough to clinch their division. Still, tough league races can often galvanize a team. And now that playoffs have arrived the Hurricanes want to prove that just because you’re a wild card, that doesn’t mean you’re not a heavy favorite. Their likely starters, Squanchy and Goldentornado17, certainly make a case with a 4.68 and 5.22 MVPR respectively. This Hurricanes team will look to make a grand finals run not only with a defense the was second in least goals allow but with a high powered offense that helped them put up that +88 goal differential on their opponents.

Express (Blue conference 4th seed)
The elephant in the room that is the CL playoffs is the Express getting into the postseason by way of two NCPs in the final five weeks. That doesn’t mean that this Express roster doesn’t deserve a shot and that’s just what Playing GM C0P3X will be out to prove come game time. C0P3X leads his team in goals with 57 and also holds down his teams’ defense. The rest of the team hasn’t put up truly inspiring numbers but as Gualbertos has shot 50% in just four series maybe this player just hasn’t had enough time to pad those stats. Now that they are in the playoffs, look for the Express to throw everything at their opponents to try and show us all why they’re the rightful owners of the Forge division title.

Comets (Orange conference 4th seed)
General Managers are leaders of their franchise. They’re there to set an example for their team, while also being managers for scheduling and rosters. In the case of GM Thunderbug, leading your team also means leading in scoring and saves. With 80 goals and 89 saves on the season, Thunderbug is setting the pace for the CL squad. The rest of the starting four have followed suit with solid season performances. Zeta and Snugglable finished with 4.42 and 4.74 MVPRS respectively, while TheLegend27 has turned in an average of 1.6 saves per game. At 11-3 it’s a team that knows how to win a series and with a 3 series win streak coming into the playoffs they intend to keep winning all the way to the CL title.

Ducks (Blue conference 3rd seed)
The CL Ducks have the worst overall defense of any of the playoff teams, allowing 234 goals on the season. But who needs defense when you have a player like KingDuff? KingDuff put up 98 goals on the season and shot 50% over 40 games, that’s a decent argument for offense over defense. Even more so when it wins you the division title. The Ducks also have a choice of three more offensive weapons in DudTheBomb, AwsomDixie, and ChaosSpike. ChaosSpike is the favorite to complete the team with an average of 1.7 goals per game. Whatever their line up, look for the Ducks to spend each of their 5 minutes racking up high scoring games.

Bulls (Orange conference 3rd seed)
Sporting the best win streak in the league, this Bulls team is heating up at just the right time. Every starter on the team has an MVPR over 4.0, proving that this roster has depth. The leader of this team and the likely player to look at for those highlight plays would be their captain, Chaser. Chaser has 65 goals and saves on the season as well as 28 assists. While Chaser isn’t exactly a league leader in any category, they’re enough of a team leader to captain any talented second into a deep playoff run for the Bulls.

Pirates (Orange conference 2nd seed)
I know three things about Jamaica. They have Usain Bolt, they have a bobsled team, and they have Crey2k. Crey2k, who has a 5.86 MVPR, who is the 5th leading scorer in the league with 84 goals, and who is 2000 times Crey (that’s a lot). The team also has a standout player in Jansen24 and a newcomer in Speedy. The wild card of the team is AGM Miller_Ball_22 who is well known in MLE and who I would say is secretly angling to take not only the championship but also the GM spot from Tater, but I also just found out he’s Canadian so he’s far too nice for that. Let’s hope this team can be aggressive enough to steal some games off the competition.

The Favorites

Blizzard (Blue conference 2nd seed)
Have you ever been caught in a Blizzard on the side of a mountain? I have and let me tell you, it can be terrifying. If the snow is heavy enough, and the wind is bad enough, you can’t see what’s going on five feet in front of you. That’s the way I feel when I try and analyze this Blizzard team. I don’t know what’s going on or where this team is getting wins. They’re 10-4. They have the fourth-best goals-against record in the league but fall below the middle of the pack in scoring. They have no leaderboard players to speak of but they have Hiimly and Bledsoe. Bledsoe averages 1.56 goals per game and Hiimly averages 1.65 saves. Those don’t seem like league-leading stats but it’s gotten them the second-best record in the Champion League. So maybe the secret is that’s all you need. There’s a lot of chaos on the pitch in a Champ League game and, in that chaos, this Blizzard squad is usually ahead at the end of that five minutes. Maybe the other teams just can’t see through the Blizzard.

Pandas (Orange conference 1st seed)
The Pandas have won their division, not by being the most flashy team, or the highest scoring, but by being solid on defense and closing out series. They don’t have a single player in the top ten for scoring but they do have an average MVPR of 4.68 and, more importantly, a 12 and 2 series record. The Pandas have won a good amount of these series due to defensive stand out player, Zach, who has a league-high 101 saves. With play coming from the defense first, look for the Pandas to survive the offenses of most teams and win games off smartly timed plays and counter-attacks.

Wolves (Blue conference 1st seed)
Sabres starters Adi and A1Andyx played the Wolves in week 8. Puffins starters Bazed and ArcaneLizard played the Wolves in week 14. I mention those names while talking about the Wolves because if I was any other CL team I would want to figure out what those players did to beat this dominant Wolves squad. Because no other teams seem to have an answer to the Wolves offense. The Wolves have 275 goals in one season. A goal differential of +147, which is higher than the total goals of one CL team. I’m not typically a salty player but if I had to play against the CL Wolves, you can bet I’d be screaming “oh come on, they gotta be hacking!” into my coms because this team is unbelievably ahead of the pack (I get one pun per article, per my contract). All of their players boast amazing stats including their star scorer, Ripperr, who is averaging 2.5 goals per game. But the only real stat you need is this, they’ve won 56 games this season. This season of Champion League play has been a season of chaos so I’d never say the Wolves are a lock. But what I am saying is that if I was a betting man. . . well, you know the rest.

There are 14 teams in the Champion League playoffs this season but only one can walk away with the title. Who will break through this tough bracket to prove they are better than the rest? Will it be the dominant favorites or a surprise underdog? Will leading scorers prove why they’re the best or will an unknown step up to be the playoff MVP? You can find out the answers to all these questions and more when you tune into the MLE Network this weekend! The action starts from 6pm ET on mlesportsgg2 and from 7:30pm on mlesportsgg Saturday & Sunday!

Season 10 Playoffs: Academy League Preview

It’s everyone’s favorite part of the season once again. The dust has settled on the regular season and the best teams will be battling it out for the title of Season 10 Academy League Champions. With the adjustment of salaries for this season of MLE, the Academy League will now feature Champion ranked players among the rosters fighting for the AL title. This change has not only risen the style of play but the competition among teams that are hungry to win it all. To help you get excited for the MLE Playoffs, I’m here to break down the teams and tell you why each team has a shot at the final.

Season 10 Academy League Playoff Bracket
The Underdogs

Wizards (Orange Conference 7th seed)
A late-season change can make or break your team come playoff time. In the case of the Wizards, all eyes were on the recent pick-up, Legit in week 10. Before ranking out, Shult was a powerful offensive force for the Wizards with over 2 goals per game and also served as an outstanding facilitator showing off an impressive .8 assists per game. Mario_RL, TourneyEarnie, and Krihg have all been dependable for contributing to the Wizard’s winning record. But they needed help from Legit to get the 4-1 win over the Demo and clinch a playoff spot. Now GM LilRock has to decide if he will ride the hot hand of Legit and TourneyEarnie or look to one of the other starters to step up and pull off an upset on what the Wizards are hoping will be a cinderella run at the title.

Lightning (Blue Conference 7th seed)
The Lightning were tested in their last three weeks of division play but when they needed it most they managed to pull together a 4-1 win during week 10 to clinch a wild card spot. The team has had an up and down season to get into the playoffs. They’re the only playoff team with a negative goal differential. But with an 8-6 series record, they’ve managed to give themselves an outside chance at a playoff run. To make that run they’ll likely lean on DC9708, who leads the teams in scoring and defense. DC averages 1.4 goals per game and 1.8 saves. Those are impressive numbers but are they good enough for championship MVP?

Puffins (Blue Conference 6th seed)
Teamwork makes the dream work in the AL Puffins squad. That’s the mantra that team captain AubreyE has led this squad while putting up a league-high 42 assists. The rest of the team has followed suit and ElCuchinero Cuh also placed 6th in the league for assist with 32. This style of play no doubt helped them score a shocking sweep over the Wolves in week 10 to snag their wild card spot and clinch the 6th seed in the playoffs. But if the Puffins want to continue a run of upsets, they’ll have to turn to GM and leading scorer B1 to stay on track of averaging at least 2.1 goals per game.

In The Hunt

Elite (Orange Conference 6th seed)
The Elite squad seems to be building up steam as they head into the playoffs. Their first few weeks were rocky, getting off to a 4-4 start. But they finished the season on a six-series win streak, capping it off with a statement 5-0 win against their division rival, the Bulls, to lock in a wildcard spot. A +32 goal differential isn’t as convincing a number when compared to some of the AL favorites. But their star players Rebel and Frawd have both ended the regular season with an average MVPR of 4.57. With the current form of this team, it doesn’t seem right to call them underdogs. Can they continue to show they’ve shed all memories of their shaky start and keep this streak going all the way to the finals?

Jets (Blue Conference 5th seed)
The Jets are another team that has been helped into the playoffs by a late-season pickup. The new starter, Sangy, has put up 16 goals over 10 games and helped his team to a 5-0 in the last week to clinch a wild card spot. The newcomer will be tested in the playoffs, however, as they face tougher opponents and stingier defenses. None of the remaining starters have an MVPR over a 4.0 so they’ll be looking for someone to step up if they’re going upset opponents. But the good news is for as much as the Jets look like the underdogs, they have found a way to win series.

Outlaws (Orange Conference 5th seed)
The Outlaws lost a tiebreaker for the division title. That alone doesn’t look bad until you see that they lost it by getting 5-0ed by their division rivals and eventual winners, the Rhinos. But the Outlaws still have weapons that could help them bounce back in the wild card round. ITSLAPPY is third in the league in saves, leading a defensive-minded team. The other half of the likely duo is team captain PAV3K, who averages 1.57 goals per game. The Outlaws are looking to get back to the finals after winning the AL title in season eight. The Outlaws GM, Stovvads, knows that if they want to get back to the title game they need both defense and offense to get them there.

Comets (Orange Conference 4th seed)
It was a close race for the Mystic division title this season. The Comets were able to scrape out a win thanks to having the 5th highest-scoring offense. To say that MattyIce2110 is their star player might still be an understatement. Having the number one scorer in AL with 110 goals in 40 games is enough to make any opponent afraid of playing the Comets. Add to that he has 7th highest number of saves and you have the makings of a league MVP frontrunner. With RWB being the AGM as well as an Academy League starter, it’s unclear if he will play. But whoever ends up being the other starter in the duo will have a very important job, get the ball to Matty-Ice2110.

Foxes (Blue Conference 4th seed)
Team turnover in the league is natural throughout a season. Often a star player leaving can cause a slide at the end of the season. But the Foxes have managed to hang on to the division spot thanks to strong leadership and good scouting. Tyler remains their star player with the most experience and, at a 4.10 MVPR, is a well-rounded player who could be key to winning in the postseason. The only question is, who will the Foxes choose to help Tyler make a run? With Khaos only playing a single series but putting up 10 goals in 5 games, he may be the secret weapon the Foxes need.

Rhinos (Orange Conference 3rd seed)
There are two types of stats. There’s putting up a lot of saves because your team is constantly on defense, and there’s putting up a lot of saves because your defense is a brick wall. I won’t oversell you on the Rhinos and say they’re a brick wall. But the Rhinos have put up impressive defensive numbers as a team and that team defense has resulted in the lowest goals allowed in the league. The team averages 1.27 saves per game with team captain IMichael putting up 55 saves and 76 goals on the season. With IMichael, the team has scoring potential, but it’s clear that the Rhinos start their plays from a strong backfield.

Express (Blue Conference 3rd seed)
Is this a good time to say that I like the Express? I like their star scorer, CommanderSushi1. I like their GM, C0P3X. I really like their hype videos. What I don’t like is their series record in AL this season. They somehow managed to win their division with 7 series losses. It’s a team that appears on paper to be able to win matches but has struggled to close it out in games. Still, with Sobes tied for 4th in the league for assists at 34 and CommanderSushi being second in league MVPR with 6.01, this team has the tools to win. They just have to show they can close out a best-of series when it counts.

The Favorites

Hive (Blue Conference 2nd seed)
There’s a lot of buzz around this Academy League Hive roster (contractually, I get one pun per article). But when a team has two players in the top 15 in goals and a top 10 player in both saves and assists it seems appropriate. This team is top-down full of well-rounded players that could pop off in playoffs. With DLEW19 as a GM and Academy starter, he has put together a team that is one of the favorites to take home a championship. And with star defender Black putting up 1.9 saves per game, they have a solid duo to take on any team.

Tyrants (Orange Conference 2nd seed)
Let’s just run down a checklist for the Tyrants real quick. Top two scoring team in the league? Check. Three players with over 4.9 MVPR? Check. An English player? Check. An Irish player? Check. A player with food in their name? Check. That’s a solid checklist for a team making the run for an AL title  Gogurt is third in the league in assists with 39. If Gogurt is the playmaker, then GameStrike208 is the shooter. Averaging 2.1 goals a game, GameStrike208 has the accuracy to put in the passes that Gogurt feeds. That’s a formula for a championship-winning duo.

Hurricanes (Blue Conference 1st seed)
The Hurricanes seem to be a lot like their Blue Conference companions, the Hive. They both have a stacked group of well-rounded players. They both put up solid 50+ goal differentials during the season. They both start with H. But what the Hurricanes have that the Hive doesn’t is Soop Feared. Soop has the second-most goals in the league with 88. The Hurricanes also boast a stalwart defense with Soop Feared and Krosis averaging 1.7 and 1.8 saves per game respectively. A star offensive player and a good defense are enough to help you win against any opponent. It’s a combination that could carry them all the way to the title game.

Flames (Orange Conference 1st Seed)
It’s a tough road to be the top team in the league. It’s even tougher to go all the way through the playoffs and win a championship. If you’re going to do it, it helps if you’ve done it before. The Flames are looking for their second AL championship in a row and it looks like they have just the team to do it. They’re the highest-scoring team in the league, finishing the regular season with 251 goals. Bippers and Vague are the likely pairing to take the championship. Bippers finished 2nd in assists with 41. Vague leads his team in scoring with 69 goals over 35 games. The one-two punch of these two players has helped the team finish with a nine-game winning streak. That’s a lot of momentum that this team could use to carry them to a 2nd consecutive AL championship.

The Academy League playoffs are sure to be a wild ride. Will we see an underdog make a shocking run to the grand finals? Will there be a two-time champion franchise in the Academy League? Will we see a dark horse player make an incredible run and take the title? Whatever happens, it’s going to be an event you can’t miss. Be sure to tune into the MLE Network this weekend! The action starts from 6pm ET on mlesportsgg2 and from 7:30pm on mlesportsgg Saturday & Sunday!

Season 9 – Week 8 Wild Card

Hey everyone! Here’s your weekly recap on wildcard standings and tiebreakers!


The PL Orange Conference Wild Card race is currently lead by the Flames (26-14) and the Outlaws (24-16). However, right on the Outlaws tails are the Demolition (22-18) siting only 2 games behind them for the second and final Wild Card spot. The Spectre (19-21) are not out of it yet but will need some help, sitting 5 games behind the outlaws with the Demolition also in the way. The same for the Tyrants, Pirates, and Sharks (3 way tie at 18-22) with the Tyrants coming on top of the tie due to series record. With 10 games left in the season and 6 games behind the final playoff spot, it would take a lot for any of the final 3 teams to clinch a playoff spot.


The PL BLue Conference Wild Card race features two teams tied at 27-13, the Wolves and the Express. The Wolves come out as the highest Wild Card seed due to series record giving the Express the second Wild Card seed. With the Highest seed Wild Card team playing the lowest seeded division winner, being on top of the Wild Card is priority!

The Spartans and the Blizzard are tied at 22-18, with the Spartans winning the tiebreaker due to Goal Differential. However both of these teams are a full series (5 games) behind both Wild Card leaders with no matchups against either team left. With one more tie in the wild card, the Aviators and the Lightning both hold a 19-21 record, with the Aviators holding the advantage in the tie due to series record. Both teams are 8 games behind as well as have multiple teams ahead of them. It would take a major collapse from either the Wolves or Express for any of the other 4 teams in the standings to make it into the wild card.


In the Orange Conference for Champ League, the Outlaws and the Sharks are tied on top with a 24-16 record, with the Outlaws barely edging out the Sharks in the tie due to having a higher goal differential. The race in this CL Orange is a very tight, with the next 4 teams, Bears (22-18), Shadow (21-19), Comets (20-20), Flames (19-21), all a game within of each other. The Bears are the closest currently, being only 2 games behind the Outlaws and Sharks. No team is the clear cut favorite and we will surely see team move up and down in the race.


With the top seed of the Wild Card, the Wolves post of record of 31-9! Not only does that give them a 4 game cushion over the Jets (27-13), it’s also tied with the Rhinos and Puffins for the best record in Champ league. Whoever the 4th seed in the playoffs are, watch out, because in the wild card round, you’ll be running into a team ready to win it all! (If they don’t take the division away form the Puffins first).

3 games behind the Jets, the Ducks sit at 24-16, still within a shot at the 2nd Wild Card spot and a very slight chance at the 1st Wild Card spot. Going down the list, the Foxes (21-19) have close to a 0% chance at the 1st Wild Card spot but are ever so slightly in it for the 2nd Wild Card spot, sitting 6 games back. The final two teams in the Wild Card race are the Eclipse and the Aviators (tied at 18-22) with the Eclipse holding the advantage due to Goal Differential. However, behind 9 games of the Jets and already out of contention for the 1st Wild Card seed, the odds are slim to none that either team will make it to the postseason.


The AL Orange Conference is a very tight and closely contested race with 8 teams all within 6 games or less of each other and multiple times. On top of this crazy race is the Outlaws (24-16), 2 games ahead of two teams tied for the 2nd Wild Card seed, the Rhinos and the Pirates (both 22-18). Currently, the Rhinos are the holder of the 2nd Wild Card spot due to having the head to head tiebreaker over the Pirates, but that can all change by season’s end since these two teams finish off the season against one another!

Looking at the teams chasing the three teams at the top, the Pandas, Wizards, and Sharks are all tied at 20-20 (with the Wizards having a perfect .500 record in not only overall games, but in series record, home record and away record AS WELL AS a 0 Goal Differential. Perfect balanced, as all things should be). This tiebreaker is one of the more complicating tiebreakers in the league as it has two different results in the division vs the wild card. In the AL Tropic division, The Sharks and Pandas are tied with the Sharks being ahead of the tie due to head to head advantage going to the Sharks. However in the Wildcard, with the Perfectly Balanced Wizards coming into the tie as well, head to head is not applied because the Wizards do not play either the Sharks or Pandas this season. Sharks have the worst series record of the three tied teams so they end up the losers of the tie while the Pandas come out on top of tie with the lead over the Wizards in Goal Differential. Despite that, all three teams are only 2 games behind the Outlaws, Rhinos, and Pirates for Wild Card contention so it’s full throttle for the Pandas, Wizards, and Sharks these final two weeks!

The final two teams very much still in the wild card race are the Bulls and the Shadow both at 18-22 and only 4 games behind the Wild Card leaders. The Bulls own the tiebreaker, defeating the Shadow in their only matchup of the season, 4-1. They have some leapfrogging to do in the standings to get to the Wild Card but they’re not out of it yet!


Our final wild card standings to show is a very tight AL BLue Conference Wild Card race at the top with a couple of team trailing not too far off. The Express, Ducks, and Puffins (all tied at 25-15) are the three leaders of the AL Blue Wild Card with the 1st Wild Card seed going to the Express for having a better series record over the Puffins and holding the head to head tiebreaker over the Ducks. The Ducks post the same series record as the Express thus coming on top of the Puffins for the 2nd Wild Card seed. Despite the Puffins losing the series record tiebreaker, they only need to win one more game than either the Ducks or Express this next week to take possession of one of two wild card seeds.

The AL Hawks (22-18) have been on a roll, winning their last 3 series and now are only 3 games behind the three Wild Card leading teams. Another series win could get them closer if not right into Wild Card contention!

The Blizzards (20-20) and the Sabers (19-21) are both 5 and 6 games behind the Wild Card leaders respectively. It’s not an easy task but with the top being so close, a couple of series wins and a little bit of luck they can find themselves playing in mid-October in the Wild Card Round!

Season 9 – Week 7 Wild Card


Pirates, Spectre, and Demo all are tied at 18-17

1st TB: H2H

Pirates 7-3
Spectre 6-4
Demo 2-8

Pirates are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD; Spectre have the second highest thus giving them the second highest seeding of the tiebreaker. The Demo have the lowest winning percentage thus giving them the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker

No Teams Remaining


Sabers and Eclipse are tied at 17-18

1st TB: H2H

Sabers 3-2
Eclipse 2-3

Sabers are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD. The Eclipse have the lowest winning percentage thus giving them the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker

No Teams Remaining


Sharks and Shadow are tied at 21-14

1st TB: H2H

Sharks 3-2
Shadow 2-3

Sharks are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD. Shadow have the lowest winning percentage thus giving them the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker

No Teams Remaining

Outlaws and Bears are tied at 20-15

1st TB: H2H

Outlaws 4-1
Bears 1-4

Outlaws are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD. Bears have the lowest winning percentage thus giving them the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker

No Teams Remaining


Rhinos, Pirates, and Sharks are tied at 18-17

1st TB: H2H

Rhinos 3-2
Pirates 2-3
Sharks 0-0

Teams haven’t all played one another. H2H is not applied in this scenario. Teams move to Overall Series Record

2nd TB: Overall Series Record

Rhinos 4-3
Pirates 4-3
Sharks 3-4

Sharks are given the lowest seeding in the tiebreaker due to having the lowest winning percentage in Overall Series Record. The Rhinos and Pirates return to H2H to break their tie.

(Rhinos and Pirates are tied at 18-17) 1st TB: H2H

Rhinos 3-2
Pirates 2-3

Rhinos are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in the secondary HEAD-2-HEAD. Pirates have the lowest winning percentage within the secondary H2H thus giving them the 2nd seeding of the tiebreaker resulting in the seeding of the Tiebreaker to be: (1) Rhinos, (2) Pirates, (3) Sharks

No Teams Remaining

Pandas and Wizards are tied at 17-18

1st TB: H2H

Pandas 0-0
Wizards 0-0

Teams haven’t all played one another. H2H is not applied in this scenario. Teams move to Overall Series Record

2nd TB: Overall Series Record

Pandas 3-4
Wizards 3-4

Teams remain tied after Overall Series Record. Teams move to Overall Goal Differential

3rd TB: Overall Goal Differential

Pandas +2
Wizards -11

Pandas are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest Goal Differential of the teams. The Wizards are given the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the lowest Goal Differential of the teams

No Teams Remaining

Dodgers, Bulls, and Shadow are all tied at 16-19

1st TB: H2H

Dodgers 6-4
Bulls 6-4
Shadow 3-7

The Shadow are given the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the lowest winning percentage in the HEAD-2-HEAD TieBreaker. Remaining teams move to a new Head 2 Head Tiebreaker.

(Dodgers and Bulls are tied at 16-19)

1st TB: H2H

Dodgers 3-2
Bulls 2-3

Dodgers are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in the secondary HEAD-2-HEAD. Bulls have the lowest winning percentage within the secondary H2H thus giving them the 2nd seeding the tiebreaker resulting in the seeding of the Tiebreaker to be: (1) Dodgers, (2) Bulls, (3) Shadow


Blizzard and Puffins are all tied at 20-15

1st TB: H2H

Blizzard 3-2
Puffins 2-3

Blizzard are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD

Puffins are given the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the lowest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD

No Teams Remaining