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Season 10 Playoffs: Conference Finals Preview

After two weeks of postseason teams are beginning to see the finish line. But as we arrive at the Conference Finals, every match will be a tough challenge, and players will have to be at their absolute best if they hope to have a chance at the title. We’ve seen our share of upsets and we’ve seen the top players show why they’re the best. Now we will see who can continue to win and who will prove that they want it more than their opponents. Let’s breakdown each of the matchups you’ll see this weekend and talk about who has what it takes to bring home a victory for their franchise.

Foundation League
Season 10 Foundation League Playoff Bracket

Orange Conference: Tyrants(2) vs Bears(4)

The Orange Conference finals are a tale of two stories. On one hand you have the Season 9 champions in the Tyrants. They managed to hold onto one player from last season and now find themselves on the road to a second championship. The other side of the matchup is the Bears team everyone has been talking about. The father and daughter duo made a splash in their first matchup with definitive 3-0 followed by a very wholesome post-match interview. In that interview, Cardinal made it clear he intends to see this story to a victorious finale, “I don’t see why we’re any worse than any of (the playoff) teams, and I think that we can go all the way with this team.” The Bears showed last week that they had the play to back up that statement. They dominated a 1st seeded Bulls team with tight rotations and impressive aerial plays by HyperFangHyena. But to win it all they first have to get through a Tyrants team that will be up to the task of battling the Bears. The duo of TheLouzer and Detto took on a very streaky Outlaws squad and won a crucial game five to take the series. The Tyrants seemed to absorb any pressure the Outlaws put on them and threw it right back on the counter-attack, often scoring multiple breakaway goals off of key saves. The Tyrants defense will be tough to break and so will the Bears determination. 

Blue Conference: Knights(1) vs Hurricanes(2)

At the end of game two it looked as if the Hurricanes’ Achilles heel had been struck. The 2nd seeded team that looked so promising had begun to fall apart, losing 0-6 to a Blizzard team that had beaten them twice during the season in close 3-2 matches. And with Blizzard star Face scoring five unanswered goals, the Hurricanes seemed to be unraveling. Commentator and caster BigMacDan even stating in the post-game, “There is absolutely no way I see the Hurricanes taking this series anymore if the Blizzard keep this pace up.” And how did the Hurricanes respond? They turned the tables on the Blizzard in game three and for the next five minutes, FROGDOG and Bombin kept almost all of the possession with a single-minded drive towards the back wall of the Blizzard and didn’t allow a single shot on their net for the entirety of the game. The Blizzard would come back in form but the Hurricanes now knew they could weather their opponents and take the series. The Hurricanes will now move on to face the Knights who didn’t have to endure the same battle but won a comfortable 3-0 sweep. Kingkris32 peppered the express backboard for three straight games as Gabronies watched and waited for the Express to misplay the clear before collecting and scoring. It was a formula the Knights executed quite well. Now we will get to see the 1st and 2nd seed Blue conference teams battle it out to prove who it the best.

Academy League
Season 10 Academy League Playoff Bracket

Orange Conference: Flames(1) vs Outlaws (5)

By the second round of the playoffs teams are either falling apart under pressure or rising to the challenge. The Outlaws and Flames have both showed they are getting into their peak form when it matters most. Both teams showed trust in their partner on the backline. Both teams were patient and limited offensive double commits. Both teams took down tough opponents in 3-1 victories. For the Outlaws it was solid rational play and capitalizing on the mistakes of the Elite that won them the series. ITSLAPPY and PAV3K are beginning to show flashes of brilliant team plays. Perhaps none better than ITSLAPPY hunting for demos while PAV3K flicked the ball in to close out the series. On the Flames side it was a confident midfield defense that appeared to be the difference-maker. As the Flames pressure built, Bippers and DV2890 took turns holding the midfield line and simply waiting to collect the clear from the Wizards before mounting another offensive onslaught. They managed to pin the Wizards back more and more throughout the series until the pressure was too much for them. The team that wins the AL Orange conference will likely be the one that can maintain the trust and team play that these two pairs have built.

Blue Conference: Hurricanes(1) vs Hive(2)

The Hurricanes matching up against the Hive for the Conference Finals may have been picked by quite a few people but who will win this matchup is sure to be hotly debated. The Hurricanes proved in their sweep of the Puffins that despite being put in high-pressure situations, they’re most comfortable playing in the eye of the storm. They came back from two-goal deficits in the first two games and never looked panicked. Soop Feared showed patience and poise, taking the time to dribble players in late-game comebacks. The final game they fell behind late but scored with 19 seconds to take the game to overtime, where they won with another dribble play from Soop Feared. The Hive had a tougher time in their match against the Foxes as they traded high scoring games before winning in a definitive game 5. Black and DLEW19 continue to adapt to pressure from their opponents. After dropping games three and four, the Hive knew they needed to pick up their pace to return to form. DLEW said in the postmatch, “we’d rather overcommit and play fast than play too passive again.” That adjustment proved to be the answer as they took the last game and the series. Can this Hive squad continue to adapt and find an answer to the Hurricanes or will the Hurricanes roll through another team on their way to a final?

Champion League
Season 10 Champion League Playoff Bracket

Orange Conference: Pandas(1) vs Shadow(5)

The CL Orange Conference final is a matchup of two styles. Do you go with the team that has a clear role for each player, executing the same plays and solid rotation game after game? Or do you favor the team that follows whatever player has the hot hand (or hot car in this case)? The Pandas players Zach and Unforgiven seemed to have the right game plan for taking on an offensively aggressive Outlaws squad. Zach put up a solid defensive performance while finding his teammate, Unforgiven, in the backfield who then struck with fast counterattacks that shocked their opponents. Unforgiven managed to execute this game plan so well that they put up 14 goals in four games. The Shadow didn’t appear to have the defined roles that the Pandas had, but what they did have was a pair of players that pulled off highlight-worthy 1v1 plays time and time again. After a close game one, it was Euronate who stepped up and pulled off a hat trick in game two to pull ahead of the Dodgers. In game three, Lightning took the torch and showed off his dribble plays with a hat trick of his own to close the series out in a sweep. These two teams will both have an arsenal of weapons at their disposal but will the streaky play of the Shadow surpass their foes or will the game-plan of the Pandas successfully shut down the offense of their opponents?

Blue Conference: Wolves(1) vs Hurricanes (5)

In a matchup between two teams coming off 3-1 wins, we’ve seen that the Wolves and Hurricanes have come up against tough tests and both have proven their talents. For the Hurricanes they had to outpace a scrappy Aviators squad and establish corner pressure to force mistakes from their opponents. Goldentornado17 put in another solid offensive performance with nine goals on four games. The Wolves also came up against an opponent that had the ability to throw off top teams. The confidence from Clvn and Ripperr never faltered, however. It was the synergy from the Wolves that seemed to be too much for their Arctic division rivals as both players assisted on 10 of their 14 series goals. Ripperr, of course, also aided in the win with a few key highlight level plays including a stellar redirect off a long pass from Clvn. As these two teams fight for the Blue conference title it may come down to who can assert their dominance in the series and get to play their style of game.

Premier League
Season 10 Premier League Playoff Bracket

Orange Conference: Pirates (1) vs Outlaws (5)

The Outlaws have continued the strategy that made them successful in the regular season, put the ball toward the net at every opportunity. They swept the Spectre with their signature offensive pressure, putting 34 total shots on net compared to the Spectre’s 17. The Outlaws crashed the net time after time with a devastating one-two punch. Lotty Lettuce put in an MVP performance, taking difficult highlight level shots and placing them brilliantly. But the Outlaws offense will now have to face their white whale, the division rival that bested them twice this season. The undefeated Pirates looked as confident as ever in their first postseason game. The Wizards came in with attack after attack but were never able to set up camp offensively against the Pirates. It was the consistent hard clears from defense and quick transition speed of Tater and Taki that never allowed both Wizards to be on offense at once. The Pirates defense only allowed three goals in as many games. Will they continue to stifle the offense of the Outlaws, or will the Outlaws finally break the Pirates defense along with their winning streak?

Blue Conference: Blizzard (1) vs Knights (4)

When the season ends and the postseason begins the dynamics of strong teams can change. During the regular season, one strong player can’t guarantee you a run at the finals. In the Playoffs, however, a star player can make all the difference in a tough matchup. The Blizzard and Knights had just the right players last week to dominate their opponents. Comp scored 14 goals to take the Blizzard to a 3-1 victory over the Puffins. His speed to the ball and deft air dribbling quite literally lifted him over the competition. In a series that often went punch for punch and goal for goal, it was Comp who always seemed to have the last big play in the game. Jay proved once again to be the star player the Knights needed him to be. After getting shut down early in the series by the Aviators, Jay woke up in game three and put in four goals to win 5-1. From then on, it was the Jay show as he put on an incredible performance offensively and defensively with 11 goals and 13 saves on the series. In order to win the championship Prosperity2K and MapleSurrup will also need to continue their run of great play, but when the two teams meet this weekend you can expect to see a battle of star players looking to run up scores and pull off “play of the week” worthy goals.

Each team only has to win two more matches to take the title for their franchise. It’s going to be two more weekends full of action-packed excitement. Don’t miss a minute of it as the Conference Finals kick off on the MLE Network

Conference Finals Broadcast Schedule

Season 10 Playoffs: Conference Semi-Final Previews

Only half of the original 42 teams survived opening weekend but more importantly, my playoff bracket didn’t survive. Upsets and close matches shattered my bracket rather than busted it. As we all collectively mourn the loss of my post-season picks, let’s look forward to all the exciting matchups that are scheduled for the second week of playoff action, including the first week of Foundation League playoffs. 

Premier League Orange Conference

Pirates(1) vs. Wizards (6)

The number one seeded Pirates take the field against the wild card winning Wizards. If you still think the Pirates have an easy road to the final, you weren’t watching the stream this weekend as the Wizards went punch for punch with the Tyrants in the opening round. Smurf and JustTuck combined for a flurry of offensive pressure which ultimately won them a close game five upset. But can Wizards play the same high scoring offensive style against the number 1 seeded Pirates? This Pirates team has met and won against every challenge so far but the toughest challenge is to win the last game of the season.

Outlaws (5) vs Spectre (2)

The Outlaws vs Spectre is sure to be a knockdown drag-out fight in the premier league. The Outlaws players MattRochie and Lotty Lettuce took the sharks in four games after a five and a half minute overtime in game two. Ultimately the Outlaws took the series by putting on shot after shot while not giving the Sharks any time to possess the ball. The Spectre also took their series against the Bulls in four games. They won the first game 5-2 but lost the second 4-8. In games three and four they were finally able to settle down with WeTakeLs and Snip playing ball control to close out two low scoring games. Look for dribble plays to be on display in this battle two teams who prioritize ball possession to secure their wins.

Premier League Blue conference

Knights(4) vs. Aviators(6)

The Aviators have made it to the second round of playoffs untested due to an unfortunate NCP but make no mistake the players are ready for the next challenger. That next opponent will be the Knights who are looking to build off their win over the Eclipse. The Knights were slow to get going in the first round, dropping their first game before wing three close games(including two overtimes) to take the series. Both teams bring in players with highlight potential so look for Jay or Kilt to pull off the show-stopping plays and give their teams the edge late in the series. 

Blizzard(1) vs. Puffins (7)

Maybe someone should inform the PL puffins that they’re the underdogs this postseason because the way they swept the Ducks last weekend you would think they were on cruise control. Opening the series with a smooth double touch from Cali and finishing with a play, the Puffins never once trailed in three games. Their next test will be the first seeded Blizzard who are eager to get in on the playoff action and show why they’re the team to beat. Lead scorer Mapplesurrup and his squad may should things more difficult for the Puffins.

CHAMPION LEAGUE Orange Conference

Pandas (1) vs. Outlaws (7)

A lot of upsets took fans by surprise this weekend. Maybe none more than the Outlaws win over the 2nd seeded Pirates. Not only did the Outlaws sweep their division rivals, but they managed to hold them to just three goals and zero assists. If they Outlaws can continue their streak of shutting down top offenses they have a good shot to build on their win. If the Pandas have anything to say about it, however, that playoff run will be short-lived. The first seeded Pandas are a balanced team with a stalwart defense that may be the perfect counter to the hot hand of the Outlaws. 

Dodgers (6) vs. Shadow (5)

The upsets continue in the Orange conference with two teams that won close five-game series to move on in the postseason. Smalls and Furphy proved to be a defensive force for the Dodgers, absorbing 51 shots on the series and outscoring the Bulls 23 to 16. If the duo can come close to their impressive 62% shooting in the next series, they could be the giant killers of the CL. The Shadow had their hands full with a Comets team that was passing brilliantly but in the battle of the playing GMs, it was Euronate who proved to be the more clutch, with two epic game five saves to keep their title dreams alive. Both pairs look like their team chemistry is improving with every game. Look for this series to be a battle for momentum as each will be hoping to come out and dominate the series. 

CHAMPION LEAGUE Blue conference

Puffins(7) vs Wolves (1)

The Puffins found a winning strategy last weekend by discovering that if you simply don’t let a team score, they can’t win. In a 3-1 series, the Blizzard put up a total of 6 goals, and 1 assist on 27 shots. Bazed and ArcaneLizard never gave the Blizzard a chance to get going offensively and they got an upset victory for their efforts. Now they face off against their division rivals and the number one seeded Wolves. Of course, the Wolves are the 1st seed for a reason. Their high scoring offense will be a whole other challenge for the Puffins. Can they repeat their strategy or will the Wolves get to play their game? 

Aviators (6) vs Hurricanes (5)

The Aviators played a series that was closer than it’s 3-1 series record shows. The Ducks put up a fight in a tough division match but Artemis and RapidChampion managed to get into a solid rotational rhythm that kept them composed in the face KingDuff’s 19 shots on net. Once the Aviators pulled ahead in games 3 and 4 they were able to hold onto late leads and close out the series. The Hurricanes took their round one win in a definite fashion. It wasn’t just the sweep that made a statement but also the Game one goal where Goldentornado17 popped the ball toward the goal and proceeded to tackle C0P3X out of the way. That is the style with which the Hurricanes took the rest of the series. Now we will see if the Hurricanes can bully the Aviators or if the Aviators will continue to keep their cool on the way to a conference final. 

ACADEMY LEAGUE Orange conference 

Flames (1) vs Wizards (7)

The Flames come in as the number one seed. Something that would be more comforting if it weren’t for how many upsets there have been already in this playoffs. They will need to bring their best game against a Wizards squad that looks in very good form. Legit and TourneyEarnie seem to have found chemistry late in the season. That chemistry helped them to a 3-2 win over the Tyrants. But this Flames team appears up to the challenge as they enter the playoffs on a nine series win streak. 

Outlaws(5) vs. Elite (6)

The Outlaws and Elite both put up 3-0 sweeps in the first round against higher-seeded opponents. Outlaws’ player ITSLAPPY pulled off a dominating offensive performance with 10 goals on 20 shots. For the Elite, it was Rebel who did all the scoring but notably, Fraud assisted in 5 of Rebel’s 9 goals while putting in none of their own. Will the teamwork of Elite give them another win or will the offensive duo out PAV3K and ITSLAPPY be too much for them. 

ACADEMY LEAGUE Blue Conference

Hurricanes(1) vs. Puffins (6)

The AL Puffins not only shocked the league with their upset over the Express but seemed to shock the Express themselves during the match. They held the express team to just 17 shots in 4 games to take the series. This Academy League team seems to have continued the Puffins trend of cool confident wins in the postseason. But just like the rest of their franchise brethren they now have to face a number one seed for their efforts. That number one seed comes in the form of a lethal Hurricanes squad. This test may prove to snap the Puffins out of that confidence. 

Hive(2) vs. Foxes (4)

Being the 2nd seed has proven dangerous in this year’s playoffs. Only two 2nd seeded teams have managed to dodge an upset. But the Hive survived a close five-game series with an impressive defensive effort and solid team play. Black and DLEW19 combined for 23 saves and 10 of their 18 goals were assisted. On the other side of the matchup, the Foxes denied the upset by swiftly sweeping their opponents. The Foxes seemed to never let the Jets get going offensively, allowing only ten shots in three games. Look for the Foxes to try to keep their possession offense going against the Hive. But the Hive may have the perfect defensive backline to counter that pressure. 

FOUNDATION LEAGUE Orange conference

Bulls(1) vs. Bears (4)

The Bulls have the highest goal differential in the league and come in with the exciting emerging star player of Wonderwulf. As the number one seed, this Bulls team is expected to be the favorite in the playoffs. On the other side of this matchup, the hopes of the entire Bears franchise have landed on the Foundation League this season. And the story of the father-daughter duo in FL has spread throughout the league. Will the Bears story have a storybook ending or will the Bulls prove too daunting a foe?

Tyrants(2) vs Outlaws (3)

The firepower of Foundation League will be on full display in this match up. Both teams have players with excellent goals per game averages. Both teams finished their season by winning out their last three division games. But only one of these teams will get to continue their winning streak into the conference finals. One way or another this will be a tough match that we will likely see go the distance in a best of five series.


Knights(1) vs. Express(4)

In a playoff season already riddled with upsets, the Express are looking to keep that train rolling (I’m trying to quit the habit, I promise). They find themselves staring across at the Knights who are heavy favorites in the matchup. The Express will be relying on early pressure to take the momentum away from their opponents. But Whyuacow may not be thrown off their game so easily as so far they look like a contender for league MVP. During this wild postseason, anything can happen and this matchup has the potential to be yet another shocking series.

Hurricanes(2) vs. Blizzard(3)

The Hurricanes edged out the Blizzard to take the division title and the second seed in the playoffs. During the season the Blizzard won both matchups against the Hurricanes in close 3-2 series. At the end of the season, this rivalry can only be settled with a best of five, winner goes home match. This is sure to be the game you can’t miss this weekend. Will Face put up another star performance for the Blizzard or will the team play and fast rotation of the Hurricanes dominate the pitch?

You can catch every Conference Semi-Final series on the MLE Network this Saturday and Sunday from 6pm ET.

Season 10 Playoffs: Foundation League Preview

The Foundation League is in its third season and even though the level of gameplay isn’t Grand Champ, the desire for a Championship is just as strong. Which teams will fall short and who will rise to the challenge? Who will make the glorious run and win themselves an MLE Championship? Where will I decide to include the single pun that I am allowed to use per my very detailed contract with MLE? To help you get geared up for another thrilling weekend of playoffs I’m back to break down the teams and tell you which players to watch out for as eighth Foundation League teams make their run for the title.  

The Underdogs 

Express (Blue Conference 4th seed)
With a 5-5 series record and a -14 goal differential, this Express team enters the postseason as the clear underdogs. But the nature of the Foundation League means that player turnover is likely and the introduction of new starter JoKEN could give the team new life in the playoffs. After the rank out of leading scorer Kenbennedy, The Terminator, who is averaging 1.3 saves a game, is likely the new star who will have to lead the team. Look for this defensive player to hold the backline as the Express aim to surprise a few FL front runners. 

Bears (Orange Conference 4th seed)
Putting aside the stats, the thing the Bears really have going for them is a great storyline. In the FL draft, it was revealed that the Bears successfully drafted the first father-daughter duo in MLE. Cardinal and HyperFangHyena have since been building up both fans and wins with the help of their solid third in KaptainKillazz. HyperFangHyena does lead the team in scoring with 1.4 goals per game and has an impressive 51.04% shooting percentage over 35 games. But if you’re looking for an x-factor, the answer is in the family synergy being the reason this team could clutch out playoff wins. 

In The Hunt

Blizzard (Blue Conference 3rd seed)
Some FL teams are the product of a season-long campaign of stalwart play. For teams like the Blizzard, it’s always about the next man up, as rank outs result in turnovers and new starters taking up the mantle. Face and ItsGoguts joined in the middle of the team’s campaign and have gelled nicely with Audacity to create a well-rounded team. But as this team continues to battle into the playoffs, look for Face to be the emerging star. They’ve already managed to rack up 39 goals over 20 games, proving to be an offensive cannon that can be the difference-maker in the postseason. 

Outlaws (Orange Conference 3rd seed)
The first of the returning champion teams in the playoff hunt, the FL Outlaws boast the first-ever FL champions title. Like true Outlaws, this team is attempting to steal back the title and bragging rights for the best Foundation team in the league. The team is led by the well-rounded captain OuttaBoost who averages 1.7 goals a game and 1.8 saves per game. At 1.7 goals a game, Hoosier_Daddy23 will likely be the other half of the duo. Not only are the two players 2nd and 3rd in the league for scoring, but they both also have at least 50% shooting on the season. We don’t know if the title will return to the Outlaws this season, but we do know they have the weapons to challenge any FL team. 

Hurricanes (Blue Conference 2nd seed)
When it comes time for playoffs, most MLE teams can be assessed by the star players that will show up to carry their team to a championship. But the Hurricanes have built their season around the three-headed hydra that is Stanless, Bomnin, and FROGDOG. With a 3.97, 4.46, and 4.25 MVPR respectively the Hurricanes roster has turned out to be one of the best teams top to bottom in FL. While this has served them well throughout the season, will their lack of a high scoring star be a hindrance to them come playoff time? Other teams will be leaning heavily on their best player to come in clutch. But the Foundation League title may very well fall to the team that remains the most consistent on offense and defense and for that, I would look to the Hurricanes. 

The Favorites

Tyrants (Orange Conference 2nd seed)
The Tyrants have remained a front runner for this season’s championship while never being a frontrunner in their own division. That’s a tough hill for any team to climb but this season’s FL Tyrants have a little extra motivation to keep them going. They could be the first-ever Foundation League back to back champions. The Tyrants General Manager, Majik, is no doubt eager to see his team cement themselves as the best once again and has done a stellar job developing a new group of players to be just as lethal as last season’s champions. The only returning roster player, TheLouzer, has been far from a loser while putting up over 1.6 goals per game, making him 2nd in the league in total goals scored. That doesn’t mean that their defense will be lacking though, as the first overall saves leader in FL is none other than Detto

Knights (Blue Conference 1st seed)
Score more goals seems to be the mantra of the FL Knights this season. While they’re 10th in the league for least goals allowed, they have scored a whopping 157 goals, which is the 2nd most in the league. This is owed to the high-powered duo of team captain Gabronies and Whyuacow. Whyuacow is currently the league leader in scoring followed closely by Gabronies in 4th. The team may lean on the more well-rounded assist leader, Kingkris32, to facilitate plays from the backfield in the playoffs, but if the strategy of all offense all the time got them the division title, don’t expect them to step off the gas in the playoffs. 

Bulls (Orange Conference 1st seed)
If I hadn’t already used my one pun, I might write something here about the rest of the league chasing the Bulls instead of the Bulls chasing anyone. This Bulls team has been the frontrunner all season long but the playoffs are a different story and the Bulls of the early season look slightly different from the Bulls going into the playoffs. The team is led by Omnikron and DarthRedRaider who have both been key to all 9 of the series wins for the Bulls. Those looking at the roster may notice a missing piece as their star scorer, VuMa, has recently ranked out. But he has quickly been replaced by someone who may be a new breakout star in WonderWulf. WonderWulf has come on to the team and scored 25 goals in just 10 games. Whatever their roster, the Bulls have combined for a +74 goal differential this season. The next highest differential is +56. The ability to maintain a stalwart defense while putting on a flurry of offensive pressure is what makes the FL Bulls a strong favorite for the championship title. 

The Foundation League playoffs are one round shorter than the rest of MLE so when all eight teams kick off this weekend they will only be three wins away from a championship title. Which of these up and coming players has what it takes to win three straight series and prove they are the best team of the Foundation League this season? You can find out by catching all the action this weekend of the MLE Network!

Season 10 Playoffs: Premier League Preview

It’s playoff time and in MLE that means the best of the best will be facing off in a do or die bracket to determine the Premier League champions. It’s like Clash of The Titans if the Titans all drove rocket-powered cars and knew how to do double taps. To break down the madness and get you hyped for the start of the postseason I’m going to brief you on each of the playoff teams and star players that you’ll get to watch this weekend.

Season 10 Premier League playoff bracket
Season 10 Premier League playoff bracket
The Underdogs

Bulls (Orange conference 7th seed)
In any sport, people know that it’s not about how you start the season, it’s about how you end it. This PL Bulls team was determined not to end it before the playoffs. With three division games left, they sat at 28-27 game record. Still in the playoff race, but looking on track to just miss out. They won all three remaining division games with a 10-5 game record to clinch the last wild card spot. This is a team that is getting hot right when they need to. They’re led by star player, Gumbachi, who not only put up the 2nd highest league save total with 104 but also ended 5th in goals scored with 89. This team may be the 7th seed, but they’re hungry for an upset in these playoffs and they have the talent to do it.

Puffins (Blue conference 7th seed)
A great writer once said, “A win fades away, but memes, memes are forever.” Okay, maybe that was me who said it. And okay, I didn’t so much say it as I put it in a Parks and Rec meme and gave it to the Puffins GM. But as a former Puffin, I stand by my statement. The Puffins have learned not only to dominate the MLE meme culture but also to feed off that hype and use it to win games. And that’s exactly how this Puffins team have found themselves in the last wild card spot. Sure, Grizz1y is 3rd overall in assists. Sure, Dog and Grizz1y are defensive stars with 2.1 and 2 saves per game respectively. Sure, team captain, Cali has averaged 2 goals per game. But I think the Puffins care less about stats and more about what meme they’re going to use to brag about their playoff wins. When your priorities are straight it’s easier to do what you need to do and get the win.

Wizards (Orange conference 6th seed)
There are four teams in this year’s PL playoffs with 7-7 series records. But only 1 of those teams comes in with a surprising +63 goal differential. The Wizards may have only figured out how to win series in the latter part of the season but they always know how to score goals. The Wizards enter the postseason 4th highest in total goals. Led by JustTuck who finished with an even 100 goals on the season. Their other likely starter, Smurf, also averages 2 goals per game as well as 2.45 saves per game. With a duo like that this team has the potential to shed the image that their series record shows and make a deep run in the playoffs.

Aviators (Blue conference 6th seed)
The Aviators are another team that needed some last week heroics to clinch their playoff spot. They seem to be counting on their star player, Kilt, on both ends of the pitch, averaging 2 goals per game, and 2.1 saves. Newcomer, Justify, has played in only four series but has put up an impressive 6.89 MVPR. They’ll have to prove in playoffs if that stat was earned against tough opponents. Aviators finish the season 9 and 5 but with a marginally positive goal differential of +1(yes 1 goal). They haven’t been dominant but they’ve done enough to earn a chance at the title. Now we just have to wait to see if they take that chance and run with it.

Sharks (Orange conference 4th seed)
Say what you will about the PL Sharks, but this squad is here to entertain. Sure they could have run away with the Tropic division but instead, they dropped 4 series in a row and came within a game of losing their top spot, all so they could clinch the division in the final week. I say that’s calculated. The team has had its struggles but that shouldn’t take away from the stellar season Mattybananas is having. With 81 goals over 35 games, he finishes 10th in goals scored this season. The Sharks come into the playoffs with a 7-7 series record and a -7 goal differential but as they’re the only playoff team coming from the Tropic division it’s up to them to prove how tough the division was by upsetting teams and making a run for the final.

In The Hunt

Eclipse (Blue conference 5th seed)
There’s a lot of Motion on this PL Eclipse team. (I get one pun per article as dictated by my contract.) I’m not talking about the fast rotations or the speed of the cars. I’m talking about Motion, the captain of the PL team who averaged 2.1 saves a game and 1.6 goals. The team is a defensive roster that seems primed for the kind of swift counterattacking that can surprise any team in the league. The other half of this defensive duo is Toby, who averaged 1.8 saves per game. The pair helped the full roster to place the team in 6th for the lowest number of goals allowed. In a league with so many high scoring stars, the Eclipse will try to make a run at the playoffs by not letting offenses get going. It may not be the most flashy strategy but it got them a 43-27 record in a tough storm division, so I’d count on it being effective in the postseason.

Outlaws (Orange conference 5th seed)
At the beginning of the season, Outlaws General Manager Stovvads called his team into a conference room and had a quote up on the whiteboard that read, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take -Wayne Gratzky -Stovvads” Okay, maybe I stole that story from The Office TV show but it seems possible considering the number of shots this team puts on net. Scoring leaders, Lotty Lettuce and MattRochie, have a combined 440 shots on the season, the most for any PL team duo. Placing third overall in scoring means that their strategy seems to be working. But is it enough to take down the other offensive heavy hitters come playoffs? I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that this Outlaws offense will be thrilling to watch in the playoffs.

Knights (Blue conference 4th seed)
So, with four weeks left, your team is 25-25 with a 4-6 series record. How do you make playoffs? Just win four straight and go 15-5 to finish the season, obviously. The Knight’s season-saving run is due, in no small part, to Jay who came in late and put up 62 goals in those four series and finished with the 2nd best MVPR in the league. The Knights now appear to have the star player to continue that run into the postseason. The rest of the team is stacked with solid talent but look for team captain MikeIsMyIke to be the other half of the duo. MikeIsMyIke leads the league in assists with 51, making him the perfect complement to the offensive canon of Jay.

Tyrants (Orange conference 3rd seed)
The Tyrants do not have anyone on the league leaderboard top 10 for goals, assists, or saves. There’s no runaway star and they don’t have the flash of a player like Taki or Deluxe. What the Tyrants do have is the ability to play any starter in their line up and win a series. The four starters in Snoopy, Majik, Moog, and Kaito have an average MVPR of 4.91. Their lowest scoring player still averages 1.5 goals per game. There’s not a weak link to be found on the Tyrants. How do you prepare for a team that could play anyone in the playoffs? A division winner without a known league star has all the makings of a dark-horse run for the Tyrants in these playoffs.

Foxes (Blue conference 3rd seed)
With two weeks to go in the Arctic Division it seemed like no one had a lock. The Foxes might have been favorites, then they dropped a series 1-4 to the Wolves in week 9. With one week left the Foxes found themselves in a three-way race. So what did they do? They called up Deluxe, their star scorer who put up 18 goals and 15 saves in one series to give them a 4-1 series win and clinch the division. Deluxe averages the 3rd highest MVPR (7.05) and the highest of anyone with a full season of series played. He’s dominant offensively and consistent defensively. He’s the kind of player that could put in an MVP performance and take the title away from some of the other heavy favorites. If you’re watching the Foxes in the playoffs look for Deluxe to be the difference maker and showstopper for the series.

The Favorites

Spectre (Orange conference 2nd seed)
The Spectre franchise currently has a Premier League player from Cuba, A Champion League player from Puerto Rico, and an Academy League player named AmericasF1nest. I’m sure there’s a joke in there but sadly I wasn’t able to find it in time for this article. The point is WeTakeLs is a Cuban MLE player and lead scorer on a stellar Spectre squad. No starting player has below a 4.8 MVPR and the team is captained by Assistant GM Blackwatch, who has put up an average of 1.9 goals per game. Yet, that still might not make him a starting pick, as that puts him in third for totals goals within his own team. From top to bottom the Spectre are putting up consistent numbers in goals saves and assists. They look like a team that plays well on both sides of the field and can start plays from anywhere.

Ducks (Blue conference 2nd seed)
Did you know the D in Ducks stands for Defense? That’s right, Ducks is an acronym. I’ll tell you what all the other letters stand for some other time. But this Ducks team has built a winning formula on solid defensive play. The team Averages 1.9 saves per game with their star defender Wockit Kah himself putting up 72 saves on the season. Also, in classic Ducks fashion, Wockit Kah wins the title of the best name in MLE, hands down. Because have you heard the casters call a series with Wockit Kah? It’s hilarious. Knitt rounds out the likely starting duo, leading the team with an impressive 71 goals on the season.

Blizzard (Blue conference 1st seed) 
The right pick up can make or break a season. And if there can be a “best signing of the season” accolade we’d have to give it to the Blizzard who picked up Comp late in the season only for them to break an MLE record. Comp broke a record for the highest MVPR in a single series with 9.68. With that kind of dominant play in one series teams will have to be wary of the kind of run this Blizzard team can make in the playoffs. The team doesn’t just have one star player. Mage and Vandy have both proven to be top tier players but its leading scorer Maplesurrup, with over 2.4 goals per game, that will likely complete this dangerous duo.

Pirates (Orange conference 1st seed)
I must confess that I started sections of this article before the last week of the season. But when I got to the preview for the Pirates I paused. I’m not generally a superstitious person but when I saw that 13-0 series record I didn’t dare type the phrase “perfect regular season” before it happened. You just don’t jinx a team like that. But this Pirates roster came through with a truly remarkable feat this season. They made it close in the last series only winning 3-2 over the Bears. The rest of the season, however, was not as close. With a +145 goal differential, they finished 1st in both goals scored and least goals against. To not talk about Taki when talking about the Pirates would be an oversight. Taki put up 111 goals on the season, averaging 2.77 goals per game. They also finished in the top ten for assists and saves. Taki leads the race for MVP this season but what Taki and this Pirates team really want is a championship title. And with them having yet to lose a series, they seem to be the clear favorites.

There’s a lot on the line for every team in this bracket. We’ll see star players pulling off amazing shots. We’ll see an undefeated team trying to cement themselves as the best. We may even see a cinderella story emerge from a wild card team. But you can’t see any of these amazing stories play out unless you tune in this weekend to watch the start of the playoffs. The action begins from 6pm ET on mlesportsgg2 and from 7:30pm on mlesportsgg Saturday & Sunday!

Season 10 Playoffs: Champion League Preview

The Champions League playoffs are here and the playoff teams have been decided. They’ve battled it out for 10 weeks and 14 matches to determine the 14 teams worthy of competing for the title. But before you jump into the playoff matches and start spamming your favorite team name in the twitch chat I’m going to give you all the info you need to know on each playoff contender.

Season 10 Champion League Playoff Bracket
The Underdogs

Outlaws (Orange conference 7th seed)
The Champion League wild card was a nail biter this season. The Outlaws will no doubt be ecstatic that they snuck in on a close win. This 7-7 series team has had an up and down season but having a shot at a playoff run is not something they’re looking to throw away. Austinsanity could be key to an underdog run, with an average MVPR of 4.71. Theevilisback could be the other half of their playoff team as he’s proven to be well rounded, clocking 1.6 goals and 1.45 saves per game. We know that their playoff games will be close, but we don’t know yet if these players have enough to eke out ahead at the end of the series.

Puffins (Blue conference 7th seed)
Maybe the Puffins franchise likes to be the underdogs. Maybe they enjoy the sweat and nerves that their fans get watching them sneak in at the last moment. All three Puffins teams won their series in the final week to clinch a wild card spot. None of them had a more nailbiting season than this CL team. The team finished the season with an 8-6 series record, despite having a total goal differential of -1. The lack of positive goal record may be due to the teams’ lack of a defensive player. If the Puffins can get their leading scorer, Bazed, on a roll, they may not need a defensive stalwart. But having Bazed at 10th in scoring for the league means the team may need something more for a deep playoff run. The Puffins have managed to come in clutch in week 10 with every team. But will that trend continue into the postseason?

Dodgers (Orange conference 6th seed)
Yet another team that was able to clinch a last-minute spot in the playoffs, the Dodgers snapped a three-game losing streak to win 3-2 over the Tyrants and clinch the 6th seed. They locked in that spot with the offensive firepower of Jaytee and defensive clutch play of Furphy. With Jaytee ranking out right before the playoffs, who will Furphy take on their playoff run? They need a shooter to step up on the team and it could come from any of them. But with 82 saves on the season, expect the Dodgers to build their playoff run on Furphy holding the backline.

Aviators (Blue conference 6th seed)
When a franchise has a Champion League title in their history, as the Aviators do, you’re constantly expecting them to make a run back to the finals. When a team’s Captain is named RapidChampion it’s expected that they’ll put their money where their Gamertag is. RapidChampion has certainly put his team in contention with 1.97 goals per game. Finding a championship-winning formula requires two players, however, and the Aviators are looking at the other starters to help their star. The rest of the team all average under a 4.0 MVPR so they may need a surprise turnaround from one of the remaining three. Look for Rapid to be the star of the Aviators show as they try to get their first league title since season six.

Shadow (Orange conference 5th seed)
The last of the 7-7 teams to sneak into the playoffs, the Shadow takes the 5th wildcard seed with 38 game wins. Unlike the other wild card teams, this team is limping across the finish line with a two-series losing streak. This Shadow does have the tools to make a run despite their recent downturn. GM Euronate finished the season with a 4.85 MVPR and placed 3rd in the league for saves with 90. The other probable starter is Lightning who put up an impressive 4.59 MVPR with 58 goals and 53 saves on the season. On paper, this duo can make a run in the postseason, if they could just shake off their current form and turn their momentum around.

In The Hunt

Hurricanes (Blue conference 5th seed)
There’s a lot of chaos in the Champion League. The team 2nd in the league in scoring won’t be making playoffs. Another team will be making playoffs without a winning record. The Hurricanes are 10-4 with a +88 goal differential and that isn’t enough to clinch their division. Still, tough league races can often galvanize a team. And now that playoffs have arrived the Hurricanes want to prove that just because you’re a wild card, that doesn’t mean you’re not a heavy favorite. Their likely starters, Squanchy and Goldentornado17, certainly make a case with a 4.68 and 5.22 MVPR respectively. This Hurricanes team will look to make a grand finals run not only with a defense the was second in least goals allow but with a high powered offense that helped them put up that +88 goal differential on their opponents.

Express (Blue conference 4th seed)
The elephant in the room that is the CL playoffs is the Express getting into the postseason by way of two NCPs in the final five weeks. That doesn’t mean that this Express roster doesn’t deserve a shot and that’s just what Playing GM C0P3X will be out to prove come game time. C0P3X leads his team in goals with 57 and also holds down his teams’ defense. The rest of the team hasn’t put up truly inspiring numbers but as Gualbertos has shot 50% in just four series maybe this player just hasn’t had enough time to pad those stats. Now that they are in the playoffs, look for the Express to throw everything at their opponents to try and show us all why they’re the rightful owners of the Forge division title.

Comets (Orange conference 4th seed)
General Managers are leaders of their franchise. They’re there to set an example for their team, while also being managers for scheduling and rosters. In the case of GM Thunderbug, leading your team also means leading in scoring and saves. With 80 goals and 89 saves on the season, Thunderbug is setting the pace for the CL squad. The rest of the starting four have followed suit with solid season performances. Zeta and Snugglable finished with 4.42 and 4.74 MVPRS respectively, while TheLegend27 has turned in an average of 1.6 saves per game. At 11-3 it’s a team that knows how to win a series and with a 3 series win streak coming into the playoffs they intend to keep winning all the way to the CL title.

Ducks (Blue conference 3rd seed)
The CL Ducks have the worst overall defense of any of the playoff teams, allowing 234 goals on the season. But who needs defense when you have a player like KingDuff? KingDuff put up 98 goals on the season and shot 50% over 40 games, that’s a decent argument for offense over defense. Even more so when it wins you the division title. The Ducks also have a choice of three more offensive weapons in DudTheBomb, AwsomDixie, and ChaosSpike. ChaosSpike is the favorite to complete the team with an average of 1.7 goals per game. Whatever their line up, look for the Ducks to spend each of their 5 minutes racking up high scoring games.

Bulls (Orange conference 3rd seed)
Sporting the best win streak in the league, this Bulls team is heating up at just the right time. Every starter on the team has an MVPR over 4.0, proving that this roster has depth. The leader of this team and the likely player to look at for those highlight plays would be their captain, Chaser. Chaser has 65 goals and saves on the season as well as 28 assists. While Chaser isn’t exactly a league leader in any category, they’re enough of a team leader to captain any talented second into a deep playoff run for the Bulls.

Pirates (Orange conference 2nd seed)
I know three things about Jamaica. They have Usain Bolt, they have a bobsled team, and they have Crey2k. Crey2k, who has a 5.86 MVPR, who is the 5th leading scorer in the league with 84 goals, and who is 2000 times Crey (that’s a lot). The team also has a standout player in Jansen24 and a newcomer in Speedy. The wild card of the team is AGM Miller_Ball_22 who is well known in MLE and who I would say is secretly angling to take not only the championship but also the GM spot from Tater, but I also just found out he’s Canadian so he’s far too nice for that. Let’s hope this team can be aggressive enough to steal some games off the competition.

The Favorites

Blizzard (Blue conference 2nd seed)
Have you ever been caught in a Blizzard on the side of a mountain? I have and let me tell you, it can be terrifying. If the snow is heavy enough, and the wind is bad enough, you can’t see what’s going on five feet in front of you. That’s the way I feel when I try and analyze this Blizzard team. I don’t know what’s going on or where this team is getting wins. They’re 10-4. They have the fourth-best goals-against record in the league but fall below the middle of the pack in scoring. They have no leaderboard players to speak of but they have Hiimly and Bledsoe. Bledsoe averages 1.56 goals per game and Hiimly averages 1.65 saves. Those don’t seem like league-leading stats but it’s gotten them the second-best record in the Champion League. So maybe the secret is that’s all you need. There’s a lot of chaos on the pitch in a Champ League game and, in that chaos, this Blizzard squad is usually ahead at the end of that five minutes. Maybe the other teams just can’t see through the Blizzard.

Pandas (Orange conference 1st seed)
The Pandas have won their division, not by being the most flashy team, or the highest scoring, but by being solid on defense and closing out series. They don’t have a single player in the top ten for scoring but they do have an average MVPR of 4.68 and, more importantly, a 12 and 2 series record. The Pandas have won a good amount of these series due to defensive stand out player, Zach, who has a league-high 101 saves. With play coming from the defense first, look for the Pandas to survive the offenses of most teams and win games off smartly timed plays and counter-attacks.

Wolves (Blue conference 1st seed)
Sabres starters Adi and A1Andyx played the Wolves in week 8. Puffins starters Bazed and ArcaneLizard played the Wolves in week 14. I mention those names while talking about the Wolves because if I was any other CL team I would want to figure out what those players did to beat this dominant Wolves squad. Because no other teams seem to have an answer to the Wolves offense. The Wolves have 275 goals in one season. A goal differential of +147, which is higher than the total goals of one CL team. I’m not typically a salty player but if I had to play against the CL Wolves, you can bet I’d be screaming “oh come on, they gotta be hacking!” into my coms because this team is unbelievably ahead of the pack (I get one pun per article, per my contract). All of their players boast amazing stats including their star scorer, Ripperr, who is averaging 2.5 goals per game. But the only real stat you need is this, they’ve won 56 games this season. This season of Champion League play has been a season of chaos so I’d never say the Wolves are a lock. But what I am saying is that if I was a betting man. . . well, you know the rest.

There are 14 teams in the Champion League playoffs this season but only one can walk away with the title. Who will break through this tough bracket to prove they are better than the rest? Will it be the dominant favorites or a surprise underdog? Will leading scorers prove why they’re the best or will an unknown step up to be the playoff MVP? You can find out the answers to all these questions and more when you tune into the MLE Network this weekend! The action starts from 6pm ET on mlesportsgg2 and from 7:30pm on mlesportsgg Saturday & Sunday!

Season 10 Playoffs: Academy League Preview

It’s everyone’s favorite part of the season once again. The dust has settled on the regular season and the best teams will be battling it out for the title of Season 10 Academy League Champions. With the adjustment of salaries for this season of MLE, the Academy League will now feature Champion ranked players among the rosters fighting for the AL title. This change has not only risen the style of play but the competition among teams that are hungry to win it all. To help you get excited for the MLE Playoffs, I’m here to break down the teams and tell you why each team has a shot at the final.

Season 10 Academy League Playoff Bracket
The Underdogs

Wizards (Orange Conference 7th seed)
A late-season change can make or break your team come playoff time. In the case of the Wizards, all eyes were on the recent pick-up, Legit in week 10. Before ranking out, Shult was a powerful offensive force for the Wizards with over 2 goals per game and also served as an outstanding facilitator showing off an impressive .8 assists per game. Mario_RL, TourneyEarnie, and Krihg have all been dependable for contributing to the Wizard’s winning record. But they needed help from Legit to get the 4-1 win over the Demo and clinch a playoff spot. Now GM LilRock has to decide if he will ride the hot hand of Legit and TourneyEarnie or look to one of the other starters to step up and pull off an upset on what the Wizards are hoping will be a cinderella run at the title.

Lightning (Blue Conference 7th seed)
The Lightning were tested in their last three weeks of division play but when they needed it most they managed to pull together a 4-1 win during week 10 to clinch a wild card spot. The team has had an up and down season to get into the playoffs. They’re the only playoff team with a negative goal differential. But with an 8-6 series record, they’ve managed to give themselves an outside chance at a playoff run. To make that run they’ll likely lean on DC9708, who leads the teams in scoring and defense. DC averages 1.4 goals per game and 1.8 saves. Those are impressive numbers but are they good enough for championship MVP?

Puffins (Blue Conference 6th seed)
Teamwork makes the dream work in the AL Puffins squad. That’s the mantra that team captain AubreyE has led this squad while putting up a league-high 42 assists. The rest of the team has followed suit and ElCuchinero Cuh also placed 6th in the league for assist with 32. This style of play no doubt helped them score a shocking sweep over the Wolves in week 10 to snag their wild card spot and clinch the 6th seed in the playoffs. But if the Puffins want to continue a run of upsets, they’ll have to turn to GM and leading scorer B1 to stay on track of averaging at least 2.1 goals per game.

In The Hunt

Elite (Orange Conference 6th seed)
The Elite squad seems to be building up steam as they head into the playoffs. Their first few weeks were rocky, getting off to a 4-4 start. But they finished the season on a six-series win streak, capping it off with a statement 5-0 win against their division rival, the Bulls, to lock in a wildcard spot. A +32 goal differential isn’t as convincing a number when compared to some of the AL favorites. But their star players Rebel and Frawd have both ended the regular season with an average MVPR of 4.57. With the current form of this team, it doesn’t seem right to call them underdogs. Can they continue to show they’ve shed all memories of their shaky start and keep this streak going all the way to the finals?

Jets (Blue Conference 5th seed)
The Jets are another team that has been helped into the playoffs by a late-season pickup. The new starter, Sangy, has put up 16 goals over 10 games and helped his team to a 5-0 in the last week to clinch a wild card spot. The newcomer will be tested in the playoffs, however, as they face tougher opponents and stingier defenses. None of the remaining starters have an MVPR over a 4.0 so they’ll be looking for someone to step up if they’re going upset opponents. But the good news is for as much as the Jets look like the underdogs, they have found a way to win series.

Outlaws (Orange Conference 5th seed)
The Outlaws lost a tiebreaker for the division title. That alone doesn’t look bad until you see that they lost it by getting 5-0ed by their division rivals and eventual winners, the Rhinos. But the Outlaws still have weapons that could help them bounce back in the wild card round. ITSLAPPY is third in the league in saves, leading a defensive-minded team. The other half of the likely duo is team captain PAV3K, who averages 1.57 goals per game. The Outlaws are looking to get back to the finals after winning the AL title in season eight. The Outlaws GM, Stovvads, knows that if they want to get back to the title game they need both defense and offense to get them there.

Comets (Orange Conference 4th seed)
It was a close race for the Mystic division title this season. The Comets were able to scrape out a win thanks to having the 5th highest-scoring offense. To say that MattyIce2110 is their star player might still be an understatement. Having the number one scorer in AL with 110 goals in 40 games is enough to make any opponent afraid of playing the Comets. Add to that he has 7th highest number of saves and you have the makings of a league MVP frontrunner. With RWB being the AGM as well as an Academy League starter, it’s unclear if he will play. But whoever ends up being the other starter in the duo will have a very important job, get the ball to Matty-Ice2110.

Foxes (Blue Conference 4th seed)
Team turnover in the league is natural throughout a season. Often a star player leaving can cause a slide at the end of the season. But the Foxes have managed to hang on to the division spot thanks to strong leadership and good scouting. Tyler remains their star player with the most experience and, at a 4.10 MVPR, is a well-rounded player who could be key to winning in the postseason. The only question is, who will the Foxes choose to help Tyler make a run? With Khaos only playing a single series but putting up 10 goals in 5 games, he may be the secret weapon the Foxes need.

Rhinos (Orange Conference 3rd seed)
There are two types of stats. There’s putting up a lot of saves because your team is constantly on defense, and there’s putting up a lot of saves because your defense is a brick wall. I won’t oversell you on the Rhinos and say they’re a brick wall. But the Rhinos have put up impressive defensive numbers as a team and that team defense has resulted in the lowest goals allowed in the league. The team averages 1.27 saves per game with team captain IMichael putting up 55 saves and 76 goals on the season. With IMichael, the team has scoring potential, but it’s clear that the Rhinos start their plays from a strong backfield.

Express (Blue Conference 3rd seed)
Is this a good time to say that I like the Express? I like their star scorer, CommanderSushi1. I like their GM, C0P3X. I really like their hype videos. What I don’t like is their series record in AL this season. They somehow managed to win their division with 7 series losses. It’s a team that appears on paper to be able to win matches but has struggled to close it out in games. Still, with Sobes tied for 4th in the league for assists at 34 and CommanderSushi being second in league MVPR with 6.01, this team has the tools to win. They just have to show they can close out a best-of series when it counts.

The Favorites

Hive (Blue Conference 2nd seed)
There’s a lot of buzz around this Academy League Hive roster (contractually, I get one pun per article). But when a team has two players in the top 15 in goals and a top 10 player in both saves and assists it seems appropriate. This team is top-down full of well-rounded players that could pop off in playoffs. With DLEW19 as a GM and Academy starter, he has put together a team that is one of the favorites to take home a championship. And with star defender Black putting up 1.9 saves per game, they have a solid duo to take on any team.

Tyrants (Orange Conference 2nd seed)
Let’s just run down a checklist for the Tyrants real quick. Top two scoring team in the league? Check. Three players with over 4.9 MVPR? Check. An English player? Check. An Irish player? Check. A player with food in their name? Check. That’s a solid checklist for a team making the run for an AL title  Gogurt is third in the league in assists with 39. If Gogurt is the playmaker, then GameStrike208 is the shooter. Averaging 2.1 goals a game, GameStrike208 has the accuracy to put in the passes that Gogurt feeds. That’s a formula for a championship-winning duo.

Hurricanes (Blue Conference 1st seed)
The Hurricanes seem to be a lot like their Blue Conference companions, the Hive. They both have a stacked group of well-rounded players. They both put up solid 50+ goal differentials during the season. They both start with H. But what the Hurricanes have that the Hive doesn’t is Soop Feared. Soop has the second-most goals in the league with 88. The Hurricanes also boast a stalwart defense with Soop Feared and Krosis averaging 1.7 and 1.8 saves per game respectively. A star offensive player and a good defense are enough to help you win against any opponent. It’s a combination that could carry them all the way to the title game.

Flames (Orange Conference 1st Seed)
It’s a tough road to be the top team in the league. It’s even tougher to go all the way through the playoffs and win a championship. If you’re going to do it, it helps if you’ve done it before. The Flames are looking for their second AL championship in a row and it looks like they have just the team to do it. They’re the highest-scoring team in the league, finishing the regular season with 251 goals. Bippers and Vague are the likely pairing to take the championship. Bippers finished 2nd in assists with 41. Vague leads his team in scoring with 69 goals over 35 games. The one-two punch of these two players has helped the team finish with a nine-game winning streak. That’s a lot of momentum that this team could use to carry them to a 2nd consecutive AL championship.

The Academy League playoffs are sure to be a wild ride. Will we see an underdog make a shocking run to the grand finals? Will there be a two-time champion franchise in the Academy League? Will we see a dark horse player make an incredible run and take the title? Whatever happens, it’s going to be an event you can’t miss. Be sure to tune into the MLE Network this weekend! The action starts from 6pm ET on mlesportsgg2 and from 7:30pm on mlesportsgg Saturday & Sunday!

Season 9 – Week 8 Wild Card

Hey everyone! Here’s your weekly recap on wildcard standings and tiebreakers!


The PL Orange Conference Wild Card race is currently lead by the Flames (26-14) and the Outlaws (24-16). However, right on the Outlaws tails are the Demolition (22-18) siting only 2 games behind them for the second and final Wild Card spot. The Spectre (19-21) are not out of it yet but will need some help, sitting 5 games behind the outlaws with the Demolition also in the way. The same for the Tyrants, Pirates, and Sharks (3 way tie at 18-22) with the Tyrants coming on top of the tie due to series record. With 10 games left in the season and 6 games behind the final playoff spot, it would take a lot for any of the final 3 teams to clinch a playoff spot.


The PL BLue Conference Wild Card race features two teams tied at 27-13, the Wolves and the Express. The Wolves come out as the highest Wild Card seed due to series record giving the Express the second Wild Card seed. With the Highest seed Wild Card team playing the lowest seeded division winner, being on top of the Wild Card is priority!

The Spartans and the Blizzard are tied at 22-18, with the Spartans winning the tiebreaker due to Goal Differential. However both of these teams are a full series (5 games) behind both Wild Card leaders with no matchups against either team left. With one more tie in the wild card, the Aviators and the Lightning both hold a 19-21 record, with the Aviators holding the advantage in the tie due to series record. Both teams are 8 games behind as well as have multiple teams ahead of them. It would take a major collapse from either the Wolves or Express for any of the other 4 teams in the standings to make it into the wild card.


In the Orange Conference for Champ League, the Outlaws and the Sharks are tied on top with a 24-16 record, with the Outlaws barely edging out the Sharks in the tie due to having a higher goal differential. The race in this CL Orange is a very tight, with the next 4 teams, Bears (22-18), Shadow (21-19), Comets (20-20), Flames (19-21), all a game within of each other. The Bears are the closest currently, being only 2 games behind the Outlaws and Sharks. No team is the clear cut favorite and we will surely see team move up and down in the race.


With the top seed of the Wild Card, the Wolves post of record of 31-9! Not only does that give them a 4 game cushion over the Jets (27-13), it’s also tied with the Rhinos and Puffins for the best record in Champ league. Whoever the 4th seed in the playoffs are, watch out, because in the wild card round, you’ll be running into a team ready to win it all! (If they don’t take the division away form the Puffins first).

3 games behind the Jets, the Ducks sit at 24-16, still within a shot at the 2nd Wild Card spot and a very slight chance at the 1st Wild Card spot. Going down the list, the Foxes (21-19) have close to a 0% chance at the 1st Wild Card spot but are ever so slightly in it for the 2nd Wild Card spot, sitting 6 games back. The final two teams in the Wild Card race are the Eclipse and the Aviators (tied at 18-22) with the Eclipse holding the advantage due to Goal Differential. However, behind 9 games of the Jets and already out of contention for the 1st Wild Card seed, the odds are slim to none that either team will make it to the postseason.


The AL Orange Conference is a very tight and closely contested race with 8 teams all within 6 games or less of each other and multiple times. On top of this crazy race is the Outlaws (24-16), 2 games ahead of two teams tied for the 2nd Wild Card seed, the Rhinos and the Pirates (both 22-18). Currently, the Rhinos are the holder of the 2nd Wild Card spot due to having the head to head tiebreaker over the Pirates, but that can all change by season’s end since these two teams finish off the season against one another!

Looking at the teams chasing the three teams at the top, the Pandas, Wizards, and Sharks are all tied at 20-20 (with the Wizards having a perfect .500 record in not only overall games, but in series record, home record and away record AS WELL AS a 0 Goal Differential. Perfect balanced, as all things should be). This tiebreaker is one of the more complicating tiebreakers in the league as it has two different results in the division vs the wild card. In the AL Tropic division, The Sharks and Pandas are tied with the Sharks being ahead of the tie due to head to head advantage going to the Sharks. However in the Wildcard, with the Perfectly Balanced Wizards coming into the tie as well, head to head is not applied because the Wizards do not play either the Sharks or Pandas this season. Sharks have the worst series record of the three tied teams so they end up the losers of the tie while the Pandas come out on top of tie with the lead over the Wizards in Goal Differential. Despite that, all three teams are only 2 games behind the Outlaws, Rhinos, and Pirates for Wild Card contention so it’s full throttle for the Pandas, Wizards, and Sharks these final two weeks!

The final two teams very much still in the wild card race are the Bulls and the Shadow both at 18-22 and only 4 games behind the Wild Card leaders. The Bulls own the tiebreaker, defeating the Shadow in their only matchup of the season, 4-1. They have some leapfrogging to do in the standings to get to the Wild Card but they’re not out of it yet!


Our final wild card standings to show is a very tight AL BLue Conference Wild Card race at the top with a couple of team trailing not too far off. The Express, Ducks, and Puffins (all tied at 25-15) are the three leaders of the AL Blue Wild Card with the 1st Wild Card seed going to the Express for having a better series record over the Puffins and holding the head to head tiebreaker over the Ducks. The Ducks post the same series record as the Express thus coming on top of the Puffins for the 2nd Wild Card seed. Despite the Puffins losing the series record tiebreaker, they only need to win one more game than either the Ducks or Express this next week to take possession of one of two wild card seeds.

The AL Hawks (22-18) have been on a roll, winning their last 3 series and now are only 3 games behind the three Wild Card leading teams. Another series win could get them closer if not right into Wild Card contention!

The Blizzards (20-20) and the Sabers (19-21) are both 5 and 6 games behind the Wild Card leaders respectively. It’s not an easy task but with the top being so close, a couple of series wins and a little bit of luck they can find themselves playing in mid-October in the Wild Card Round!

Season 9 – Week 7 Wild Card


Pirates, Spectre, and Demo all are tied at 18-17

1st TB: H2H

Pirates 7-3
Spectre 6-4
Demo 2-8

Pirates are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD; Spectre have the second highest thus giving them the second highest seeding of the tiebreaker. The Demo have the lowest winning percentage thus giving them the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker

No Teams Remaining


Sabers and Eclipse are tied at 17-18

1st TB: H2H

Sabers 3-2
Eclipse 2-3

Sabers are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD. The Eclipse have the lowest winning percentage thus giving them the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker

No Teams Remaining


Sharks and Shadow are tied at 21-14

1st TB: H2H

Sharks 3-2
Shadow 2-3

Sharks are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD. Shadow have the lowest winning percentage thus giving them the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker

No Teams Remaining

Outlaws and Bears are tied at 20-15

1st TB: H2H

Outlaws 4-1
Bears 1-4

Outlaws are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD. Bears have the lowest winning percentage thus giving them the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker

No Teams Remaining


Rhinos, Pirates, and Sharks are tied at 18-17

1st TB: H2H

Rhinos 3-2
Pirates 2-3
Sharks 0-0

Teams haven’t all played one another. H2H is not applied in this scenario. Teams move to Overall Series Record

2nd TB: Overall Series Record

Rhinos 4-3
Pirates 4-3
Sharks 3-4

Sharks are given the lowest seeding in the tiebreaker due to having the lowest winning percentage in Overall Series Record. The Rhinos and Pirates return to H2H to break their tie.

(Rhinos and Pirates are tied at 18-17) 1st TB: H2H

Rhinos 3-2
Pirates 2-3

Rhinos are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in the secondary HEAD-2-HEAD. Pirates have the lowest winning percentage within the secondary H2H thus giving them the 2nd seeding of the tiebreaker resulting in the seeding of the Tiebreaker to be: (1) Rhinos, (2) Pirates, (3) Sharks

No Teams Remaining

Pandas and Wizards are tied at 17-18

1st TB: H2H

Pandas 0-0
Wizards 0-0

Teams haven’t all played one another. H2H is not applied in this scenario. Teams move to Overall Series Record

2nd TB: Overall Series Record

Pandas 3-4
Wizards 3-4

Teams remain tied after Overall Series Record. Teams move to Overall Goal Differential

3rd TB: Overall Goal Differential

Pandas +2
Wizards -11

Pandas are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest Goal Differential of the teams. The Wizards are given the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the lowest Goal Differential of the teams

No Teams Remaining

Dodgers, Bulls, and Shadow are all tied at 16-19

1st TB: H2H

Dodgers 6-4
Bulls 6-4
Shadow 3-7

The Shadow are given the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the lowest winning percentage in the HEAD-2-HEAD TieBreaker. Remaining teams move to a new Head 2 Head Tiebreaker.

(Dodgers and Bulls are tied at 16-19)

1st TB: H2H

Dodgers 3-2
Bulls 2-3

Dodgers are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in the secondary HEAD-2-HEAD. Bulls have the lowest winning percentage within the secondary H2H thus giving them the 2nd seeding the tiebreaker resulting in the seeding of the Tiebreaker to be: (1) Dodgers, (2) Bulls, (3) Shadow


Blizzard and Puffins are all tied at 20-15

1st TB: H2H

Blizzard 3-2
Puffins 2-3

Blizzard are given the highest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the highest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD

Puffins are given the lowest seeding of the tiebreaker due to having the lowest winning percentage in HEAD-2-HEAD

No Teams Remaining