Community Interview: Kyuubii

Season 14 is now underway and there’s no better time to start getting to know some of the people involved. From players to MLE staff, over the course of the season we will be interviewing a whole host of them! Bringing you a light-hearted look at those that make up the great MLE community.

Our first “quick-fire” community interview is with Kyuubii, who is currently playing for the Academy League for the Hawks. Let’s find out about Kyuubii…

Brava When did you join MLE? 
Kyuubii – About a year ago, two weeks before the playoffs of season 12. 

Brava – What teams have you played for?
Kyuubii –  I’ve played for the Podgers, Outlaws, Wolves, and now the Hawks.

Brava – Favorite moment in MLE as a fan or player? 
Kyuubii – My first scrim in MLE, I felt like I was in a RLCS 6MAN scrim.

Brava – What’s your favorite cereal? 
Kyuubii – Oh Cinnamon Toast Crunch, all the way.

Brava – What’s your go to drink during a matchup? 
Kyuubii – Pineapple Cocktail Gamer Supps or W A T E R.

Brava – What kind of hobbies do you have? 
Kyuubii – I’m stuck to my chair and play too much RL, PLES HALP!

Brava – What’s your favorite meal? 
Kyuubii – Grilled pork chops and some mash potatoes with gravy mmmmmm.
Brava – The pork chops and mash answer totally made me hungry

Brava – What kind of pregame routines do you have? 
Kyuubii – I get on an hour before each match warmup in free play, custom maps, then some ranked.

Brava – Do you have a favorite BAWLS flavor? 
Kyuubii – It’s a tie between orange or root beer.
Brava – Root beer Bawls is probably my favorite.

Brava – What brought you to MLE? 
Kyuubii – Ok so i joined as a joke at first, my friend was approached by someone trying to recruit him, he gave me a website and said ,”Hey Zay, join this league no balls.” I did and I’ve been here ever since.

Brava – What’s your favorite season? Fall, winter etc.. 
Kyuubii – I’m a black bear, I like winter and like to sleep.

Brava – What kind of MLE merch do you have?
Kyuubii – I just ordered an elysium Hawks hoodie.

Brava – Do you have any random skills?
Kyuubii – I can make bubbles noises with my mouth and I can do a good Carl Wheezer from what I am told.

Brava – Do you have any pets?
Kyuubii – Sadly, no but I would love a huskie and/or german shepard.

Brava – Do you have any links you’d like to share? You’re twitch or anything else?
Kyuubii – Twitch – and TikTok – 

Many thanks to Kyuubii for talking the time to answer our burning questions! Keep your eyes out for more fun community interviews everyone.

(*The words that are in italics are words that have been added for grammatical purposes.)