In The Driver’s Seat With: B++, Franchise Manager of The Spartans

In this installment of In The Driver’s Seat, I had the pleasure of speaking with B++, FM of the Spartans. B++ is a very busy man within the MLE, working in the Development Team, 4mans, Admissions, etc. Luckily enough, he had enough time to squeeze me in to his schedule, which resulted in a great conversation for you readers.


When did you join MLE?

Season 8 I believe, with the AL Foxes. I was their first-round draft pick and then I ranked out almost immediately so that was fun.


What has been your record as an FM?

The Spartans have had a team finish last in the league for 3 seasons now, so that gives you a good idea of what our record is. We’ve always just had one team that does not do well. But other than that we’ve been about even.


What is your go-to Rocket League car?

Typical Octane with all the white items I have, or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decal.


Which is the better game mode, 2s or 3s?

I’ve always liked 3s but ever since I joined MLE I’ve liked 2s a lot more, and I have gotten much better at it. However, I still enjoy 3s.


What is the best nonstandard mode?

Has to be dropshot. That’s the only one I really play. But the worst one has to be hoops, I don’t know how anyone plays it.


What is your favorite MLE memory?

Probably my first win with the Foxes. It was in AL and it was me and Crossfire in our first week. Not only did Crossfire pop off, but I did as well. I think I had like three clip-worthy saves.


Do you have a favorite Hobby outside of Rocket League?

Definitely, programming, as I’m on the Development Team. But I have been playing a lot of F1 and Eve Online recently on the games side of things.


What is the best part of being an FM?

One, managing the team, I just really like managing teams. At some times it feels like a football manager sim, but you’re dealing with real people instead of a virtual Ronaldo being signed for millions of dollars. Also, I have just met so many people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.


What is the hardest part of being an FM?

Keeping morale up if the season goes badly. For example, it got bad for FL last season to have them play their games and continue to function as a team when they had been eliminated from playoff contention so early. 


What is the best part of being on the Spartans?

We are pretty cool and we have a nice helmet. But in all seriousness, all the people we have are pretty chill, mostly because I’ve picked up players who are a bit more laid back. Everyone’s just super nice.


How has being so involved within MLE and 4mans impacted you personally?

Most of the things I do in MLE extend from 4mans. Fridge gave me the opportunity to be a session runner and I was able to just roll with it. From there I just tried to get involved as best I could in MLE, and my name recognition from 4mans helped out a lot there. Without 4mans, I don’t think I would be where I am now.


How has the experience of working with the Development Team helped you as a programmer? 

Joining the Development Team has helped me a lot outside MLE as I’m in college right now for IT. Soviet and Zach have been a tremendous help in helping me improve as a programmer since they’re both in the field. Specifically, the experience has helped me learn a lot more about Javascript.