INSIDE MLE: Project Website 2.0

With every season there are more changes to MLE as more players come in, the league expands, and departments improve on the structure and features of the league. This off-season perhaps no team has worked harder and put in more hours than the development team.

If you are currently in the league you have already benefited from their work so far this season. The scrim bot was a large undertaking that proved to be necessary when mmr became difficult to track due to the introduction of Epic IDs and RLTracker’s inability to track these accounts in the fall. So the dev team went to work on building out a new system to help determine where players should be placed within each league. The scrim bot project was started in October of last year and beta tested during the preseason. Even though the bot is now released to the league, the team will continue to monitor and update the bot as needed throughout the season.

Their next project now involves taking that data and putting it out to the public via the website. But with the old model of this site (built using WordPress) the main way to put stats and results on the site was through manually copying over the data. So they needed to find a faster and more efficient way to get results from replays to the web. To help explain their decision I’ll let developer Stevo take it away from here.

“Our development team has been working diligently to make the MLE experience something you’ve never experienced before.

If you’re not familiar with Emilio and Emilia, they are our two MLE bots that handle everything from scrims to replay submissions. In the past, we had to manually import match data from the replay bot into the website. This would cause a delay of up to almost a week before players could see the match data. In addition to that, sometimes the website data was not matching the bot data.

How could this be better? Well, having the data come from one source. The website is going to take a hybrid approach with season 12. What does that mean? You will be able to find data for seasons 8-11 on the website at However, season 12 will be externally linked to from the website.

Please pardon the “dust” while we work out the best solution and experience for you this season.” -Stevo

While the team continues to build the new website you will still be able to find all the season 12 stats and results you are looking for. The system used for tracking scrim stats will now also be used to host match stats this season. Both the team and the community have responded positively to the change to this new system of stats because of how quickly things can be put into the database. Developer SovietShark in particular is ecstatic with the potential for the new tool. “Metabase is an excellent tool, that lets both dev and stats quickly and easily create good looking visualizations that are effectively live with data in the database.”

The developer team is composed of approximately 15 members. The team seems to be working daily in the developer discord on various updates, fixes, and projects. Building something as intensive as a database for five leagues containing hundreds of players is no easy task. The new site will take time and the team is not yet ready to announce a release date for the site but judging by the progress that is being made we think it will be worth the wait.