Behind the Goal: The Official MLE Pre-Show

Nearly a year ago I messaged Sgtmc50cal and being half-serious and half-joking, I suggested we reboot “The Sgt and Scooby Show”. For those that may not know, The Sgt and Scooby Show was a broadcast in which MLE members Sgt and ScoobertDoobert would go over the week that was with everything inside Minor League Esports. They would state all the transactions that took place, highlight important league announcements, go over plays of the week, go over scores and results, and many other things which made the show fun and informative.  Fast forward to the present day and we are thrilled to announce a weekly broadcast to discuss everything MLE! Starting this Saturday at 5 pm ET, please tune into “Behind the Goal” with myself(Rolo), Fallen, and Novanta and a few other fine folks of MLE.

As to the name of the show, it is a throwback to a weekly broadcast that occurred when the League was still “Minor League Doubles (MLD)”. Back then, the show was called “Behind the Goal”, in which InanimateJ and company would have a weekly breakdown of the games that were, and they would look ahead to the weekend’s games. With the reboot set to capture much of what that show was, while simultaneously paying homage to our roots at MLE, we wanted to bring the name back and revamp it for what MLE is today.

With our new pre-game show, you can expect much of what its predecessors provided in terms of content. We will be highlighting upcoming stream matches, players to watch, discussing power rankings, stars of the week, roster moves, important league announcements, spicy interviews, you name it, we may just do it. One important change is that Play of the Week will now be announced on Behind the Goal, so you will have to tune in then to see if you won a delicious case of Bawls Guarana. Lastly, if you help support a Franchise Twitter account, I highly advise you to check out our inaugural broadcast, this Saturday at 5pm ET, only on