Eclipse Interview

The Eclipse is one of the eight expansion franchises in MLE. One of the two franchises which name was picked by community voting.
In this article, we’ll talk about the franchise and its journey into season 8 so far, as well as some insight from Kiimmmiiii (GM) and Krops (AGM).

The first week of season 8 has played out over the weekend and the Eclipse franchise left its first mark in what hopefully will be a rich MLE history. The three different league teams that play for the Eclipse franchise all managed to win their series against the Aviators. The Champ League players went 3-2 in a well-fought series, the Foundation League had a comfortable 4-1 victory and last but certainly not least the Academy League decided it was time for a good sweep and took the series with a convincing 5-0.
With a 12-3 overall week 1 record, they go into week 2 with confidence.

We spoke to Kiimmmiiii and Krops about their vision for the team, the players and what they hope to accomplish this season.

As a first time MLE (A)GM what is your vision for the Eclipse?
‘Three different leagues under one franchise, to me that means we’re one team, we all represent the Eclipse franchise. My priority for the players is to enjoy the competitive experience, have fun and get to know their teammates all while improving.’ – Kiimmmiiii

‘My vision for the Eclipse this season is for every player to enjoy the season and improve while making new friends.
We also have the players on our roster that enables us to make a playoff run this season so I hope to see all three of our teams qualify.’ – Krops

It’s been three weeks since the draft, tell us something about your players.
‘The players have been great so far, most of us have been enjoying playing private games together. The Eclipse server is always active, whether it’s creating Eclipse memes or rambling on about some random topic, it’s so alive. Everyone gets along and I couldn’t be happier with all of them.’ – Kiimmmiiii

‘The Eclipse players are a unique bunch. There are a few quiet ones among us who don’t say much in our team chat and then there is everyone else. We enjoy talking banter and making jokes with each other so it is usually an entertaining time throughout the day.’ – Krops

What do you hope the Eclipse franchise accomplishes in their first season?
‘Well, like any GM I think, I’d love to see all three leagues reach playoffs and even win the championship. It might be a bit optimistic, but all of them have the potential and drive to make it there. There’s a lot of good teams out there, it won’t be easy, but I’m confident and believe in my players. We are ready to make a mark that will be remembered.’ – Kiimmmiiii

‘I hope our franchise is able to win a championship this season.
I will be rooting for all of our teams but I will try to bring a title as a player on the Champion League team. It would be really cool to see an expansion team make a deep run this year and I believe in our team’s chances.’ – Krops

Is there a particular franchise/team you dread facing?
‘No, not any team in particular. The Sapphire division has a lot of strong teams, I won’t underestimate any of them. However the Eclipse is also a strong team with great potential, so I’m not afraid to face any of them.’ – Kiimmmiiii

‘There is no specific franchise I fear to face. I think every team can be beaten if we play our matches with confidence and continue to work hard on improvement.’ – Krops

It looks like the Eclipse franchise is in good hands. This week they will face the Puffins and they hope to continue their winning record so far.