Week 2 MLE Power Rankings

Week 2 has come and gone, all 48 matches well behind us now as we enter the midseason. The Power Rankings Committee has been watching us all quite closely, every goal, save, shot, and assist being taken into account to Week 2’s Power Rankings.

For Premier League, the Foxes saw an opening, and blasted straight through the Comets, sending them into a far-flung orbit. That 5-0 sweep not only catapulted them to 1st in the power rankings but also 1st in the league overall. The Hive, Sharks, and Canes all managed similarly dominant sweeps. Those performances kept the Hive firmly in the top three but also kicked out the Flames and the Wolves, something they are probably not thrilled about. The Sharks and Canes are going to have to keep the fight up for top five for some time. And then we have the Bulls. Still quite the team, at a 7-3 record. Only managing a 4-1, this placed them in the middle of a frightening pack no matter the direction you look. None of these teams will be facing the other this week, so it is their spots to lose. Let us see how they handle the pressure.

In the Champion League, not much has changed at the very top. The Shadow, Tyrants, Puffins, and Express all performed the same across both weeks. Incredibly well. The Shadow, in particular, starting perfectly with a 10-0 record. It is no surprise they are the kings of CL. But will they be dethroned? According to the rankings, yes. We have the Spartans and Foxes, managing clean 4-1 wins over beefy pairings like Steve/HaimGame, and RapidChampion/Badgey. You have the Jets and Sabres, getting well-fought, narrow victories over incredibly difficult opponents in the Hive, and the Pirates. The Elite managed a similar close victory, but after their 4-1 win in the first week, they seem to be lacking a little. The team that seems to be the most likely to overtake the Shadow is shockingly the Bears. With their best start to a season in MLE history, a 9-1 record going into week 3, they seem to be looking to tilt heads, and disprove every opinion possible. They have yet to make another playoff appearance since their 1st in Season 4. Will they do it in dramatic fashion? There is only one way to find out.

Academy League has had some massive shifts. Mostly good, but a few teams did some falling, and they fell hard. The Puffins squeaked right by the Eclipse, managing a 3-2 win over the guys who swept the week before. Unexpected from the Eclipse and the Puffins, but proves just how close the race for Sapphire Division Champion will be. The Flames had a monumental comeback, starting the season 2-3, and stunning everyone with a 5-0 turnaround to send them into 1st for the Topaz Division. And then you have the top 3. No one doubts the Spartans, or the Foxes, or the Demo. All of them have had stellar starts, 9-1s across the board. No one doubts the players either. ZeeBee/mykey, a +14 goal differential. TeaBone/crossfire, +8. Supersupermanz/Faker, +18. They all know what they are doing. But can they keep it that way? The Elite, Tyrants, and Hive are on the rise. They all had good starts. Overconfidence is a momentum killer, so Week 3 will be a good indicator for the top teams to see if they have given teams an opening to strike.

Starting the Foundation League season with an uncontested 9-1 record, the Lightning has proven their worth quite substantially. Eclair, CommanderSushi, and SammyNieds have put up an offense that is unmatchable. While the rest of the Blue Conference is trying to sort themselves out, they stand proud at the top. The Blizzard tried to contest them last week but to no avail. However the Orange Conference, despite what several seasons of history have dictated, is undoubtedly the stronger of the two. Top 3 in the conference, and top 5 rated teams, the Wizards, Sabres, and Bears are all tied at an 8-2 record. Where would that put 4th in the conference? 4-6. A four-win gap. It is early, but there is a surprisingly precise divide between the top and bottom teams. Unless some extremely motivated pushes come from middle-ground teams, these are the 5 you’ll see at the top come week 7. The main question now, is will those pushes happen? Or rather, will there be a need to push that high? Will these teams fall, because of rank outs? We have to wait and see.