Week 3 Academy League Recap

Week 3 is wrapped up, and there were a lot of exciting games over in the Academy League this week! As we move into the mid-way point of the season, let us take a quick look at everything that went down.

Foxes squeeze past the Jets
In an exciting series that went all the way down to Game 5, the Foxes were just able to squeeze past the Jets to secure the series win. After winning the first two games, the Jets kicked into gear and came within one of the reverse sweep. However, their effort just was not enough in the end as crossfire8255 stepped up with an impressive four goals in Game 5 to win 6-3. The Foxes will look to rack up more wins next week against the Spartans, while the Jets will begin preparations for the upcoming match against the Comets.

Outlaws take down the Rhinos
In another game that went down to Game 5, the Outlaws were able to outlast the Rhinos, winning by only a single goal in the final game. Hotsaucethepirate was able to propel his team to a victory with an imposing 5.21 MVPR, putting 9 goals and a staggering 14 saves on the board. The Outlaws will be looking at the Pirates next, with the Rhinos resetting to take on the Demolition.

Eclipse show too little too late against the Hawks
After the Hawks took the first three games to secure the series, the Eclipse finally seemed to find their momentum. After getting outscored 10-3 in the first three, Eclipse was able to take the final two games off the Hawks with a 3-2 scoreline in each. Those two games could be massive as we inch closer to the playoffs, with both teams needing as many wins as they can get. Eclipse look to take what worked in those final two games and funnel that into their game against Express next week, while the Hawks will attempt to maintain momentum against Blizzard.

Puffins left in the Shadow
The Puffins were left in Shadows, well, shadow after a 4-1 loss against them. Dkmc6 and Jordak played off each other extremely well, posting a 5.20 and 4.56 MVPR respectively, with 21 goals and 9 saves between them. The Puffins were able to prevent the sweep with a close 4-3 win in Game 3, but the rest of the series was all Shadow. Puffins will try to regroup to prepare for their game against the Aviators, and Shadow look to keep the winning ways up against the Lightning.

Elite win tug-of-war against the Tyrants
The Elite were able to win the tug-of-war against the Tyrants, as the series went back and forth all the way to Game 5. The series proved to be a defensive battle, with a total of 32 saves against 29 goals. Both teams surely tried to be offensive, with 72 shots between them, but it was eventually Elite edging out in the end with a 3-2 win in Game 5. Elite go up against the Hurricanes next week, while the Tyrants will face the Dodgers.

Flames sputter out against Spectre
The Flames started strong and finished strong, but everything in-between fell to the Spectres. Every game was extremely close, with 1 goal being the margin of victory in each match. With the Spectre and Flames both sitting around the middle of the table, both needed a solid win to start solidifying their place in the playoffs race. The Flames look to recapture some playoff ground next week against the Pandas, with Spectre looking to do the same against the Bulls.

Wolves show up big against the Sharks
The Wolves showed out during their 4-1 series win against the Sharks, with the only loss coming in a close 4-3 in Game 3. Eric_ stepped up for his team, getting a staggering 6.52 MVPR alongside 17 goals. That is 4 more goals than the Sharks team combined. The Wolves next game will be against the red-hot Ducks, while the Sharks face a recently swept Hive.

Bears pull off the reverse sweep on the Sabres
The Bears, never giving up on the series, were able to pull off an impressive reverse sweep against the Sabres. After getting outscored 7-2 in the first two games, the Bears surged back to win the series with 13 goals in the back three games. The Bears hope to take this momentum into their game next week against the Wizards, while the Sabres will be looking at what they did wrong to prepare for the Knights.

Comets crush the Hive
Killerbaird2 and Springer showed no mercy against the Hive, as they stormed to a 5-0 sweep. With a 4.27 and 6.65 MVPR respectively, they propelled the Comets with 25 combined goals. The Comets desperately needed those games as they work to climb back into the playoff picture, while the Hive slip further into dangerous territory. The Comets aim to keep the streak alive when they face the Jets, while the Hive try to reverse course for a win against the Sharks.

Bulls win in a low-scoring affair
The Bulls were able to pull off a 4-1 series win against the Pandas in a low-scoring series, with only 20 goals between both teams. The Pandas defense was on point, with 22 saves between blizzardchill and Clowdy Howdy, but ultimately the Bulls outshot them 39-16 to get the goals they needed to win. The Bulls will be facing Spectre next week, while the Pandas get ready for their match against the Flames.

Knights go on a crusade against the Wizards
The Wizards showed promise when they won Game 1, but the Knights proceeded to go on a crusade winning the remaining four games. Galaxy and Schult combined for 17 goals on 37 shots, with an MVPR of 4.93 and 4.32 respectively. The win catapults the Knights to second in their division, just behind the Demolition. Knights will attempt to keep the crusade rolling next week against the Sabres, while the Wizards will look to whip up some magic to take down the Bears.

Express dominate Blizzard
Express were nothing but dominate in their 5-0 sweep of Blizzard, outscoring them 25-11 across the series. LightningHawk505 especially showed up with 7 saves and 14 goals on 21 shots for a meaty 6.09 MVPR. This victory keeps Express in the top spot of their division, with Blizzard falling to 7th. Express will try to maintain the winning streak against Eclipse, while Blizzard will be out for blood next week when they face the Hawks.

Spartans fall to the Ducks
The Ducks pulled a controlling 4-1 upset over the Spartans. Scoring double the amount of goals than their opponents, the Ducks were offensively dominant all series. The Spartans fall to second in their division, while the win puts the Ducks in the top 4. The Spartans will be facing the Foxes next week, while the Ducks look to take down the Wolves.

Dodgers surprise the Hurricanes with a downpour of goals
The Dodgers made it rain goals down on the Hurricanes, outscoring them 21-9 in their 5-0 sweep. NoahBez racked up 14 goals and 6 saves to secure a respectable 5.54 MVPR for the series. The Hurricanes came close to preventing the sweep in Game 5 but ultimately lost the 7-6 shootout. The Dodgers hope to maintain this momentum when they face the Tyrants, and the Hurricanes will no doubt be eager to take a win off Elite.

Lighting strikes the Aviators
In a closely contested series that never had more than a single goal deciding the match, the Lightning were able to edge past the Aviators to secure a 3-2 victory. Lawrence was the star of the show with 12 goals and 9 saves, with Cakekyst putting up 7 assists to secure the deal. The Lightning will face Shadow next week, with the Aviators going up against the Puffins.

Pirates demolished by the Demolition
Faker and Super were able to combine for 26 goals on 52 shots in their 4-1 victory over the Pirates. Faker, in what would be his last game for the Demolition, was able to secure a dominant 5.95 MVPR, with Super following close behind with a 5.60. The Pirates will look to strike out against the Outlaws next week, while the Demolition will try to keep their top spot when they face the Rhinos.

And that about wraps it up for this week! We are approaching the mid-way point for the season, as each game becomes ever more important in the playoff race. Join back with me next week to take a look at the carnage of Week 4, as teams begin to attempt to solidify their playoff positions.