Week 3 Foundation League Recap

Well folks, Week 3 is done and there is a whole lot for us to talk about. As we approach the mid-point of the season, the playoff picture starts to become clearer as teams attempt to solidify their positions. So, let us take a look at what all happened this week with the Foundation League.

Puffins take out Shadow in convincing style
The Puffins rarely struggled in their 4-1 win over Shadow. Tuxedo Marx had an absolute screamer of a series, posting 19 goals and 8 saves for a staggering 7.08 MVPR. The Shadow were able to prevent the sweep with a 5-4 win in Game 3, but the Puffins victory was never in doubt. The Puffins will look to keep that momentum against the Aviators, while the Shadow will attempt to bounce back against the Lightning.

Knights fall under the Wizards spell
The Knights started out strong, but the Wizards were able to pull off a magical comeback as they secured the reverse sweep in a 3-2 victory. The Knights just seemed to fall apart in the final two games, getting outscored 13-2. LilRock and Sprk worked very well together, posting a 4.85 and 4.64 MVPR respectively. The Knights will try to regroup for their game against the Sabres, while the Wizards hope to keep it up against the Bears.

Bears able to outlast the Sabres
In a series that went all the way down to Game 5, the Bears were able to secure their victory in a 4-1 win. Bepsi tried his hardest to prevent the Bears from stealing the day with his 15 saves, but it just was not enough in the end. The Bears will face the Wizards in their next game, while the Sabres will go up against the Knights.

Outlaws tame the Rhinos
The Outlaws were able to reign in the Rhinos, outscoring them 16-5 in their 4-1 series win. The Rhinos managed to prevent the sweep in Game 3, but the dominant performance from Rednyte was too much to handle as he posted 11 goals on the day. The Outlaws look to continue to take wins when they face the Pirates, while the Rhinos need to secure a victory against the Demolition.

Express win close match against Blizzard
A series that went to Game 5, Express were able to just squeeze by Blizzard in a close 2-1 win in the final game. Quinestupapa carried the day for Express, scoring 11 goals with 12 saves for a 5.81 MVPR. Express will face Eclipse next, with Blizzard going up against the Hawks.

Aviators secure the win against Lightning
The Aviators were able to secure the series win against Lightning in Game 4, with the final result ending in 3-2. A relatively low-scoring affair with only 21 goals between both teams, an impressive 32 saves were made in total. Rsayers managed 11 goals and 11 saves for a 4.74 MVPR, with a 68% shot accuracy. Aviators will begin to prepare for their match against the Puffins, as the Lightning begin to formulate a game plan for Shadow.

Eclipse win the day over the Hawks
The Hawks were able to win both Games 1 and 5, but Eclipse proved dominant in the space in-between as they took the series 3-2. Drewnobyl was the man of the match for this one, netting 10 goals and 5 saves for a 4.17 MVPR. Eclipse will go up against Express next, while the Hawks will battle Blizzard in Week 4.

Demolition so close, yet so far away
In an exciting match that came all the way down to Game 5, the Demolition were almost able to pull off the reverse sweep. After losing the first two games, C0P3x and YOUGOTOWNED4200 steamed back to tie the series up. They ran out of steam in Game 5 however, losing 3-1 in a dominant showing from Forgivv and TheOnlyBirdy. The Demolition desperately need a win next week against the Rhinos, while the Pirates look to take down the Outlaws.

That wraps everything up for this week, as we move into the mid-way point of the season. Teams are beginning to take their spots in the race for the playoffs, but there’s still plenty of time for upsets and mix-ups to shake the league. Join me back here next week to take a look at the carnage of Week 4.