Champion League Playoffs: Day Two

Day one of wild card weekend has come and gone and day two is here to bring us even more thrilling matchups. Today features plenty of pairings that will have fans and viewers wondering who is the powerhouse and who is the underdog. Today is where the wild cards start to get wild and those six seed cinderellas emerge. To break down all the action here are the previews for the Champion League matches today, July 24th.


Tyrants (3) vs. Dodgers (6) 7:00 PM on MLesportsgg3

The Tyrants ended their season 4th overall in the conference, winning their division with a 42 and 28 record. They put together a great campaign that put them in a great 3 seed spot to make a postseason run. Trusolja and T-Rex have been the backbone of the doubles team this season each playing in 6 series and averaging a 5.25 and 5.3 MVPR respectively. But in the first round of playoffs, it is a division rival that may come back to haunt them. The Dodgers have put together a late-season run of 12-3 in the final three weeks. this included a 5-0 win in the final week against the Elite and a 4-1 win against none other than the Tyrants. Now this Dodgers team finds themselves with a wild card spot facing off with a team they’ve recently beaten. The only question that remains is can they do it again.

Lightning (3) vs. Express (6) 8:00 pm on mlesportsgg3

This Blue Conference matchup looks to be an unpredictable game. The Express, despite being the 6th seed came in 4th place in the conference with a 39-31 record but couldn’t win their division. On the other side, the Lightning did win their division but only managed a 35-35 record. Now the Express are out to prove that their tough Forge division schedule was a benefit instead of a hindrance as they try to upset the 3 seed.  C0P3x looks to be the leader and facilitator for the Express finishing 3rd in assists and top 10 in both goals and saves. The Lightning will look to their star doubles player in GoldFish who has averaged 2.02 goals per game and 2.2 saves per game this season.


DODGERS (3) VS. SHADOW (6) 8:00 pm on Mlesportsgg2

Both the Dodgers and the Shadow have a star scorer in the top five. Shraxl for the Dodgers has had a great season with 1.25 goals per game, 0.7 assists, and 1.35 saves. But it’s the Shadow’s own Philo66 who rivals those stats with 1.04 goals per game, .068 assists, and 1.44 saves. Holding the highest MVPR for their respective teams, look for these two players to attempt to control the pitch. Whoever wins this matchup may come down to which star player can assert dominance over their opponents.

Blizzard (3) vs. Ducks (6) 9:00 pm on mlesportsgg2

The Storm Division Champion Blizzard will face off against a strong Ducks team in this 3 vs. 6 match-up. The Ducks may be second in the Sky division but they are formidable on both sides of the pitch. Defensively they’re led by Cavuh and Chaos Spike who have put up 77 and 65 saves on the season respectively. They face off against a Surprisingly hot Blizzard team that has gone 12 and 4 in their last three series. There are a number of Players on the Blizzard squad that could make an appearance but I would look for Mizule and their 1.12 goals per game to be the x-factor in the series. 

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