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Teams to Watch: Too Early Foundation League Playoff Predictions.

Ok, so they might not be the best that MLE has in terms of technical skill. But, as you look deep into the Foundation League you might find that there are some of the best and biggest up-and-comers.  That being said, it’s time to look at the Teams to Watch for this great Season 12.

Standard Predictions


 Standard Record:5-0

Roster: IncogNeato, GAMbro, Dawicow, Monty, Sttowe, Beepbingbongbop

This prediction might not be as bold as others, but especially after their performance in week one, they are probably on most people’s watch list. While it might look at first glance like the entire Hawks team is high salary (44.5 total), a look at the Pandas for instance (43 total salary) shows that they aren’t too far ahead, and after the Pandas 0-5 loss it just goes to show that there is some skill hiding in the Hawks ranks.

Now it is easy to say that they had close games and might not be as good as a 5-0 win looks, but when we dive deeper into their scrim stats, we see a different story. They have all three players in the top 25 for avg MVPR! This out of a stonks sheet with 238 rows of players.  In terms of win percentage that changes to 2 in the top 50 and the last in the top 100, but if you ask me scrims aren’t the same as playing with your team and the lowest win pct for them individually is .5 so still better than half of the Foundation League. So put all the pieces together and I think you will likely see a strong Hawks team all the way to the playoffs this season. That’s as long as they are ready to handle a rank out or two.




Standard Record: 4-1

Roster: bluemagemikey, Chief,  jacobjtl, doorz, SinfulEnvy

On to the bold prediction for season 12.  Now I say this is bold because they don’t have the highest salary, and they didn’t go 5-0 week 1 but hear me out. As we look into the draft and see they didn’t take a 10 salary as their first pick in FL, we see a team that isn’t afraid to sport some lower salary players and is looking for them to improve but hopefully stay in FL and carry the franchise to a season Championship.

Let’s talk about their match.  They headed in with a lower total salary against a team manned with players who have been to AL just this offseason, and a solid retention in their team captain.  Not only were they able to pull out 4 wins and clinch the series but they joined the elite group with the Hawks where everyone on the team had an assist proving that they are really meshing and already a team. Looking at scrims paints a picture of some true sleepers as the team leads off with an avg MVPR of 3.69, which is higher than 2/3rds of Foundation League players! With all players sporting a .5 win percentage or higher, they once again join the likes of the Hawks. Lastly, they bring home a top 10 4mans player, and their #1 draft pick, Jacobjtl, has yet to miss the playoffs on his teams. With plenty of room in their salary cap at 41.5, they should have plenty of room for their players to progress and I expect they will go far.

Doubles Predictions



Roster: Cracker904, Ota, Novanta, OneHandMedic, HoospitalBall

With the easy choice, we see the Hive move up to the top of the leaderboard, The reigning FL Champions are proving they have what it takes. The Hive, keeping with that bee family mentality, appear to have built a team that is as sweet as honey! Once again going with a low salary draft in pick number 2, they have proven why so many tryouts were crucial.

Circling around to the match, the Hive was another team that was way out salaried but this time they sweep with a combined 21 goals. They turned, what by their salary should have been a loss into a lock. I won’t call it a shut out but when you almost double your opponent’s MVPR it’s something to write home about!  Moving into the scrim bot, we see an average win pct of .64 which puts them so far ahead it doesn’t even bring you to sheet 2 of the stonks card. I think they really shine in the goals per game slot though, where we see one player 2nd in FL and the other in the top 50. Proving match 1 was not a fluke these players do it every time they drive on the field.  Not that it will be a surprise to the community but I expect you might see this team in the announcements as back-to-back champions.





Roster: Panas, Eskimo, Ph4yt3, 1.0_Mpi, thepiggybuggy, GurglingRL, Porky

Were there teams that had more wins? Yes. Were there higher MVPRs? Yes. But this pick is all about hidden talent. In terms of their week 1 performance, we see what some might say was an average performance. But let’s dive deeper, 16 combined saves, 4 or more goals scored in the games they won, and an avg MVPR of 4.23! Showing that even though it took to game 4 they are close to end-of-season form.  When we look at each player’s scrims we see one player in the top 20 of almost every category from goals per game to assists. The best part, the other player is in the top 50% for the other category (saves per game). Proving that the best thing about the Wizards isn’t a single player but their ability to build a TEAM that compliments each other and makes up for the weaknesses they might have. Their only weakness could be a rank out, but looking at their drafting mentality, even with a rank out or two you might find yourself yelling “Go Wiz” by the end of the season.

Teams to Watch: Too Early Academy League Playoff Predictions

The Academy League is always a tight race with so many active players and so many talented players improving each day. It’s hard to predict what this league will look like at the end of the season. But we won’t let that stop us from making some bold predictions about who might be playoff-bound.

Doubles Predictions



Doubles Record: 5-0

Roster: xCHEF,  hakuu, Tez, Icy_Fatal, Venturi, Kuick Knight, Finicko

For most franchises, week one is tough. New rosters are trying to become familiar with each other. Scrims being played at a blinding rate in order to figure out specific pairings. Who is going to play 3’s, who is going to play 2’s? None of these things seemed to be an issue for the Pirates. Second-year Pirate and team captain Hakuu said  “Our strong points would be preparation. Whether we lose games or win them, we’re going to be prepared before the next game and that’s something we pride ourselves on.”  Kuick Knight and Finicko came out firing on all cylinders with 18 goals, 7 assists, 14 saves, and an astonishing 51 shots in their series against a strong Outlaws team.  Three out of the five games being decided by one goal, the Pirates rose to the challenge that is week one. Kuick Knight had an especially special series, scoring 10 of the 18 goals for his team, with a  43% shooting percentage, and an incredible 5.12 MVPR. This is a pairing on a team that will be extremely frightening for the rest of the Academy League as the season progresses.



Doubles Record: 10-0

Roster: Phi Sig, DrStein, Fo0f, Mike Raphone, fasterthanfalcon, CaptainRomeo

Another team that went 10-0 in their first two Doubles series’, Fo0f, Phi Sig, and fasterthanfalcon have made a statement that they mean business. In the doubles series against the Jets, the Wolves won every game by two or more goals, scoring a total of 21, and only allowing 12. In that series, fasterthanfalcon also laid down an insane 6.59 MVPR, scoring 17 of the 21 goals, and saving 8 shots. In their series against the Foxes, both Phi Sig and Fo0f had MVPR’s over 6, with a 6.72 and a 6.25 respectively. This is a roster that does not appear to have a weak point and will be a force to be reckoned with in MLE Season 12. AGM and AL roster player Phi Sig said “Fasterthanfalcon plays very fast for AL and when he is paired with a strong team member that plays position he really shines. He and Fo0f got both of those roles so they did great together.  I tend to play that same fast-paced role so when I played with Fo0f we were able to get the most out of both our play styles.  The most important thing is that our team is extremely relaxed and just happy to play together, regardless of the outcome.  We have a great time playing together and it really shows in our comms and how we are able to talk with each other.”

Standard Predictions


Standard Record: 5-0

Roster: Ondo, OwnerOfTheWhiteSedan, Dopenose, Smalls, Solo

The Dodgers are another team that is off to a perfect start in the Standard game mode. They fought off the Elite in a tight series, only winning the first two games by 1 goal, then breaking out to defeat them by two or more goals in the following three games. With only a 10.5 salary, Smalls led the Dodgers in MVPR and Assists, as well as tying for most shots on the net in the lobby. “The 3s squad is pretty much my whole roster, since I don’t have anyone I would call a 2s specialist on the team. Considering that the majority of the players have been in Champion League before, I expect that all of them should be standouts as the season goes on.” says Franchise Manager InanimateJ. As a team, they also held the Elite Roster to a combined 5.90 MVPR, and only eight goals in the entire series. This is a roster that has limitless potential, and the ability to be one of, if not the best team in Academy League this season. 



Standard Record: 4-1

Roster: Deejay, DK, LuxuriusPoverty, Hammy, Hems, Scooter_Dom, Mileunders, Skye

Despite playing a three’s pairing with two 10.5’s and an 11.0, the Demolition made a statement in their first five standard games of the season. Going 4-1 against a strong Spectre lineup in AptFox, Wayne Finkle and Jordak, the Pirates dropped game one, and never looked back, out-scoring the Spectre 17-9 in the series. Deejay, the Franchise Manager of the Demolition said “MileUnder And Scooter_Dom caught my eye during scrims and tryouts during the offseason. I knew that they had great 3’s ability even though their salaries were low. We have a lot of skilled players across the spectrum and we can plug and play almost anyone to be a confident and solid team. I, myself, have been excited to play 3’s this season and have felt good about my 3’s play so far this season.” Scooter_Dom, Deejay, and Mileunders want it to be known that salary is only a number, and this team is not to be taken lightly, no matter who on the roster is playing. 


Teams to Watch: Too Early Champion League Playoff Predictions

Champion League is where chemistry and strategy begin to be pivotal in what rosters succeed in MLE. There is plenty of talent to go around but the difference between winning and losing comes down to which team can play like a team and which teams struggle to find their rhythm. There’s a lot of games to play this season but after week one we think we have some idea of who you might see in season 12s postseason.

Standard Predictions 



Standard Record: 9-1

Roster: Chimpanalton, T-rex, Frosty, Veni, Ambitious Apple

Last season the CL tyrants made it to the semifinals before losing to the eventual champions, the Elite. This season’s roster looks to return with vengeance. Alton, Frosty and Veni are all returning starters continuing to grow their chemistry with each game. T-Rex has played in the first three series for the team in both 3s and 2s and there’s a good reason.  At 19 goals and 20 saves T-rex has the makings of an MVP for the league. If this season’s Tyrants continue to put up high-scoring games they’ll be early favorites and serious playoff contenders.  For my money, I’m looking for Ambitious Apple to be the x-factor this season. They seem to fit well with the existing roster and with a 3.3 standard MVPR, they add enough of a bump to make a difference in a close series. 




Standard Record: 4-1

Roster: Hyper, Barnabas_, Sci_Frye, Underdogger, Intergalactic Turtle, Bombin

In the pre-season I said that Sci_Frye was a top player because of their MLE experience and potential leadership. They lead a Hurricanes team that is looking to return to the CL playoffs after winning the league in season 10 only to miss out on playoffs the following season. In the first 3s series the team combined for 29 goals. While most lopsided results usually point to a standout player the Hurricanes played their series as a team. No other team has two players currently in the top 10 for standard MVPR, the Hurricanes have three players. It’s true we haven’t seen much from this team but what we have seen gives us reason to think the Hurricanes could be serious title contenders. 

Doubles Predictions



Doubles Record:9-1

Roster: KH, Staas, Linke., Appa, Squintle

The Hawks seem to be an obvious safe pick for an early playoff prediction. A 9-1 record stands out. But the Pandas also put up the same record over two series so why put one team on the list over the other? To put it bluntly, competition. Nipping on the heels of the Pandas are their division rivals, the Sharks. When the Hawks look around at their Sky division rivals they have yet to see a serious threat to their early-season run. They’ve got clear skies ahead. And even if they lose a player to an early-season rank out I don’t see them slowing down. The Depth of the Hawks is already one of their strengths as they’ve played four different starters in their first two doubles series. These four put up an average MVPR of a 6.23. That stat, of course, is helped by KH who put up 19 goals 7 assists and 12 saves in their series.




Doubles Record: 3-2

Roster: NoVa Matty, cordiaL, bossanova, TeaboneJones, rudy, Krypt, Anti

The Elite will return to the CL Finals. There’s my bold prediction. From week two to the playoffs I’m carrying this one with me. I know there were more offseason roster changes on this team than a lot of other teams in the league. They saw the rank outs of PandaMazing and Wubby, the two players who played in the season 11 final. But the roster they do have looks very impressive. Rudy and Cordial went 3-2 in their first week which doesn’t seem like an impressive result for a playoff frontrunner. But despite playing a tough Dodgers squad the players put up some impressive stats. Rudy scored 7 goals and got 12 saves while Cordials put up 13 goals and 5 saves making them a great balanced duo. I’m also looking for TeaboneJones to have a stellar season and help the Elite return to defend their title. 

Teams to Watch: Too Early Master League Playoff Predictions

Retentions in the leagues were a big story this offseason. The change in roster sizes allowed the possibility for more team retentions than ever before. Yet when making this list there seemed to be a combination of existing rosters and new emerging stars that are making an impact in the Master League. This makes it difficult to predict who will continue to collect wins as the season wears on. But that doesn’t discourage us from taking a swing at some bold predictions. Here are a few of our picks for who is playoff-bound in season 12.

Standard Predictions


Standard Record: 8-2

Roster: Iso, Xequter001, Foretrix, TmanRL, EllectroZx, Reverse Fridge

The Rhinos could be a contender for both doubles and standard playoff predictions but they are notable in 3s for their depth on the roster. Playing 5 players in their first two series the Rhinos showed they could win with just about anyone on their team. No one on the team has put up large numbers in a series but the team is winning close games in tough series. With the speed, talent, and depth they are an early favorite to be the sun division frontrunner. Notably, this team made playoffs last season with mostly the same roster but lost in the opening round to the Outlaws. Keeping their team together means this roster thinks they have a shot at redemption and even a championship in season 12. 




Standard Record: 5-0

Roster: Haimgame, Turkey, Spooks, Chase, Theory, Wray, Alex

The Wolves have one standard series under their belt but that one series was perhaps the best display of defense seen in week one. Posting three shutouts and only allowing four goals over five games, the Wolves look like a team that can stop a lot of high-powered offenses this season. There’s a good history of defensive teams making playoffs in the MLE.  Where the offense is concerned it looks like Spooks is the person to look out for. With a 4.92 Spooks is first overall in standard MVPR. While we have only seen Spooks, Haimgame, and Theory take the field it seems that they’ve wasted no time in showing what their starting lineup is capable of. 

Doubles Predictions 


Doubles Record: 5-0

Roster: Nate., Skyler, Sho, ESTO, Hiimly

There’s a lot of talent on this five-player roster for the Bulls. While just five players make for a lack of depth in master league, every player on this roster is showing a lot of talent. In their first doubles match, Skyler and Nate combined for 28 goals and 13 assists. The pair have shown a dominance that puts them both in the top 10 for doubles MVPR. It will be interesting to see if the consistency of this team holds up throughout the season but so far they’re impressing the rest of the league out of the gates. Doubles is a mode that puts a player’s mechanics on display and the mechanical ability on this team is something we can’t wait to see on stream throughout the season and most likely into the playoffs. 



Doubles Record: 8-2

Roster: Jahex, Aztra., GoodJobOwen, Jephph, Who, FacelessTurtles, Janu

The Blizzard has not only taken two series early in the season but they’ve done it against two tough opponents who were outranking them in salary. With 38 goals in 10 games, the Blizzard have been winning high scoring series and with different lineups. Jahex and Aztra teamed up for an impressive sweep over the Lightning while Facelessturtles and GoodJobOwen triumphed 3-2 in a tough battle with the Hawks. If the Blizzard can keep winning against favored opponents they’ll have a great chance at the postseason. Though some of these names may be new to the MLE playoffs I think this group will quickly become regular faces in the postseason.  

Teams to Watch: Too Early Premier League Playoff Predictions.

The top teams in Premier League can sometimes be easy to spot. But season 12 has shown early on just how competitive this league can be. Many teams grabbed top players and are quickly attempting to build powerhouse teams around them. But in a league with such a high skill ceiling, it’s likely to be the depth that separates the good from the great teams.  There’s a long road to the playoffs for these Premier League teams, but that won’t discourage us from making some early season playoff predictions.

Standard Predictions



Standard Record: 4-1

Roster: BraidedAxe, Danger, Tagmata, UnearthlyLegend, Gratz

The Blizard won both series in 2s and 3s in their first week in convincing fashion. Of their five-player roster, they have only played the top three salary starters but those three players have put on some great performances. Tagmata and Danger both had great performances last season but it was BraidedAxe who had the notable playoff run. This season the three of them combined will be a powerful force. Tagmata may be the rising star in this season’s run for the Blizzard with a 6.47 MVPR in doubles and a 3.76 in standard. In Standard, you are sometimes only as good as your weakest teammate and with the starting roster of the Blizzard, I don’t see a weak spot on any of their starters.




Standard Record: 3-2

Roster: Tater, Taki, Kruncho, Tunloink, Easy

The sun division is perhaps one of the most interesting in the Premier League. The competition between the Outlaws and the Pirates especially will be one to watch. But in the competition for the best standard team, I think the Pirates have the edge. Tater and Taki are reuniting this season after a playoff run in season 10. Their chemistry and mechanical ability will likely be the thing that carries the Pirates through tough series. The two both posted above a 3.2 MVPR in their first match and are likely to improve their stats as they take on easier opponents than their division rival Outlaws. Add a talented roster surrounding the pair and you have the makings of a serious playoff contender.


Double Predictions



Doubles Record: 3-2

Roster: Comp, Perma, Ryker, QDWAZAR, Pandy

The Knights haven’t swept an opponent or run up the score on a match. But what they have done is walk away with hard-fought wins in a forge division that looks to be the most competitive in the Premier League. Their star player being the returning champion Comp who has played both series. This season their likely partner in doubles is Perma who put up 11 goals and 15 saves in their first match against the Jets. With a tough division schedule, the Knights likely won’t emerge as a front-runner until the middle of their season. With Comp on the roster, however, I have no doubt that the Knights will be doing a lot of winning.




Doubles Record: 5-0

Roster: Wein_22, Ls, Antzu, Lefty

The Tyrants were bound to make the list in doubles or standard after their great week one performance. But if the Tyrants are going to make the postseason in one mode I think it will be doubles. Ls was a dominant force in MLE last season and it looked in the preseason that all it would take for them to make another run at the postseason was to find a good 2s partner. They seem to have found that partner in Wein_22. Wein_22 posted 13 goals and 11 saves in a 5-0 sweep against the defending champion Bulls. It’s too soon to tell if this roster will rotate significantly for 2s but if the Tyrants starting lineup plays that well every week they’ll be a lock for a playoff spot.

Players To Watch: Top Premier League Draft Prospects

For Premier League the top 3 prospects are perhaps the most important to secure. These players are nearing or in the bubble scene for RLCS and can make your season if you are lucky enough to pick them up. Teams like the Bulls who have last season’s champion in Deluxe are not eager to let them go. While others will take their chances with a great draft pick. The Jets, Pirates, and Knights will have the first 3 picks respectively after retentions. Their picks will likely determine the direction of the rest of the draft. While we don’t know for certain who those picks will be, we have a few educated guesses. In no particular order, are our five picks for who will be chosen early. 

Braided Axe

The first of many top players to have lost their franchise due to rotations, It was all but sure that if the Shadow had an opportunity to hang on to Braided Axe they probably would have taken it. Braided ended last season with 46 assists in the regular season (2nd in the league) and a semifinal playoff appearance where they lost to the eventual champions, the Bulls. Not only is Braided Axe a great team player but they’re also a defensive force. Braided elevates any team they’re on and after falling short last season you know that they will be hungry for another shot at the title game. There’s no doubt that Braided is a top pick given their ability and experience.


It’s always fun to see a new player on the PL scene. It’s even more fun when I get to make a pun about how xSauce could be the x-factor on a Premier League team this season. Though they don’t have MLE season experience their record in Premiere scrims speaks for itself. Quickly shooting up to a 20.5 salary with a 19-5 win-loss record in 2s, xSauce is looking to make a splash in season 12 and will likely be a first-round pick for a team that wants to take a chance to find a future PL MVP. We don’t know for sure how xSauce’s season will go but we’re eager to see them match up against the other top players on this list.  


I’d like to take this opportunity for a moment of silence for the Wolves franchise in season 12. Surely if the duo from season 11 had another shot at it they would be retained on the wolves and a shoo-in to go back to the finals together. But due to franchise rotations, Taki and LottyLettuce are now free agents and will likely be top draft picks as a result. Taki is out to prove that they’re making it back no matter what, lighting up preseason scrims with a 36-9 win-loss record. That’s a winning percentage of 80%. There’s no doubting the motivation of Taki this season and based on their history of smart adaptive player they’ll likely be an MVP of whatever team they get picked up for.

Lotty Lettuce

The other half of the Wolves duo is another player to watch. Lotty puts on a lot of shots (5.57 per game last season) and makes a lot of those shots as well.  Consistently dominant throughout season 11, Lotty is a player most franchises will be eyeing to lead their team this time around. While not as active as their former teammate in the preseason, Lotty is a known commodity in MLE and was likely on every team’s draft board before season 12 was even announced. Lotty and Taki won’t end up teaming once again because both will surely be first-round picks. But LottyLuttuce likely isn’t concerned because they have the talent and speed to do well with whoever they play with. I for one am excited for the inevitable series where the dynamic duo meet on opposing sides in the postseason. 


How do you not put the former champion on this list? After winning last season’s title with the Bulls, Comp has somehow ended up on the free agents list and teams with the top draft picks are all grinning ear to ear as a result. To even have the chance at picking up a player like Comp is basically a chance to pick up a title in the draft. Comp is just that skilled of a player. Fast, mechanical, and smart, Comp showed game after game in season 11 why they lead the pack in MLE. Perhaps the only worry for potential teams is that Comp is essentially a bubble scene player and his commitment to his other team may at times make playing for MLE complicated. But if Comp is able to make games, they will punch their team’s ticket to the postseason guaranteed.


With the removal of the salary cap for the top league, the Premier League has become a spectacular showcase of top-level talent. For the teams with early-round picks, they will be praying that the right player is available when their time comes. For teams at the bottom of the list, they aren’t holding their breath that these top picks will sneak by unpicked. Be sure to not miss all the drama when the Premier League draft happens this Saturday on MLE’s twitch channel.

Players to Watch: Top Master League Draft Prospects

If I was a Franchise or General Manager the job I would least like to have is to pick my draft board for this year’s Master League draft. The amount of talent at the top is so stacked and competitive that it’s hard to see who will come out on top in the long run. Sure there are front runners but to narrow those front runners down to just 5 players is a challenge. Even when I turned to the league for opinions I didn’t get much of a consensus. Three players that showed up repeatedly when talking to the community as standouts all ranked out on Monday, opening the field up even more for a wild first round of picks.   But luckily for you, I managed to wade through all the stats and opinions to pluck five stars out of the pack. These are the five players that you’ll likely see get picked up in the first round on Saturday.


Akina is a player that shows up on many lists but might sneak by as a steal in the bottom half of round one. Their scrim stats show a player that could be trying to lay low after their eligibility games or they simply haven’t had the time to grind in scrims the way some of their other peers have. But with a 10-2 winning record in standard they can’t hide how talented they are in this league. Akina saw playtime late in season 11 for the Shadow. Putting in two solid playoff performances with a 4.67 average MVPR, Akina showed they can perform well in the postseason. Now Akina has another shot to get back to the playoffs and take the next step towards a championship.


That last time we saw Uorodin play in MLE was in season 9 when there was no Master League. They managed to put up 30 shots and 35 saves in just 20 games with the Puffins. Now as Uorodin makes their return they are in a newly named league but are bringing the same top-level of talent. Putting in 4.24 shots per game and 1.9 saves per game in 2s Uorodin continues to show they’re a strong force on both sides of the pitch. From Uorodin’s preseason stats and 16.5 salary, this seems like a breakout season for them, and with the buzz from GMs and players, it seems like teams are counting on Uorodin to make a playoff appearance this season.


With the start of season 12, teams will be expected to look for more versatile players that can succeed at both 2s and 3s. Roman may be just such a player that can get wins for a franchise in either game mode. At 11-4 their win record in 2s stands out with just a few games played. Most of their buzz, however, is coming from tryouts where multiple GMs and players have talked about their speed and aerial mechanics in 3s. Once people start talking about your tryout performances word tends to spread pretty fast. Roman has gone from a relatively unknown newcomer to a potential top 5 pick in a short time. Now it’s up to them to deliver in the season and prove they can be a rookie MVP because that is what several franchises will be betting on this Saturday.


While I was talking to the community for this article I started to get the impression that most players mentioned JangosGotAMango simply because they wanted to talk about how much they enjoyed playing with him. The number one thing that stood out to me was just how much people mentioned Jango’s personality as a reason they would go early in the draft. Being the kind of player that is fun to play with in a lobby counts for more than most people think. Chemistry is key to both 2s and 3s and when you’re struggling through a tough series you want a player on your team who can keep spirits high and help prevent your teammates from getting tilted. That’s not to say that the only thing JangosGotAMango brings to a team is a good attitude. With a 16.5 salary and a 3s preseason record of 20-13 Jango is sitting at the top of the pack in terms of ML talent. No doubt Jango will perform well on the pitch and be a great person to have in your franchise server as well.


Not to be confused with Vitali, the Premier League player who is also a potential top pick this Saturday, Vital is a new free agent who is making waves in preseason scrims. Posting an impressive record of 21-9 in 2s Vital has proven why they deserve to be a top salary in ML. Right now Vital is averaging 4.7 shots per game and posting an MVPR of 5.17. Their offensive skills have got them the attention of a few fellow players and at least one GM in the league that I spoke to. When it comes to putting together a winning team, recognizing new talent is key but only one franchise can claim Vital on their roster, so seizing the opportunity and picking them up early will be a priority for many FMs on Saturday.

It’s going to be a long season with many great players emerging and competing for the title. We may not know who the most valuable player is in the preseason but we know that there is no shortage of talent in the running. The only thing left to do is to see where everyone will go this Saturday during the Master League draft on MLE’s twitch channel.

Players to Watch: Top Champion League Draft Prospects

Champion League this season saw a record 70 retentions, which means most every CL team will be starting with some form of the roster to build on. We can’t say for sure how this will change the top of the draft board but we can tell you that there are a few standouts in this season’s draft. There are a number of players that are making impressions in preseason scrims but to truly find the top five draft picks we needed to look at unique players that teams and players are talking about. So here are the top five players in no particular order that stand out to us.


CL teams looking for a good leader just might find one in Sci_Frye. With four seasons of experience and two playoff appearances, they are in a good position to take another team on a CL run. With a 5.01 MVPR in twos, this preseason Sci_frye has been performing well while not topping the leader boards. Their winning percentage at 67% is impressive. There are plenty of players that seem great on paper but franchises won’t know how well they mesh until the season starts. But Sci_Frye knows what it takes to win in the league which is always valuable.


Entering the league in season 9, Alton has risen up consistently from the Foundation League through Academy, Champion and last season performed well in Master League. With the new elo system, they have been placed squarely at the top salary of the Champion League. This makes Alton a great candidate for a top 5 draft pick. Any team looking for an experienced player that can keep up with the speed of Master League players is going to be a big difference-maker in Champion League matchups.


I kept having to run to my kitchen to grab a snack while researching these prospects. I think that was a bit of a Pavlovian response because I kept hearing about the name Waffleking everywhere and then thought about food. Waffleking is an MLE rookie but that hasn’t stopped them from being a part of most draft board conversations. While not having that many standard games under their belt, WaffleKing has an impressive 81% winning record in 2s. In a league like CL having a player that wants to dedicate their time to just one game mode could be very valuable, especially if they’re dominating that mode the way that Waffleking seems to be dominating scrims. While still being untested in the league the buzz around this player seems to be enough that franchises are more than willing to take a chance with this player for an early pick.


Far from an unknown, the quality that Fittz brings to the table is MLE experience. Both as a player and a General Manager Fittz has helped out his team, the Flames, win games for four seasons. Now Fittz is once again a free agent and It’s safe to say an FA with a good amount of attention. Fittz sits at a 14 salary and while their stat lines don’t scream top 5 pick, they are player who is known to play smart and fast. Most importantly Fittz seems to be held in high regard by every player and FM that I spoke to. Not only is Fittz a solid player but a good leader. In a new season where the league is expanding captains may be more important than ever and that is where the potential value of a player like Fittz really shines.


Isaac13003 is another player that has been around the league for a few seasons but this may be the first season they find themselves in this position. Not seeing playtime in season 11 and only playing one series in season 12, in which they put up an impressive 16 goals in 5 games, they managed to fly largely under the radar in the league. But this season Isaac13003 finds themselves at a 14.5 salary sitting on a great record in scrims and suddenly their name is beginning to make its way around the early draft talk circles. Most of their preseason playtime has been spent in 3s where they have put up a 15-8 winning record. Posting 3.3 shots per game and 1.8 saves per game across both game modes Isaac13003 is a talented player on both sides of the pitch and has the potential to be the difference-maker in quite a few early season matches.


With the expansions to 3s and so many retentions the CL draft is sure to be unlike any other before it. Franchises will have a tough job navigating their own draft boards and making the right choices. We can’t wait to watch how it all unfolds this Saturday on the MLE twitch channel.

Players to Watch: Top Academy League Draft Prospects

This season Academy League features a few standout veterans as well as a handful of newcomers already gathering some decent buzz. With a 2s and 3s league, it will be more important than ever to find the right players to fill out the roster. So who is the real deal and who is the future AL MVP. Here are our top 5 picks in no particular order of who we think will be picked early in the draft.


Going into their third season in the MLE, Silen7 will be an impact player in Academy League for Season 12. This player has proven his value tenfold, posting 63 wins with only 28 losses in scrims for a 0.69 win %. In these wins, they have averaged 2.11 goals per game, as well as 1.51 saves per game, and an average MVPR of 5.11. Silen7 will be a dominant player for the early part of the season and will be able to set a good example of top-tier performance for the team that is lucky enough to draft them.


This is a player that is worth more than his salary, and then a little bit more. Going into his first full season in the MLE, Mellow will blow the competition away with his quick and aggressive playstyle. Averaging 4.87 shots per game in scrims so far, this player will relentlessly pressure the most resilient of defenses. It would be a shock to see Mellow drop below the first 10 picks in the Academy League draft on Saturday and will be an early favorite for Season 12 Academy League MVP. 


Four seasons in the MLE is nothing to be taken lightly. Since joining the MLE in Season 9, Xtarasenko91x has climbed his way to become a 12 salary in Academy League and will look to fly through the competition with his stellar aerial mechanics and lightning speed. Posting an average of 1.52 saves per game in scrims, their combination of mechanics, speed, and smart play looks to be the perfect recipe for a spicy season. There are few players in Academy League that are as well-rounded as Xtarasenko91x, and anyone on the other side of the pitch will have a tough time facing off against them. 


There is no such thing as a dull 4mans session when Pander is around. With this player’s positive attitude and outgoing personality, paired with their natural rocket league ability, it is no wonder why they were the Double-A end-of-season Invitational Champion. Winning the 4mans invitational is no easy feat. Pander had to overcome three different soon-to-be Champion League rank outs in the invitational alone, and countless during the 4mans regular season in order to qualify. At an 11.5 salary, Pander will be an extremely valuable player to have on your roster for Season 12. 


As a new face in the league, MockHD has wasted no time at all making a name for himself. As the current leader in total scrim wins, it would be a crime to dismiss a player as mechanically solid as them. In the 98 wins that they have accrued in scrims, MockHD has averaged a 4.62 MVPR, and boasts 323 total goals. Having nearly reached Champ 2 in 1’s, hitting Champ 1 Div 4, this player has the potential to be a top player in Academy League in the upcoming season. Another player that is constantly active in 4mans and scrims, MockHD will be a leader to build a solid foundation on. 


There are even more players that were in contention for this list and no doubt AL mock drafts will be hotly debated right up until Saturday. Be sure to tune into the MLE twitch channel and catch all the action as we find out where our stand-out players will land.

Players to Watch: Top Foundation League Draft Prospects

Foundation League is the wild west of the draft boards. Anything goes and anything can happen. Some top picks rank out days before or days after the draft. Some top picks will be 7s that turn into 10s. Some third-round picks will be MVPs. Some of the best picks of the season won’t happen until week 6 of the season when one lucky franchise will find a fresh new Foundation player to carry them to a late playoff run. It’s impossible to predict what will happen in the Foundation League. But there are a few players that are sure to help franchises pick up some early season wins and set them on the right path. In no particular order, here are our predictions for who you will see at the top of the board on Saturday. 


It’s rare to find an FL player whose record speaks for itself but Louzer’s record shouts from the mountains. One of very few players in the MLE who can call themselves a two-time Champion. TheLouzer spent last season in Academy before the new elo system change put him back into FL. But before that, he won back-to-back championships with the FL Tyrants. TheLouzer won FL titles by being a consistent player with a good first touch mentality. If a franchise wants to know what it takes to win a championship, Louzer is a good first pick and likely leader of yet another successful FL team.


It’s tough to pick from the pack of top-salary players when it comes to FL. It’s hard to know who will be the early rank outs and who will stick around long enough to win a few games for your franchise. Cris-twa has already gone through a rank out once and then elected to drop down again. They are yet another player who spent last season in Academy League and gained experience playing against AL level players. Now in starting in FL, they seem to be a dominant force that will score some early season wins for any franchise. Cris-twa is one of the faster players in FL who can make clutch shots and goal-line saves. They adapt well in scrims and will likely continue to improve and get exponentially better over the course of the season. There aren’t a lot of guarantees when it comes to the FL draft. But I’d say the safest bet I know right now is that Cris-twa goes early in round one. 


There are certain players in MLE that tend to stay quiet for a season or two and then explode to the top of the league. This season my money is on Clory being that player. Season 11 saw Clory’s coming in at a mid to low salary and only playing in one series. But this season they have shown just how much they’ve been on the grind. Clory is now a 10 salary player with impressive scrim stats to back up their claim at a top draft pick. His mechanical ability and great stat lines across the board have most scouts putting him near the top of every draft board. It’s a position that I think is well earned as Clory has clearly put in the time in the offseason to greatly improve and will likely continue to move up throughout the season.


Meerkat is going into his fourth season in MLE which marks him among the few FL veterans. At a 10 salary, this is likely their last shot at FL before the rank-out comes for them. Meerkat has had multiple playoff appearances including last season where he lost in the second round to the eventual champion Hive team. No doubt they will want to go out of FL with one more run at the title. Even if Meerkat ranks out midseason he is a smart pick-up for teams looking for a consistent FL player with experience winning in the league. Any team with Meerkat on the roster is a team I’d rank highly in power rankings this season.


It’s hard to say Logicc is flying under the radar with a 15-6 record in their doubles scrims. When you ask around there might be a few other names that come up before Logicc’s. But I think Logicc’s stats are the kind that shows MVP potential. With one season of play under their belt Loggic posted a 4.54 average MVPR over just three series. They are yet another player that has been on the line between Academy League Foundation but at a 9.5 salary as of this week, they don’t seem to be in immediate danger of a rank out. Logicc leads FL in average shots per game with 5 in the preseason and converts a consistent 50% of those. All those numbers put Logicc in a perfect position to be not only a great steal but a star FL player for whoever takes them. 

There is still a laundry list of FL talent that could have warranted a spot on this list. Likely even now a new free agent is earning their eligibility who may be the true best pick in the draft. When the Foundation League draft kicks off Saturday it will be up to Franchise and General managers to navigate a field of up-and-coming talent. It’s not a position we envy but we can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

Power Rankings Round Up

The first round of division play for Season 11 has come and gone. Rosters have been settled, team chemistry is coming together and the top teams are beginning to show themselves. With the help of our Power Rankings Committee, our staff is here to break down the top three teams and tell you why each of these franchises is already showing signs they’re capable of going all the way. There’s a lot of great teams on this list so we’re starting off with Foundation League and working our way up but if you want to head straight to another league click here for Academy, Champion, Master, and Premier League.                                                  *All stats and records are from week 3

Foundation League

by Terminiator


The Knights are a team with a lot more questions than answers at the moment, after posting a record of 11-4.  In their first series, a 2-3 loss against the Spartans turned into a 5-0 win when one of the Spartans played using an unreported account. Combine that with the rank out of their best player and the fact their lowest salary player has only played one series, and there is a lot to be answered. One thing we know for sure however is that SovietShark is a star in the making. He scored 16 goals in the Knights week 2 win over the Express and is someone you do not want to line up against. Hawkeye is a solid midseason pickup, posting 7 goals of his own against the Jets. Will this team come together and continue their hot streak? Only time will tell.


The Rhinos came out of the draft with a lot of hype, snagging two star players. Even though Labby quickly ranked out, Bukkets is holding down the fort for this dangerous Rhinos squad. He is scoring over 3 goals a game and is 2nd in FL in both MVPR (5.84) and total goals (31). But this team is more than just Bukkets. BeanMachine, who is 4th in MVPR (5.74), has stepped up in the one series he has played so far. Crazycow is a solid 3rd option, who has scored 17 goals in only 10 games played. No matter who plays for the Rhinos, you are getting a great lineup that knows how to score and that’s what makes this team one of the best in the league. 


While the Hive got out to a fast start, two of their best players quickly ranked out. This hasn’t stopped the Hive from creating buzz around the league though, as their 13-2 record is good enough to have them alone in first place. SadBoi is their best player at the moment, posting a whopping 7.41 MVPR and 18 goals in the one series he played. This was complemented by Nanovoid having 12 goals of his own in a 5-0 win over the Aviators. While this team did play well together, a lot of their future success will come down to how well they can gel, as their three current starters have played two combined series. That being said, the future looks bright, and they have put themselves in a great position to make the playoffs after the first three weeks.

Academy league

by Terminiator


The Outlaws sit in third in the power rankings, but are first in the standings with an impressive 17-3 record, with wins in all four series to date. They have an all-star number one player in Daywalker, who leads the league in goals with 40 so far. That being said, he isn’t the only player you need to worry about on this team, because their other great player, Quark, is scoring at a frantic pace as well, having 33 of his own, good enough to tie for 4th. While those two are the scorers, Flamez is the playmaker. With 21 assists to his name, they are now second in the league. Production is coming from everywhere, and nobody can seem to stop this team. The way the Otulaws are playing, it’s hard to think anyone will. 


The Puffins may be a fan-favorite franchise, but they are also a great team on the field. They have a 14-6 record so far, and just like the Hawks, have shown production from all over their roster. All four players have a double-digit goal tally and an MVPR of over 4.70 so far this season. Their captain AubreyE has led the way with 25 goals and a league-leading 23 assists. MouseRat has also put up great numbers, with 18 saves, good enough for 2nd on the team, only behind AubreyE (29). While they have a 3-1 series record, wins in their last two series have the team trending the right direction, and makes this a roster nobody wants to face.


The Hawks are ranked number 1 on this list for a very good reason: no matter who they put in, you are going to face a dangerous lineup. Three players have scored over 18 goals so far this season. This team is led by ITSLAPPY, who has scored 25 goals and has 18 saves in only two series. Anarchy and Lawrence have solid numbers themselves, scoring 18 and 23 times respectively. While their final player Vecinzz hasn’t put up the most eye-popping numbers, his 3.14 OMVPR is good for 6th place in AL. Production from all over is making this team soar to start the season, and they have no plans to slow down anytime soon. 

Champion League

by RoyalGrace


Rounding out the podium positions for CL will be the Bulls. The Bulls are led by playing-GM CHASER at a 14.5 salary, and surrounding CHASER are iAtomic at a 14.0, and two of the best performing 13.5s in the league in shefboyardee and Niccsicc. Shefboyardee is 6th in all of Champion League with a 5.81 MVPR, which is a staggering number for a 13.5 salary. The Bulls have been a team that has feasted against those below a .500 record (5-0) but has also performed quite well against those above .500 (10-5). The Bulls have also already beaten the Elite earlier this season, so they clearly don’t fear the other top teams.


Holding the number two spot this week, leapfrogging the number three team on the list, we have the Pirates. Led by CL mainstay Crey2k at a 14.5 salary, the Pirates are a strong team that undoubtedly thinks they can challenge the Elite for the top spot going forward. Outside of Crey2k, the Pirates have NoKompass and Smitty Cena at 14.0, and jansen24 at a 13.5. One thing that may be keeping the Pirates from taking that number one spot is the fact that Crey2k has already played in four of his maximum eight matches, and jansen24 has played in zero of his required six. The latter part of this Pirates season will require jansen24 to be a solid contributor week in and week out in order to stay at the top of the Power Rankings.


Entering every week in CL Power Rankings, there is at least some debate about who should take the top spot. This week, that was not the case. After a dominant season thus far, the clear leaders have been the Elite, who jumped four spots after their 5-0 performance against the Spectre. Led by PANDAmazing at 14.5 salary, but by no means lacking are Grez and Rude at 14.0, and Moseidon at a 13.0. Grez is second in all of CL in MVPR (6.17), and first with at least 10 games played. The Elite are a staggering 15-0 against teams with a losing record, but just 2-3 against the one team they have played with a winning record (Bulls).


Master League

by RoyalGrace


The Spectre is possibly the most interesting case of the top three teams in the Master League. Most other teams at the top have players who appear frequently in the individual statistic top 10 lists, but the Spectre really don’t. The squad led by Blackwatch (16.5) would appear to be very team-oriented, with Denshar (16.0), Light (16.0), and Snugglable (15.0). Light does appear on the Assists leaderboard in 5th, with 19 assists in his 15 total games. The Spectre seem like total opposites to the Hive and the Hawks, who have been dominating statistical players, but both types of teams are finding plenty of success.


In the number two spot in ML, we have the sky division rival of the Hive, the Hawks. The Hawks are a solid team led by Pletheros at a 16.5 salary, with three 15.5s in Bandi, Gratz16, and MELT. Pletheros sits just behind Noah for the MVPR race, with a solid 7.11 to his name. Pletheros (39) and Bandi (31) both find themselves in the top 10 for ML total goals, at number 2 and 8, respectively. The battle for the sky division could get spicy this season with two of the top teams in the league battling it out.


In Master League, I don’t think anyone was surprised to see the Hive at the top of the Power Rankings. After a 10-0 week, the Hive showed that they are truly a force to be reckoned with in the weeks to come. It comes as no surprise that after two performances like that, the team jumped from 5th all the way to 1st. Uh steve takes the top spot on the Hive as far as salary goes, sitting at a 16.5, but Noah (16.0) and the rest of the team are no slouches. Noah leads ML in MVPR (7.36) for those who have at least 10 games played. Sully and real, coming in at 15.5 salary each, round out what seems to be the most lethal team in ML… for now. 

Premier League

by Kickpuncher


Every season I try to keep my eye on who the most defensive team is. I try to figure out how these teams shut down opponents, how they manage to break offenses and keep the ball out of their half. This season’s Premiere league wolves seem to be the team to watch for a defensive masterclass. The secret to that defense may be chemistry as last season’s Premier League runners up MattRochie and LottyLettuce have joined forces once again albeit under a different franchise. The duo was part of an Outlaws roster that ranked 2nd in the league in goals-against last season. It’s no surprise then that these two appear to be in winning form for the Wolves this season. Rounding out the roster is Taki, a player who helped the Pirates to the playoffs in season 10. Look for this team to dominate on both sides of the pitch and shut down even the highest-scoring offenses this season.


At 9-6 you wouldn’t think this Eclipse team would be rated 2nd in power rankings, but when your peers rate you above others with higher records it shows just how much respect is granted to this Eclipse roster. And when you see them play you discover that this team is worthy of that respect. Team Captain Vitali has helped shape this team into a defensive powerhouse that is lethal on the counter-attack. In an early match-up against none other than the top-ranked Hurricanes, the Eclipse found their footing against a high flying team and proved that they can close down any attack. Lazarus and Vitali showed off great passing and precision shooting in winning the series in a game 5 decider. Their team chemistry proved to be too much for a Hurricanes team that many predicted would not lose a series this season. If Atokad, their third starter, plays with the same mentality, this team will be an opponent that no one wants to see on their schedule.


After their finish from last season, where the Hurricanes took two championship titles with three teams in the finals, it seemed obvious that this franchise was going to be the most sought after team to be on. Maybe it’s a show of Hershey’s talent as a GM that the hottest franchise managed to draft one of the top players in the Premier League in TestGravity. With an average MVPR of 6.6 across three series, TestGravity is showing the league how to win. But it takes a full team to be this dominant early. The Captain, ChimpanJay is a deadly shooter with a 54.55 shooting percentage. Smrf rounds out a roster that looks to be a favorite for a late-season run. Their key in matchups seems to be the speed they’re capable of playing with. When you have players with this level of mechanical ability there is zero hesitation on the field no matter if it’s a passing play or a double tap, the Hurricanes can execute it fast and flawlessly.