Teams To Watch: Champion League Playoffs, Day One

Three days of wild card weekend are ahead of us. That means three days of previewing great playoff matchups. We’re here to give you a glimpse of what you’ll see for every series happening this weekend. Here are all the Champion League matchups happening today, July 23rd.


Outlaws(2) vs. Bears (7) 8:00pm on mlesportsgg3

The Outlaws finished first in the Sun division with the Bears a full 8 games behind them. In their last matchup, the Outlaws had a seemingly easy outing with a 5-0 sweep. But the bears have battled their way into a rematch and a chance to prove they can make the most of a wild card spot. The Bears have two players sitting at over a 5.0 MVPR in Yes Please and Linke. But Keana seems to be the player they’ve leaned on the most in doubles. The Outlaws on the other side have two clear starters in Luke and Theevilisback that have been the go-to players to put on great performances.

Jets (2) vs. Spartans (7) 9:00PM on mlesportsgg3

The Jets closed out the last two weeks in Doubles with a pair of 4-1 victories to capture the 2nd seed. But the week before that the Jets faltered in a 2-3 loss to none other than this Spartans team. Within that series, the Liotta and V8_Timmy of the Jets outscored the Spartans 24-15 but Dizzi and Rine were able to wrestle away three one-goal games to win a crucial series. Can these Spartans repeat their victory in a best of format or do the Jets take revenge and prove why they’re the higher seed? 



Outlaws (2) vs Wizards (7) 9:00 PM on Mlesportsgg2

The Wizards snuck into the playoffs with a crucial 3-2 win over their division rival and conference leaders, the Comets. Now they face another top opponent in the Outlaws. This team will have to play at their best to take down the two seed that has looked strong all season. The Outlaws are led by their top scorer in Theevilisback, who put up 67 goals this season, first in the league. The Outlaws come in as favorites but look for the Wizards to fight with the same tenacity that got them their wild card spot in the final week.

Jets (2) vs. Spartans (7) 10:00 pm on mlesportsgg2

The Blue Conference standard matchup features two Forge Division rivals. The Jets are strong favorites in this series with a 47-23 record, one game behind the league-leading Foxes. The Spartans fought their way into the playoffs on a 36-34 record and will have to try to overcome a tough challenge in the first round. Zime will be the likely Spartans MVP scoring 53 goals during the season which is the second most in the league. For the Jets, they have multiple players who could lead the team with four players averaging over a 3.0 MVPR this season.


Those are the series that you will see on day one of the Champion League wild card round. Be sure to stop in throughout the weekend for more previews of this weekend’s matches and tune into all our twitch channels to catch all the MLE action.