Teams to Watch: Too Early Premier League Playoff Predictions.

The top teams in Premier League can sometimes be easy to spot. But season 12 has shown early on just how competitive this league can be. Many teams grabbed top players and are quickly attempting to build powerhouse teams around them. But in a league with such a high skill ceiling, it’s likely to be the depth that separates the good from the great teams.  There’s a long road to the playoffs for these Premier League teams, but that won’t discourage us from making some early season playoff predictions.

Standard Predictions



Standard Record: 4-1

Roster: BraidedAxe, Danger, Tagmata, UnearthlyLegend, Gratz

The Blizard won both series in 2s and 3s in their first week in convincing fashion. Of their five-player roster, they have only played the top three salary starters but those three players have put on some great performances. Tagmata and Danger both had great performances last season but it was BraidedAxe who had the notable playoff run. This season the three of them combined will be a powerful force. Tagmata may be the rising star in this season’s run for the Blizzard with a 6.47 MVPR in doubles and a 3.76 in standard. In Standard, you are sometimes only as good as your weakest teammate and with the starting roster of the Blizzard, I don’t see a weak spot on any of their starters.




Standard Record: 3-2

Roster: Tater, Taki, Kruncho, Tunloink, Easy

The sun division is perhaps one of the most interesting in the Premier League. The competition between the Outlaws and the Pirates especially will be one to watch. But in the competition for the best standard team, I think the Pirates have the edge. Tater and Taki are reuniting this season after a playoff run in season 10. Their chemistry and mechanical ability will likely be the thing that carries the Pirates through tough series. The two both posted above a 3.2 MVPR in their first match and are likely to improve their stats as they take on easier opponents than their division rival Outlaws. Add a talented roster surrounding the pair and you have the makings of a serious playoff contender.


Double Predictions



Doubles Record: 3-2

Roster: Comp, Perma, Ryker, QDWAZAR, Pandy

The Knights haven’t swept an opponent or run up the score on a match. But what they have done is walk away with hard-fought wins in a forge division that looks to be the most competitive in the Premier League. Their star player being the returning champion Comp who has played both series. This season their likely partner in doubles is Perma who put up 11 goals and 15 saves in their first match against the Jets. With a tough division schedule, the Knights likely won’t emerge as a front-runner until the middle of their season. With Comp on the roster, however, I have no doubt that the Knights will be doing a lot of winning.




Doubles Record: 5-0

Roster: Wein_22, Ls, Antzu, Lefty

The Tyrants were bound to make the list in doubles or standard after their great week one performance. But if the Tyrants are going to make the postseason in one mode I think it will be doubles. Ls was a dominant force in MLE last season and it looked in the preseason that all it would take for them to make another run at the postseason was to find a good 2s partner. They seem to have found that partner in Wein_22. Wein_22 posted 13 goals and 11 saves in a 5-0 sweep against the defending champion Bulls. It’s too soon to tell if this roster will rotate significantly for 2s but if the Tyrants starting lineup plays that well every week they’ll be a lock for a playoff spot.