Academy League Playoffs: Day Two

Day one of wild card weekend has come and gone and day two is here to bring us even more thrilling matchups. Today features plenty of pairings that will have fans and viewers wondering who is the powerhouse and who is the underdog. Today is where the wild cards start to get wild and those six seed cinderellas emerge. To break down all the action here are the previews for the Academy League matches today, July 24th.


Demolition (3) vs. Dodgers (6) 6:00 PM on Mlesportsgg2

This matchup is sure to be an explosive one as the 6th seeded Dodgers take on the 3rd seeded Demolition. As early front runners, of the Orange Conference and Mystic Division winners, it’d be criminal to write off the Demolition. However, the Dodgers are no pushover, putting out equal goal and save averages. It’s safe to say the Dodgers will play very consistently on both ends of the pitch. It’d be extremely hard for me to pick a standout for the Demolition, as they run a very deep roster with all of their players Boasting an MVPR over 4. For the Dodgers, I’d expect to see Solo emerge as a leader as he boasts the highest MVPR on the team with a strong 5.75.

Knights (3) vs. Puffins (6) 7:00 PM on Mlesportsgg2

Next up, we have the 6th seeded Puffins taking on the 3rd seed Knights. Despite a vast difference in seeding, the two have fairly even records. It goes even deeper than that with the Knights only having 1 more goal in total on the season and only 7 fewer goals allowed. I would expect this game to be a very tight matchup. The Knights are spread pretty wide in terms of MVPR, any one of these players can change a series in my mind. As for the reigning champion Puffins, it’d be a crime to say AubreyE won’t be a game-changer for them as he chases back-to-back AL championships.



Bulls (3) vs. Elite (6) 7:00 pm on mlesportsgg

In our next matchup, we have a divisional clash as the Bulls take on the Elite. The Bulls held a 7 game advantage over the Elite to take the division. Don’t count the Elite out, however, as they average over a save per game more than the Bulls. We can expect to see a good mix of offense and defense in this exciting matchup. For the Bulls, Zeakz is again my player to watch as he held a steady 2.9 MVPR over 40 games. For the Elite, MysticGX appears to be the team’s MVP holding a 3.33 MVPR over 40 games.

Ducks (3) vs. Hive (6) 6:00 pm on Mlesportsgg3

In this series, we take to the sky (division) as the Ducks and Hive duke it out. The Ducks have a small four-game advantage over the Hive, however, this is due to their strong defensive play. The Hive have an 18 goal differential on the Ducks which can prove to be another great battle. For the Ducks, Bmilly proves to be their guy, keeping a 2.81 MVPR advantage over 40 games. For my Hive pick, I have a bit of an unorthodox selection in Sir Lunix. While Lunix doesn’t have crazy stats on the board, anyone who’s played him knows just how threatening he can be. Not to mention, he’s coming for his second championship with the Hive, winning the FL title last season.

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