Players to Watch: Top Academy League Draft Prospects

This season Academy League features a few standout veterans as well as a handful of newcomers already gathering some decent buzz. With a 2s and 3s league, it will be more important than ever to find the right players to fill out the roster. So who is the real deal and who is the future AL MVP. Here are our top 5 picks in no particular order of who we think will be picked early in the draft.


Going into their third season in the MLE, Silen7 will be an impact player in Academy League for Season 12. This player has proven his value tenfold, posting 63 wins with only 28 losses in scrims for a 0.69 win %. In these wins, they have averaged 2.11 goals per game, as well as 1.51 saves per game, and an average MVPR of 5.11. Silen7 will be a dominant player for the early part of the season and will be able to set a good example of top-tier performance for the team that is lucky enough to draft them.


This is a player that is worth more than his salary, and then a little bit more. Going into his first full season in the MLE, Mellow will blow the competition away with his quick and aggressive playstyle. Averaging 4.87 shots per game in scrims so far, this player will relentlessly pressure the most resilient of defenses. It would be a shock to see Mellow drop below the first 10 picks in the Academy League draft on Saturday and will be an early favorite for Season 12 Academy League MVP. 


Four seasons in the MLE is nothing to be taken lightly. Since joining the MLE in Season 9, Xtarasenko91x has climbed his way to become a 12 salary in Academy League and will look to fly through the competition with his stellar aerial mechanics and lightning speed. Posting an average of 1.52 saves per game in scrims, their combination of mechanics, speed, and smart play looks to be the perfect recipe for a spicy season. There are few players in Academy League that are as well-rounded as Xtarasenko91x, and anyone on the other side of the pitch will have a tough time facing off against them. 


There is no such thing as a dull 4mans session when Pander is around. With this player’s positive attitude and outgoing personality, paired with their natural rocket league ability, it is no wonder why they were the Double-A end-of-season Invitational Champion. Winning the 4mans invitational is no easy feat. Pander had to overcome three different soon-to-be Champion League rank outs in the invitational alone, and countless during the 4mans regular season in order to qualify. At an 11.5 salary, Pander will be an extremely valuable player to have on your roster for Season 12. 


As a new face in the league, MockHD has wasted no time at all making a name for himself. As the current leader in total scrim wins, it would be a crime to dismiss a player as mechanically solid as them. In the 98 wins that they have accrued in scrims, MockHD has averaged a 4.62 MVPR, and boasts 323 total goals. Having nearly reached Champ 2 in 1’s, hitting Champ 1 Div 4, this player has the potential to be a top player in Academy League in the upcoming season. Another player that is constantly active in 4mans and scrims, MockHD will be a leader to build a solid foundation on. 


There are even more players that were in contention for this list and no doubt AL mock drafts will be hotly debated right up until Saturday. Be sure to tune into the MLE twitch channel and catch all the action as we find out where our stand-out players will land.