Players to Watch: Top Foundation League Draft Prospects

Foundation League is the wild west of the draft boards. Anything goes and anything can happen. Some top picks rank out days before or days after the draft. Some top picks will be 7s that turn into 10s. Some third-round picks will be MVPs. Some of the best picks of the season won’t happen until week 6 of the season when one lucky franchise will find a fresh new Foundation player to carry them to a late playoff run. It’s impossible to predict what will happen in the Foundation League. But there are a few players that are sure to help franchises pick up some early season wins and set them on the right path. In no particular order, here are our predictions for who you will see at the top of the board on Saturday. 


It’s rare to find an FL player whose record speaks for itself but Louzer’s record shouts from the mountains. One of very few players in the MLE who can call themselves a two-time Champion. TheLouzer spent last season in Academy before the new elo system change put him back into FL. But before that, he won back-to-back championships with the FL Tyrants. TheLouzer won FL titles by being a consistent player with a good first touch mentality. If a franchise wants to know what it takes to win a championship, Louzer is a good first pick and likely leader of yet another successful FL team.


It’s tough to pick from the pack of top-salary players when it comes to FL. It’s hard to know who will be the early rank outs and who will stick around long enough to win a few games for your franchise. Cris-twa has already gone through a rank out once and then elected to drop down again. They are yet another player who spent last season in Academy League and gained experience playing against AL level players. Now in starting in FL, they seem to be a dominant force that will score some early season wins for any franchise. Cris-twa is one of the faster players in FL who can make clutch shots and goal-line saves. They adapt well in scrims and will likely continue to improve and get exponentially better over the course of the season. There aren’t a lot of guarantees when it comes to the FL draft. But I’d say the safest bet I know right now is that Cris-twa goes early in round one. 


There are certain players in MLE that tend to stay quiet for a season or two and then explode to the top of the league. This season my money is on Clory being that player. Season 11 saw Clory’s coming in at a mid to low salary and only playing in one series. But this season they have shown just how much they’ve been on the grind. Clory is now a 10 salary player with impressive scrim stats to back up their claim at a top draft pick. His mechanical ability and great stat lines across the board have most scouts putting him near the top of every draft board. It’s a position that I think is well earned as Clory has clearly put in the time in the offseason to greatly improve and will likely continue to move up throughout the season.


Meerkat is going into his fourth season in MLE which marks him among the few FL veterans. At a 10 salary, this is likely their last shot at FL before the rank-out comes for them. Meerkat has had multiple playoff appearances including last season where he lost in the second round to the eventual champion Hive team. No doubt they will want to go out of FL with one more run at the title. Even if Meerkat ranks out midseason he is a smart pick-up for teams looking for a consistent FL player with experience winning in the league. Any team with Meerkat on the roster is a team I’d rank highly in power rankings this season.


It’s hard to say Logicc is flying under the radar with a 15-6 record in their doubles scrims. When you ask around there might be a few other names that come up before Logicc’s. But I think Logicc’s stats are the kind that shows MVP potential. With one season of play under their belt Loggic posted a 4.54 average MVPR over just three series. They are yet another player that has been on the line between Academy League Foundation but at a 9.5 salary as of this week, they don’t seem to be in immediate danger of a rank out. Logicc leads FL in average shots per game with 5 in the preseason and converts a consistent 50% of those. All those numbers put Logicc in a perfect position to be not only a great steal but a star FL player for whoever takes them. 

There is still a laundry list of FL talent that could have warranted a spot on this list. Likely even now a new free agent is earning their eligibility who may be the true best pick in the draft. When the Foundation League draft kicks off Saturday it will be up to Franchise and General managers to navigate a field of up-and-coming talent. It’s not a position we envy but we can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.