Playoff Preview: ML Conference Semis

Hello again, it’s me, Doodle! bringing you guys another round of interviews. We got some new faces this time and I think you will all enjoy what they have to say.

I’ve done my best to compile interviews with players from each team to give a bit of insight on their teams and expectations heading into the postseason.

Blue Conference Match 1 [ @7:00pm est]
#7 Ducks [29-21] @ #1 Foxes [34-16]

Starting off the ML3s playoffs we have the Ducks facing the Foxes. We have the highest and lowest seeds of the Blue Conference going head to head for a spot in the Conference Finals. Here with me are “Jango” and “alex.”. From the Foxes and Ducks.

I’ve heard that Madinge isn’t going to be around for the playoffs. What is your guy’s plan in order to compensate for what some people may be calling your “hard carry”?

Jango: If anyone thinks this Foxes team needs a “hard carry” to succeed, they haven’t been paying attention. We took our last 5 series of the season 4-1, 4-1, 4-1, 5-0, and 4-1 all with various lineups, and without Madinge playing. Madinge was a great late-season pickup for 2s, but we have relied on the core of this team having experience together. We have gone through a lot together and we pride ourselves in being able to go toe-to-toe with the best that Master League has to offer.

For starters, I don’t think anyone expected you guys to beat the Hive, but no one also expected Akina to not be present for the match either. 2 of the 3 main starting players were on the all-star ballot while the Ducks had no one. What do you have to say about that?

alex.: When the all star selections were released, we were definitely surprised to not see any of our names on there. I can say confidently I feel like we have 2 of the top 10 players in the league and to not have either of them selected was pretty interesting. If anything I’d say it just makes every win we can get more impressive considering we’re so individually outskilled.

Your team, the Foxes, are coming into this matchup as the #1 seed. But that also means that you guys haven’t had a taste of playoffs this season yet. How did you guys keep in prime condition during that almost month long wait?

Jango: I won’t lie, having to wait almost a month for our first playoff matchup has been frustrating, but we’re approaching it methodically and keeping up with practice like we have been throughout the season.

As the team that has to go against the #1 seeded team, how are you and the team feeling? Do you feel as though you’re more prepared than the Foxes since having that extra week of “playoff experience” due to the Foxes having a first round bye?

alex.: We aren’t too worried about seeding really, but the Foxes are a good team. I have a lot of respect for the players over there so we aren’t taking them lightly. The one thing being the #1 seed tells me is that they have really good depth. There is a chance Madinge may not be playing which would seem like an advantage to us but in order to get the #1 seed that means that their 4th and 5th players must be pretty good too. No matter who they show up with, we’ll need to play well in order to win. As far as the first round bye having an effect, I know the Foxes have been looking for scrims which tells me they’re still playing together so I don’t expect it to have an effect really. I expect them to come out playing well and it should be a good series.

Orange Conference Match 1 [ @8:00pm est]
#6 Sharks [29-21] @ #1 Flames [32-18]

This next match is between the Sharks, who upsetted (in terms of seeding) the Demolition, and the Flame who are just now getting their feet wet in the playoffs. Joining me from these teams are Carsn from the Flame and Craymin from the Sharks.

There have been talks that the Flames don’t have a solid roster coming into the playoffs. With every other team here having a solid top 3 players, do you think that it really matters who you guys put on the field for the Flames? 

Carsn: honestly there’s a reason that we went 1st seed. I think whoever we put out there is solid and can contest with any of these teams.

Looking past last week it seems like you guys have a tough match against the #1 seeded Flames. What are you and your team’s thoughts going into this matchup?

Craymin: Well I’m assuming their roster is gonna be Remy Tyrant and Carsn, who we played in the second to last week except with Sulace instead of carsn, and we lost 2-3, but definitely felt like we could’ve taken the series. So I absolutely feel like we can take it, and I’m sure my boys feel the same way. Absolutely no doubt it’s gonna be a grind though, remy and tyrant are really tough opponents, and mesh pretty well, the flames have done a good job of building that chemistry for sure. I know little about carsn but if he’s as good or better than Sulace then that’s a dangerous team who could take it all

Your team, the Flames, are coming into this matchup as the #1 seed. But that also means that you guys haven’t had a taste of playoffs this season yet. How did you guys keep in prime condition during that almost month long wait?

Carsn: we play with each other constantly to keep up our chemistry and try to improve on things that we lacked in the season.

As the team that has to go against the #1 seeded team, how are you feeling? Do you feel as though you’re more prepared than the Flames since having that extra week of “playoff experience” due to the Flames having a first round bye?

Craymin: I think the playoff experience can help for sure, but when it comes down to it they know us and we know them, so it’ll just have to be the best team prevailing. The seed, at least to me, doesn’t mean a ton and I try to not think about it, otherwise it’ll get to my head

Blue Conference Match 2 [ @8:00pm est]
#5 Sabres [32-18] @ #3 Knights [30-20]

Up next we have the Knights and the Sabres. As far as I can tell these guys have been keeping under the radar. From these teams we have MikeIsMyIke from the Knights and Roman from the Sabres.

Looking at the playoffs and who’s left, it seems that the most unknown teams are you guys and the Sabres, who you guys coincidentally play against in your match. What all do you and the team have to say about this? 

MikeIsMyIke: With Hornet and myself under performing in 2s playoffs we both have some reputation to regain it would seem. Being the underdog always has the benefit of having less pressure, but like always we’ll take the match one game at a time, one goal at a time. Also, “Unknown?!” – Frosty

Why is Sabres spelled “Sabres” and not Sabers? It’s been on my mind for a while and it’s been bothering me since.

Roman: I’m not sure. I do know that a Sabre and saber mean the same thing it’s just a different form of spelling. It’s the old world European spelling

Teams all across ML have been doing their homework and research about the team that they are set to play against. What have you and the team done to prepare for the matchup to come?

MikeIsMyIke: We’ll adjust on the fly. We’ve been playing a bunch of ranked games where the opponent’s playstyle and pace of play is always different game to game, so if our opponent’s try to mix up their strategy we’ll be ready for them.

How do you guys think you’ll do against the Knights and what all have you done to prepare for them?

Roman: I think we will win. To be honest our team has great chemistry and we prepared a bit more than we did for the Lightning. I’m finally back to playing rocket league again after a long debut on apex. Liotta finally got his WiFi working again and Godkitty’s anime marathon ended. I think our teams mindset is confident and well prepared

Orange Conference Match 2 [ @9:00pm est]
#4 Tyrants [29-21] @ #2 Outlaws [31-19]

Making our way back to the orange conference we got the Outlaws standing off (get it? hehe lmao, because they’re cowboys) against the Tyrants. Joining me from these teams are Yesper from the Outlaws and myself, Doodle! for the Tyrants. And Making a special guest appearance as a temp interviewer we have Squintle.

Squintle: It seems like most of Master League, or at least the people I’ve talked to, could not wait to have you interviewed. So here we are. As far as we know, The tyrants roster is, on paper, supposed to be “Renku”, “Squintle”, and “Doodle!”. But as we saw from last match’s score reporting, “Shadow” could very easily replace one of them if need be. With this being said. Do you  think that your team can deal with any given combination of these four players?

Yesper: I think it’ll make for a good game. With the way my team has learned to adjust to each other’s playstyles and adapt to each team we play, I believe we will be able to handle whatever roster gets thrown at us. It’s just a matter of which team wants it more

Squintle: Let’s look back at your last series against the bears. You guys we’re able to beat one of the better looking teams, with a sweep no less, in the playoffs, while playing with a sub. How did that feel knowing that even with a sub you we’re able to take down a formidable team.

Doodle!: To be honest, it felt pretty great winning with a sub-optimal lineup. But the Bears did put up a pretty good fight and I was honestly surprised more than anything that it ended the way it did. It gives me confidence that we are able to beat teams like that without using our main 3.

Squintle: After that nail biting series against the Dodgers that ended up going all the way to five games, you guys are now headed up against the Tyrants, who seem to be coming off of a huge 3-0 win against the Bears who most thought that the Bears would take. What have you guys done/been doing to prepare for this matchup in the coming days? And do you think this series will be any different from your previous one?

Yesper: A lot of the issues we faced in that series was due to losing both ZeroTwo and the replacement we got for him, both of which became ineligible. The roster we played didn’t have the Chem we were used to but we managed to pull it together in time. After scrims and replay reviews we are going into the next match up fully prepared

Squintle: You guys started off the playoff run with a sweep over the Bears. Looking ahead it seems like you all are going to take on the Outlaws. What all have you guys done to prepare for this upcoming series? Do you think that it’ll turn out the same as the Bears?

Doodle!: We maybe scrimmed twice in these last two weeks I want to say. Me and Squintle have been putting hours into Among Us and have really been putting this game on the backburner and Renku is doing Renku things but I feel as though we’re ready enough to take on the Outlaws. After watching them play the Dodgers I don’t think there’s much to worry about.