Playoff Preview: Standard Finals

After 12 seasons of MLE play in doubles, the first season of Standard has ended. It culminates today in five teams getting the first-ever championship titles in threes. We have five matchups that are can’t miss series so read on below as we break down each matchup in today’s Standard mode finals.

foundation league

Shadow (1) vs. Hawks (1) 6:00 PM ON MLESPORTSGG

After this season’s FL draft, two teams stood out as favorites from the beginning, and in a league, as unpredictable as the Foundation League it’s a bit of a first that those two teams are the ones standing face to face in the finals in threes. How they each got to that final though, is a bit different. The Shadow have built a strong season with chemistry and consistent play. Logic, Itsgogurts, and Crazycow have been a trio since week one. They have looked better together each time they take the pitch. On the Hawks side, however, the season has been about finding the next player up to carry the torch. Crustycribbits, Cellachmud, and Beepbingbongbop joined in mid-season to replace ranked out players. They took to the pitch together and immediately began dominating together. Now, these two teams that have been so impressive will face off for the first time. Both have dominated playoffs, with only the Hawks dropping a single game in the playoffs. Today, one team’s domination will end and the other will walk away with a title. 

Academy League

Flames (5) vs. Lightning (2) 7:00 PM ON MLESPORTSGG

The Flames have shown pure dominance over Academy League, getting both teams to the finals. FlaMEz has led the charge on the field, alongside Binkyboppin and Crazy. There is no clear standout for the trio as all three players have had their moments throughout the playoffs. I personally believe they have been able to synergize to a point higher than the competition they have faced, and are looking to show what team play can bring to a team in this championship. As for the Lightning, Aatxe has been the star on the field, putting up impressive stats in all categories as well as some flashy plays on the field. Alongside him, Tomez and ThunderTung have been a great support for second-chance opportunities and passes. The dynamic of this final is great. On one hand, we have a team without a real standout. A real well-rounded team vs an all-star in Aatxe. This weekend we will get to see which will prevail.


Champion League


The Dodgers are coming into the championship match off of a 4-3 victory over the Sharks. The series was terrifyingly close with both teams putting up similar scores and stats. Shraxl, Jarhead, and Ingz worked in the usual fashion for their team- No one player carrying, just a strong and cohesive team from top to bottom. The Jets are sitting on the other side of the field, fired up from their 4-2 victory over the 1 seed Foxes. In that series, Liotta put on 16 shots and 7 goals. In addition, Arunos and V8_Timmy peppered the net with their own shots to keep the pressure on. I expect to see high-level passing plays and displays of team communications in the fight for the standard CL championship title.


Master League


The Bears had a bit of a scare in their last series against the Elite. Viglio, TyTy, and Judgemental pulled off the 4-3 victory which placed them firmly in the championship match. It’s hard to tell what roster the Bears will be coming into the finals with. Throughout the course of playoffs, they’ve brought 5 players in. The roster doesn’t seem to affect the outcome too much as the Bears have been consistently winning with all their players. The Hawks are swooping on to the other side of the field fresh from a 4-3 win over the Aviators. Vandy, brndn., and Pirsquared flexed their stamina as the series ran on to a full series. The Hawks have also run a few different rosters in playoffs. This match is going to be one of the hardest to predict as either team could come out with surprises. Catch the final season 12 ML match tonight as the Bears meet the Hawks on the field at 9 PM EST.


Premier League

Knights (1) vs Bulls (1) 10:00 pm on mlesportsgg

The final showdown of the season may be the best of them all. The Premier League has always been a showcase of the top tier of MLE talent and with the addition of threes, the game has become the peak of minor league play. The showdown between these two teams represents a match between two rosters that bring the best MLE has to offer. That includes a now three-time MLE champion in Comp. In the first of two matchups between these two teams this weekend the Knights took the series 4-2.. Comp and Perma looked composed and in control through much of the series. But threes will be a much different game mode and the addition of Ryker for the Knights and BasliskRL for the Bulls will change the dynamics of the pitch. The Bulls bring in a strong defensive front and the Knights are known for their high-flying offense. Though the Knights took this first round of this matchup the Bulls threes team looks like they’re ready to take a title. To see who wins the final series of this weekend you will have to tune in tonight to our twitch channel to catch all the action.