Playoff Preview: Doubles Finals

Over the past eleven seasons, there have been 26 champions, only five were crowned in the first five seasons before the league expanded. As the league continued to grow it expanded into two, then four, and now five leagues. Five champions were crowned last season. As the league has expanded once again into 3s, ten championship titles will be handed out to franchises. The next two days will shape the history of the MLE in a bigger way than any championship weekend before it. Today we have the doubles finals for each league. Five series to determine who takes home the title in MLE twos. There are a lot of exciting matchups so enjoy as we break down every doubles final you’ll see today, August 14th in the MLE Playoffs.


Flames (3) vs Hawks (1) 6:00 pm on mlesportsgg

The Flames coming on late in the season and surprising teams was perhaps the most exciting result in Foundation League this season. From the start of the season, it looked as if the draft favorites Shadow had their division locked up. But it only takes one player to turn your season around and Justin4728 has been that game-changer for the Flames. Justin4728 put on a great run towards the back half of the regular season and in the postseason has been nothing short of an MVP frontrunner. In their Conference Final against the Shadow, they put up 16 goals and 9 saves in a hard-fought 7 game series. Justin has had two different partners in Drocsid and Dualdier and both have played extremely well in the playoffs with 3.45 and 3.18 MVPRs respectively. But if the flames are going to take a title they will be looking to their star player to deliver. On the other side, they face yet another number one team in the Hawks. The Hawks have stayed in front in Blue Conference doubles this season with a rotating roster of their own Allstars. Crusty Cribbits and Beepbingbongbop have looked unstoppable in these playoffs. Over their first two playoff series, they scored 32 goals while holding their opponents to just 8 goals. That’s a stat that speaks for itself. The Flames may have a star but is it enough to take down that dominating force of the Hawks?


Academy League

Flames (5) vs. Spartans (7) 7:00 pm on mlesportsgg

The Spartans have done it. The little seventh seed that could, some would say. The Spartans, despite their lower ranking, have been able to consistently beat the top teams of AL. A large part of this run has been brought about by SpongebobGGoober, who made a splash in the first round with a very impressive 7.84 MVPR. Passive Ways has played incredibly well also, putting in a ludicrous amount of shots. As for the opposition, let me say it again, the Flames are HOT. This Academy League team has sent shock in both 2s and 3s making the finals in both game modes this season. FlaMEz has been the leader for this team, not just from the top of the franchise, but as a player as well. You would expect to see him paired up with Binkyboppin who has been his doubles partner throughout the run. This finals match will be incredibly exciting as we will see an incredible battle between two teams who were not necessarily favored from the start of the playoffs. The final itself screams, “Underdog.”


Champion League


This Champion League matchup signals the halfway point of the season 11 doubles finals. The Wizards are coming to the championship match after defeating the 1 seed Sharks team. It was a tough series where the Wizards narrowly secured the series in a game 7 overtime. Dolo7 scored the finishing goal while Mario_RL proved to be a reliable and trustworthy teammate. The Wizards stand a good chance against the 1 seed Hawks due to their win against the Sharks. Despite that, the Hawks won’t be an easy team to take down. They won the blue conference with a 4-2 victory over the Lightning. In that series, Squintle put on 30 shots, and anjay21 put on 33 shots. The Wizards will have to cast their best defense to ward off the Hawks’s offense. This well-balanced match has a high chance of bringing us on a long ride. Watch tonight at 8 PM EST to see which team will be crowned the Season 12 CL doubles champion!


Master League


Following the high-seeded CL finals, we come across something less expected in the ML 2s finals here. The 7 seed Bulls and the 5 seed Express defied odds and fought their way into the championship. The Bulls have already defeated the orange conference first and second seed. They’re coming directly off of a 4-0 conference victory against the Rhinos. Astrologuy and ESTO maintained their trend of having a crazy high MVPR in playoffs with their 5.66 and 6.05 average in their last series. The Express have a similar story – They beat the 1 and 2 seed of their conference to reach the championship. They have plenty of momentum coming into tonight as their 4-2 win against the Lightning was stat-studded. Luke_ secured a 6.00 MVPR for the series while Poobi3 played around them predictably. These two low seeded but high MVPR teams are sure to bring a good fight to the championship stage at 9 PM EST tonight. May the best team win!


Premier League

Bull(1) vs Knights (2) 10:00 pm on mlesportsgg

The Premier League final is the culmination of one of the more juicy storylines in MLE this season. Last season in Premier League doubles we saw one duo that was head and shoulders above the rest. The combination of Deluxe and Comp was too powerful to be stopped. But now in season 12, these two champions of season 11 find themselves on opposing sides. Deluxe stayed with the bulls and teamed up with Evil to make their way back to the final. Comp on the other side found a new team in the Knights and a new partner in Perma. Both team stats have shown the caliber of these players. Both Comp and Deluxe finished top three in goals and top ten in almost every other category. Their respective partners also finished in the top ten in several categories. At the end of this final, we will crown a champion but we may also settle a grudge match two seasons in the making. Who is the ultimate MVP of MLE and can win back-to-back championships with multiple rosters? 


Tonight five exciting series will lead to five new champions. There are underdogs stories, Cinderella runs, dominant teams, and returning champions seeking another title. The only way to not miss out is to tune in to MLEsportsgg on twitch tonight at 6:00 PM eastern to catch all the action.