Teams to Watch: Too Early Champion League Playoff Predictions

Champion League is where chemistry and strategy begin to be pivotal in what rosters succeed in MLE. There is plenty of talent to go around but the difference between winning and losing comes down to which team can play like a team and which teams struggle to find their rhythm. There’s a lot of games to play this season but after week one we think we have some idea of who you might see in season 12s postseason.

Standard Predictions 



Standard Record: 9-1

Roster: Chimpanalton, T-rex, Frosty, Veni, Ambitious Apple

Last season the CL tyrants made it to the semifinals before losing to the eventual champions, the Elite. This season’s roster looks to return with vengeance. Alton, Frosty and Veni are all returning starters continuing to grow their chemistry with each game. T-Rex has played in the first three series for the team in both 3s and 2s and there’s a good reason.  At 19 goals and 20 saves T-rex has the makings of an MVP for the league. If this season’s Tyrants continue to put up high-scoring games they’ll be early favorites and serious playoff contenders.  For my money, I’m looking for Ambitious Apple to be the x-factor this season. They seem to fit well with the existing roster and with a 3.3 standard MVPR, they add enough of a bump to make a difference in a close series. 




Standard Record: 4-1

Roster: Hyper, Barnabas_, Sci_Frye, Underdogger, Intergalactic Turtle, Bombin

In the pre-season I said that Sci_Frye was a top player because of their MLE experience and potential leadership. They lead a Hurricanes team that is looking to return to the CL playoffs after winning the league in season 10 only to miss out on playoffs the following season. In the first 3s series the team combined for 29 goals. While most lopsided results usually point to a standout player the Hurricanes played their series as a team. No other team has two players currently in the top 10 for standard MVPR, the Hurricanes have three players. It’s true we haven’t seen much from this team but what we have seen gives us reason to think the Hurricanes could be serious title contenders. 

Doubles Predictions



Doubles Record:9-1

Roster: KH, Staas, Linke., Appa, Squintle

The Hawks seem to be an obvious safe pick for an early playoff prediction. A 9-1 record stands out. But the Pandas also put up the same record over two series so why put one team on the list over the other? To put it bluntly, competition. Nipping on the heels of the Pandas are their division rivals, the Sharks. When the Hawks look around at their Sky division rivals they have yet to see a serious threat to their early-season run. They’ve got clear skies ahead. And even if they lose a player to an early-season rank out I don’t see them slowing down. The Depth of the Hawks is already one of their strengths as they’ve played four different starters in their first two doubles series. These four put up an average MVPR of a 6.23. That stat, of course, is helped by KH who put up 19 goals 7 assists and 12 saves in their series.




Doubles Record: 3-2

Roster: NoVa Matty, cordiaL, bossanova, TeaboneJones, rudy, Krypt, Anti

The Elite will return to the CL Finals. There’s my bold prediction. From week two to the playoffs I’m carrying this one with me. I know there were more offseason roster changes on this team than a lot of other teams in the league. They saw the rank outs of PandaMazing and Wubby, the two players who played in the season 11 final. But the roster they do have looks very impressive. Rudy and Cordial went 3-2 in their first week which doesn’t seem like an impressive result for a playoff frontrunner. But despite playing a tough Dodgers squad the players put up some impressive stats. Rudy scored 7 goals and got 12 saves while Cordials put up 13 goals and 5 saves making them a great balanced duo. I’m also looking for TeaboneJones to have a stellar season and help the Elite return to defend their title.