Teams to Watch: Too Early Master League Playoff Predictions

Retentions in the leagues were a big story this offseason. The change in roster sizes allowed the possibility for more team retentions than ever before. Yet when making this list there seemed to be a combination of existing rosters and new emerging stars that are making an impact in the Master League. This makes it difficult to predict who will continue to collect wins as the season wears on. But that doesn’t discourage us from taking a swing at some bold predictions. Here are a few of our picks for who is playoff-bound in season 12.

Standard Predictions


Standard Record: 8-2

Roster: Iso, Xequter001, Foretrix, TmanRL, EllectroZx, Reverse Fridge

The Rhinos could be a contender for both doubles and standard playoff predictions but they are notable in 3s for their depth on the roster. Playing 5 players in their first two series the Rhinos showed they could win with just about anyone on their team. No one on the team has put up large numbers in a series but the team is winning close games in tough series. With the speed, talent, and depth they are an early favorite to be the sun division frontrunner. Notably, this team made playoffs last season with mostly the same roster but lost in the opening round to the Outlaws. Keeping their team together means this roster thinks they have a shot at redemption and even a championship in season 12. 




Standard Record: 5-0

Roster: Haimgame, Turkey, Spooks, Chase, Theory, Wray, Alex

The Wolves have one standard series under their belt but that one series was perhaps the best display of defense seen in week one. Posting three shutouts and only allowing four goals over five games, the Wolves look like a team that can stop a lot of high-powered offenses this season. There’s a good history of defensive teams making playoffs in the MLE.  Where the offense is concerned it looks like Spooks is the person to look out for. With a 4.92 Spooks is first overall in standard MVPR. While we have only seen Spooks, Haimgame, and Theory take the field it seems that they’ve wasted no time in showing what their starting lineup is capable of. 

Doubles Predictions 


Doubles Record: 5-0

Roster: Nate., Skyler, Sho, ESTO, Hiimly

There’s a lot of talent on this five-player roster for the Bulls. While just five players make for a lack of depth in master league, every player on this roster is showing a lot of talent. In their first doubles match, Skyler and Nate combined for 28 goals and 13 assists. The pair have shown a dominance that puts them both in the top 10 for doubles MVPR. It will be interesting to see if the consistency of this team holds up throughout the season but so far they’re impressing the rest of the league out of the gates. Doubles is a mode that puts a player’s mechanics on display and the mechanical ability on this team is something we can’t wait to see on stream throughout the season and most likely into the playoffs. 



Doubles Record: 8-2

Roster: Jahex, Aztra., GoodJobOwen, Jephph, Who, FacelessTurtles, Janu

The Blizzard has not only taken two series early in the season but they’ve done it against two tough opponents who were outranking them in salary. With 38 goals in 10 games, the Blizzard have been winning high scoring series and with different lineups. Jahex and Aztra teamed up for an impressive sweep over the Lightning while Facelessturtles and GoodJobOwen triumphed 3-2 in a tough battle with the Hawks. If the Blizzard can keep winning against favored opponents they’ll have a great chance at the postseason. Though some of these names may be new to the MLE playoffs I think this group will quickly become regular faces in the postseason.